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*These numbers and validator addresses are not updated every day and will differ from the current numbers and addresses. Double-check the validator addresses (external) before you delegate any voting power to the validator. Please read our Risk Disclaimer. Crypto Assets are very risky, you can lose all your funds. Consult a lawyer, financial advisor and tax advisor before you buy digital assets.

NameWebsite*ComissionOperator Address*Voting Power*Self BondedDetails
stridevaloper1z5nfa984p379kk792kk327epjsnl6f50jau2uh Address:
0% | Smart Stakesmartstake0.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1v9vjgshsnsgyq2dmp0d38m7ytqp8pwarxa6g7s Address:,152.46STRD5,300.000STRD
0% Fee | Stakewolle.comstakewolle0.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1d0nmxrauasvat6fjz436p44xxtrzjr0cx20x7v Address:,589.00STRD15.000STRDWe are leading staking service providers for blockchain projects
Join our community to participate in the development of secure networks and receive reward
0% fees | BlueStakeBlueStake0.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1j556fukeakmudk2vvenk50tetxms649kk2rhh4 Address:,657.51STRD1.000STRDWe help investors and token holders to earn money, on Proof of Stake blockchains. Delegate your asset safely directly from your wallet, and earn staking rewards.
2xStake.com2xstake0.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper12rtp6d99lhvy3a7se7rvanmrty4uclvx6a986f Address:,239.61STRD510.692STRDOur Validation And Collation Nodes Operate Across Many Blockchain Networks With No Downtime. A Fault-Tolerant Infrastructure Has Been Created With Data Replication To Several Servers In Different Data Centers Around The World, So We Can Ensure High Availability Of Nodes. user5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper18v2jr6qsuljw8h9shcfvzmd38puqs39fzeuqw8 Address:,139.54STRD14.000STRDWe provide technical consulting and infrastructure support for building Web 3 Apps. Allnodes0.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper17axr56uvurzt9dzjl6zplk4qwjkmxgmmqmthwv Address:,027.21STRD1,000.000STRDCollaborating with Allnodes, both on a partnership level or a customer level means believing in what we are passionate about and siding with our core values. We invite you to discover what makes us tick and what we care about the most.
Alphabetuser5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper10dzuwz5qu5wjaeechzz5dm5xzl3n9sqqepcvd3 Address:,994.73STRD9.000STRD
AM SolutionsAM-solutions5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1h4ce4xf6ee2y7cuzfsy4p2vnzjcjs3gukrsygz Address:,806.65STRD3.719STRDOur team provide any type of node deploying at mainnet's and testnet's of Crypto projects.
We have active Validators on various networks.
We use only top quality servers in crypto loyal locations.
Anatolian Teamanatolianteam3.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1ehmnl9jdf2hnj78va888gtpz9e3d4g4ll3wthh Address:,197.10STRD626.763STRD
ApolloApollo5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1d5pp3uxkdr66x6y8uevl3ek8s5htew83k2tdnu Address:,728.51STRD650.266STRD
Architect NodesArchitect-Nodes5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1hvhyunq7qvykzvrcnhjj4xnkcla58xusltjwty Address:,205.52STRD5.000STRDWe are a professional proof-of-stake validator and IBC Relayer Operator with enterprise grade hardware and advanced monitoring solutions. Join us for the staking rewards, and be a part of our crypto family.
Atlas-Staking-Strideuser5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1hvhyunq7qvykzvrcnhjj4xnkcla58xusltjwty Address:,114.43STRD500.000STRDStride Protocol provides multichain liquid staking in the Cosmos ecosystem. If you own Stride liquid staking protocol’s STRD tokens, good for you! We’ll show you how to stake STRD using both Keplr and Cosmostation wallets. We’ll also share a few things to look for when choosing a validator. You’re certainly welcome to stake with us at Atlas Staking.
AutoStakeAutoStake0.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1a5c3ejnzy0827t62cyj7etmuchdqvznhp5yp94 Address:stride1a5c3ejnzy0827t62cyj7etmuchdqvznhzpqafs204,370.28STRD3.000STRD100% Refund on ALL forms of slashing backed by a SAFU fund. 💸Auto-Compound with 💸 & IBC Relayer: & &
AVIAONE aviaone5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper12qp53y5g9649mkddgu0r7cnse4nysnuy57cz0q Address:,886.08STRD779.060STRDOur servers are not shared servers, our servers are dedicated server working only for Aviaone to get the best performance for our nodes. They are hosted in one datacenter located in Falkenstein, Germany, in a secure place. Of course, our servers are made accessible only to Aviaone and nobody else can have access to it. We only use high grade servers with CPU : AMD Ryzen™ 7 3700X | RAM : 64 GB DDR4 ECC | Fast Hard drive Mvme 2 X 1 TB with Raid 1.
B-Harvestb-harvest5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1p432gm9g9h9zhp7rcd7ggf7mk6nq4nyx6kuauc Address:,761.14STRD513.711STRDB-Harvest provides validation services for multiple dPoS networks and is actively engaging in decentralized governance. Below is the list of networks we are taking part in as validators.
BlockapsisBlockapsis10.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1w66lr45r2f4yqlp5zn2quldanatd5ktsuyw0s8 Address:,270.34STRD10.000STRDOur mission is to bridge users and blockchain applications by creating best-in-class infrastructure and software. Users bring meaning to blockchain, and great UX is critical for adoption. Therefore, we aim to ship the most user-friendly, sound tools for the interchain.
BlockHunters blockhunters1.77%Operator Address:stridevaloper1symf474wnypes2d3mecllqk6l26rwz8mvcscg2 Address:,703.38STRD55.750STRDChoose the network to stake with us
while we are gathering resources
for our upcoming staking platform.
blockscapeblockscape5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1flu47l0nmazw22htx2wwn7lsj9qxk8zg9xc4e8 Address:,057.01STRD380.000STRD
Bro_n_BroBro_n_Bro5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1hl95uhecs4rwe0g432mknz2tsl84f0ltexpzc3 Address:,595.83STRD477.000STRDBro_n_Bro foundation came to light early 2021 as a Validator for Cosmos Ecosystem. Shortly after joining and understanding the core and fundamental values of the ecosystem, we started relaying and expanding other services to networks and projects.
carbonZEROcarbonZERO5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1dvgnqmgehv3kmtvu3e6xuujaxu9c9wepx6dmze Address:,378.97STRD1.000STRD
Chandra StationChandra-Station5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper106y6thy7gphzrsqq443hl69vfdvntgz2n7djm5 Address:,735.29STRD10.000STRD
Chill Validationchillvalidation5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1dnljh56hfx3a8fctjrglve7vehqumr85jvefwv Address:
161.000STRDThis is a slightly modified from based on The idea is to provide a daily boost to each validator in the lowest 33%.
This is just a quick try at one way to recommend a delegation. It will need to be adjusted over time to fit the circumstances, especially for new chains.
Citadel.onecitadel5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1md2j38ls8hg94vjfafu0a2p9htwlkjmhux9e4v Address:,272.49STRD is a multi-asset non-custodial platform.
coldy coldy5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper15004ysvmqnqzkvt7x6s4cd53flmmvgfvge2huc Address:,758.93STRD155.000STRD
CosmologyCosmology5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1rjget437fcj2v49zpyendue5nw48ht8ga7e9rm Address:,980.26STRD2.000STRD
Cosmostationcosmostation5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1jj9z2xwxesuy65n90dujsak554eqkrr28aqpl0 Address:,043.06STRD
10.000STRDCosmostation is not just a validator, but a full-package gateway to the interchain ecosystem. Start your journey with our user-friendly infrastructures for the community.

Cros-nestcros-nest5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1ejd7jj9pjfz0lu4gmhkxnuwautyzvdntv80sn4 Address:,532.33STRD115.350STRDPeace of mind and pioneering excellence, enabling our users to nurture their savings, relieving them of the stress and cost of independent operating.
Crypteloidcrypteloid1.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1tlz6ksce084ndhwlq2usghamvh0dut9q4z2gxd Address:,097.77STRD1.300STRD
Crypto AssassinCrypto-Assassin5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1nadlh9wszxwyyv0a7j5m7fz5hyh0tmjtpwzfmz Address:,347.38STRD1.999STRD
Crypto Chemistrycrypto-chemistry5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1tfknxt857r4lm8eh2py5n3yq00t3mq5eg43z4n Address:,251.04STRD1.000STRDIt took us significant time and energy to find our way through the information overload of the crypto markets, toward the filters that have worked for us over the last five years.
We aim to use this expertise to serve investors as a sharp, reliable information filter.
Cypher Coreuser10.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1pjmngrwcsatsuyy8m3qrunaun67sr9x787nl52 Address:,561.02STRD2,207.074STRDWe are blockchain enthusiasts who believe that blockchain technology, as a disruptive innovation, is poised to revolutionize the commerce world across every industry. Moreover, we are a collective of professionals with a shared passion to expose and deliver infallible opportunities for investors and consumers alike.
danku_zone w/ DAICdanku_zone5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1zfrfpdcl9duz9cqdeypglmvqcs8healrkj78rt Address:,143.27STRD1.100STRD
doncryptoniumdoncryptonium5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1a66ze3s7neey04fw3j26tnu0atmkv8kgva83l2 Address:,992.16STRD1.000STRD
DragonDev user10.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper18sqpjjcseph5n6qat7wq827me9lf8u567eq6y2 Address:,952.53STRD70.240STRD
ECO Stakeecostake5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1x2kta40h5rnymtjn6ys7vk2d87xu7y6zfu9j3r Address:,296.45STRD1.000STRDYour delegations on ECO Stake aren't just climate neutral. They also support some awesome climate positive projects and power the march to zero emissions. Check out our commitments here!
Enigmaenigma5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper132jcthlzgf56u3jvml8gjlykfmrwy9wqx6w45d Address:,484.71STRD1.000STRDEnigma is an active relayer operator accross the Ecosystem in order to bring interoperability between chains. We relay more than 50 IBC channels with our own infrastructure
Everstakeuser10.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper19nktvlnhd7j2tsyt97jyfnv3kdemx8cqx25ng7 Address:,923.22STRD10.000STRDEverstake is a team of experienced developers, financial experts and blockchain enthusiasts.
We run highly secure and reliable nodes for PoS protocols using the enterprise-level hardware to ensure maximum efficiency and security.
EZStaking.ioezstaking-io1.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1gjtvly9lel6zskvwtvlg5vhwpu9c9wawm6kh6u Address:,773.67STRD5,089.342STRDStake your crypto assets easily with EZ Staking!
Forboleforbole5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper19d8a9dr4kh85zcl5kq7fj64ad9r9dqfky93dgq Address:,752.13STRD10.000STRDFounded in Hong Kong in 2017, Forbole [ˈfɔːbəl] is a pioneer in building blockchain solutions with a strong focus on user experience. Our goal is to make blockchain space more accessible to more people.
FOSS PepeFOSS-Pepe0.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper160z5kjatwrdvqq4vwct504wqxfatescn0678xf Address:stride160z5kjatwrdvqq4vwct504wqxfatescnv06m2v11,342.82STRD1.000STRDResearch, memes, and infra. We will yeet all of the money we earn on funny, DAO-controlled, shenanigans.
Frens frens5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1ej2es5fjztqjcd4pwa0zyvaevtjd2y5wrv3suh Address:,604.87STRD29.361STRDWe are five full-time Cosmonauts with technical backgrounds. This year, we decided to set up validators to contribute to the growing Cosmos ecosystem. We are a team of builders, entrepreneurs, and marketing professionals. With us, you are staking with frens!
GalaxyStaking - Mars galaxystaking5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1qcduesnr70z2mdf6nqpxxlwtzvqtqhnzm5ace2 Address:,840.24STRD16.000STRDOperated by tech-savvy supporters, we aim to provide the best possible experience for our users.
We have already gained experience separately during testnet and crossfire of the Chain and now we have united to combine our skills and give all CRO holders the opportunity to be part of the network and have access to the chain rewards. In addition, we have decided to offer our service outside the Chain network. Please refer to the validator section on this page for further details.
Gelotto Slash Protecteduser5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1j7fgj7v9nqjg6wfda9paldcxezd8yv4q7ae7sr Address:,021.31STRD664.000STRD
Golden Ratio StakingGolden-Ratio-Staking5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1eu093aez7hdqznqe9z94pwl5q2dlnt83yaqkgh Address:,121.24STRD1.618STRDOur mission is to provide world class data hosting, data processing, and Proof of Stake Validator services with unparalleled performance and reliability.
GoooodnesGoooodnes5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1ysrsjfrul6xa66uqzq6j27z9vmaxwjy5vx5y87 Address:,805.11STRD1.000STRD
Imperatorimperator3.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1dtqsnk3mlqrcxgfvu39lm0jm3pyd0mkrmgkwec Address:,287.02STRD
50.800STRDImperator helps investors and token holders profit from their assets by consistently increasing their yields via non-custodial staking. Join us, stake and earn.
Informal SystemsInformal-Systems5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1x20lytyf6zkcrv5edpkfkn8sz578qg5s4rwrh7 Address:,425.15STRD5,728.000STRD
jabbeyjabbey5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1xwazl8ftks4gn00y5x3c47auquc62ssu94z67e Address:,661.14STRD1,906.227STRD
Jupiter.Jonesuser5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1hzdp3kcgxz62tc9na39l3tj7h9gyzsf4vuez7j Address:,563.76STRD48.000STRD
KJINC.ioKJINC-io5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1hslxk7km5z6srvmr993hsgcdxnezg8a5l6yqx9 Address:,937.70STRD49.980STRD
kjnodeskjnodes3.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1j8gkhtllnp252l6g6zwzea30e7pvzqttr9768n Address:,928.01STRD67.587STRDWe are team of talented DevOps engineers from Latvia with more than 10 years experience working in IT industry. Crypto enthusiasts and node operators in various crypto ecosystems. kjnodes was founded at the beginning of 2022. We are still young but very ambitious professionals ready to provide our services and support to our customers.
Kleomedeskleomedes1.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper128et6kpyl8ldcpklr2s2a6js2v7qk354xg5kxp Address:,685.85STRD1.000STRDWe support blockchains that aim to bring value and innovative products to the Cosmos. We encourage you to learn about us and research other validators before delegating. Please consider supporting multiple validators to avoid centralizing your stake.
Larry EngineerLarry Engineer5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1x42htgfdfz7l42xlzrh3jsv85xngtpnupu2d02 Address:stride1x42htgfdfz7l42xlzrh3jsv85xngtpnuzfw3r033,307.67STRD8,750.598STRDSmart contract developer. I contribute to the chains I validate by building protocols that enhance their value. Validating from bare metal servers hosted at home. Twitter: @larry0x
Lavender.Five Nodeslavenderfive5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper140l6y2gp3gxvay6qtn70re7z2s0gn57zv8hy7g Address:,503.22STRD30.000STRDLavender.Five Nodes is committed to providing world class validator services to make your life easy.
Legion Nodeslegion-nodes5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1p7hpyhuje4wtmt23flgdfgzkpukfrp78e24keu Address:,684.65STRD6.000STRDLegion Nodes operates robust, high up-time validator on Cosmos-based blockchains.
99.90% Uptime SLA and up to 15 locations worldwide.
Legion nodes are hosted on a VPS of the most reliable hosting providers.
Leonoor's CryptomanLeonoor's-Cryptoman5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1yzdn74s67d0lw404h7w8wz0yk2wpp5ehm2uuzw Address:,051.75STRD45.350STRD
lofingvuser6.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1978wf7qsau0x0gjgrqu5r23yqdlk395rasj2cf Address:,983.19STRD74.000STRD
Made in Blockuser5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1crzkfx6tnm5zfnp3x5j3k62n3m0cw6ezuax95c Address:,670.52STRD1.000STRDHave you ever wondered how to become a blockchain developer? With us, you will learn the most widely used programming languages with our best-in-class teachers. During your blockchain journey, you will have the opportunity to explore how to build a production-ready smart contract, build up a blockchain from scratch, manage nodes, and many more things.
MendelMendel5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1h2r2k24349gtx7e4kfxxl8gzqz8tn6zym65uxc Address:,612.53STRD598.000STRD
moonshot | 0% Commission until Mar 2023moonshot0.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1wu6hpg6csyw5ngfdwauu7vaam9y0eewtzstsrs Address:,754.52STRD3,100.000STRDmoonshot is a Terra validator secured using Multi-party computation (MPC). This means added security and availability without sacrificing block sign performance;
Giving you maximum rewards.
MultiplexMultiplex0.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1w32vrtn97e0cl6lmayux07g37v5jgt6tejze9h Address:,823.68STRD1.000STRDMultiplex is a leading, highly-secure validator node operator trusted on 6 networks and chosen by users worldwide. Secure your Proof of Stake assets, manage your yields more efficiently, and build ecosystems.
MunrisMunris5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1r7l85a9cnv32dty9533hjadt0fn3ryfda46gwg Address:,621.57STRD1,245.920STRDonly high-performance servers with the best uptime and high-speed internet
MZONDERMZONDER5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper12uakue3hu437thzcf7v9lj38yfayg84zgtkgvc Address:,641.10STRD300.000STRD
Narwhalidatoruser5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1umm604ahsttlp79qe2ec28rhlf32q78nhu2pdr Address:,643.05STRD1.000STRDWe are a small team from Norway with experience in software and economics.
We started NSA first and foremost to support the Kujira chain. As the team and the community are by far the best in the crypto space.
We run our validator on the best possible hardware. And will always strive to maintain 100% uptime.
Node RunNodeRun0.1%Operator Address:stridevaloper1dqpg0hfva0k0awzhxwarjpgzj82hlmvrnxlzsd Address:
30.000STRDWe began our Blockchain journey with Bitcoin in 2012, and were active participators in different networks ever since. We use online and offline secured facilities with maximum uptime to run validators and staking nodes as a service for funds, businesses and networks in the bootstrapping stage trough scale.
NodeistNodeist7.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper10dahvqtd229q8ndggjk0upcjnkjckdjal5tqz2 Address:,242.56STRD2.000STRD
NotionalNotional5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1kvwpcr45lh7wn53wp9ac42ypr3t8zjqy6ks9au Address:,220.44STRD95.000STRD
Oldcatoldcat0.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper16de7aj28t2jl3k0ylvdsugfjs0adk6ng4n4h4t Address:,039.96STRD1,486.000STRDOldcat validator is active in provding validatation services to the Cosmos ecosystem blockchains.
OniOni5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1azdfljp04ptlazs95e5gscweavmaszw59raggw Address:,117.52STRD151.710STRD
PFCuser3.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1670dvuv348eynr9lsmdrhqu3g7vpmzx92tuvq6 Address:,567.73STRD1,171.000STRDPFC is an industry leader in the web3 space, providing reliable infrastructure and technical expertise for web3 ecosystems.
polkachu.compolkachu2.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1gp957czryfgyvxwn3tfnyy2f0t9g2p4p9nfwja Address:,293.38STRD815.132STRDPolkachu Validators helps investors compound their crypto investments with low commission and advanced support
ProNodesProNodes5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper18g7e9hsjkl9u5papkkrfw5escqu86xtz3hft5u Address:,168.64STRD9,559.643STRD
Provalidatorprovalidator5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1hw06c3nsx4a577x45kc4ln5dzct3wk0qf9zcsh Address:,447.86STRD161.050STRDBy delegating to Provalidator’s validating service, you indicate that you have read and agree to our Terms of Service.
radiator-chainuser6.90%Operator Address:stridevaloper1af7wrdy4y6nv3rfzdqmrl7qtk3zdy6mdza7z9n Address:,226.83STRD7.819STRDWe’ve started to spin our validators on Big G, to support our internal staking needs. Our group is looking to support new content, NFT projects, and coin ecosystems. We’re starting our public validators with Stride, because we believe in Liquid Staking!
Regenerator | Green Validator Regenerator5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1vnr65ea5qtlp282xwafqeqjpf8ln8ymtnyjxq6 Address:,700.36STRD15,794.000STRDRegenerator specialises in state of the art Proof of Stake blockchains which are developed to reduce energy consumption and increase scalability compared to legacy mining techniques.
Reverie1235.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1rdvcfu6eccdvv52wt26k8fyjwjpassc0axlqyr Address:,672.82STRD10.000STRD‍Our team combines deep industry knowledge with an extensive network of relationships to deliver superior service to partners.
RHINO | 10% to Wildlife1235.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1x6vpftuzdy44uxpsumhr8sxyapth8nf5crq6sy Address:,643.95STRD446.327STRDAn active, independent and secure blockchain validator. Earn rewards and help secure networks by staking your tokens with RHINO.
RockawayX Infrauser6.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1thl5syhmscgnj7whdyrydw3w6vy80044jc3xjd Address:,616.10STRD3.411STRDRockawayX is a venture capital firm backing leading Web3 funds and founders. Based in London, Zurich and Prague, we focus on long-term value creation by providing engineering, liquidity and community support.
secretnodes.comsecretnodes5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper169n80dfyqukc8m9uewsxs8h5yc0c80uskwa9dk Address:,182.29STRD153.825STRD
silentsilent5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper18lxzzyp9dtw8kw2aenv7tpqusxzx746nh6nrrz Address:,153.37STRD1.000STRDSilent is a professional validator who wanna bring value to cosmos community.
Silk Nodessilknodes5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1q4srlrd2whunswxl04gu2znku7a3hlrl9s7xv2 Address:,283.42STRD23.000STRD
Simply Stakingsimply-staking5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper18yscavmqrlzs29y9u4h5sw8en2qyfzsvuup666 Address:,086.10STRD1.000STRDFounded in Malta in 2013, Simply Virtual Currencies, or Simply VC as it is now known, was established to help support the development of the blockchain ecosystem driven by a strong belief in the vision of a future where decentralised organisations, currencies, economies and networks form the backbone of a better, more egalitarian society.
Spark IBC x @Airdrops_onesparkibc5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1aajknm3fw69d0dm9hrcen87tqw0dzl7ht7qg67 Address:,878.22STRD1.000STRDSpark IBC is an interchain-advancement oriented charity. We focus on promoting and rewarding decentralization and innovation throughout the greater Cosmos by encouraging, organizing, and gamifying the contribution experience. We intend to focus on chain agnostic efforts, one's that will benefit all chains and users in the Cosmos.
Stake&Relax Validator stakeandrelax5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1gj8j4c9egrccld94avacd7s4x0pt2f3ml0esw6 Address:,847.45STRD10.000STRD
StakeLabstakelab5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1mjr7m233g7yklzvfjp7jvtpsjm286dv2rcytjj Address:,626.73STRD22.049STRD
Stakely.iostakely-io5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper16vxc4n67usd6cvtyrz0as0kegny2t5l73y4ump Address:,502.43STRD33.894STRDProof of Stake blockchains use staking as the security mechanism to keep nodes honest. You can help protect networks while holding your crypto in your wallet, delegating them to a trusted validator. In return, you get rewards.
Stakepilestakepile1.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1hfc7etu4xhvmpmd860tdlqcavyaxv2y5wh6sew Address:,704.17STRD1,805.266STRDWe help you compound your cryptocurrency investments through on-chain staking.
Earn better yield and claim your fair share of airdrops that you would not get from staking elsewhere
Stake-Take | 0% feeStake-Take0.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper12guhgs4zgp787mp0nh8x7kmvtw64acqstjdxjy Address:,228.74STRD8.000STRD Stake-Take has been providing secure blockchain infrastructure across leading Proof-of-Stake protocols in the Cosmos ecosystem. We are a community of experienced validators focused on high-quality and long-term cooperation with blockchains, other validators and delegators.
Staking Facilitiesstakingfacilities8.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1dae4zycvmyd2qt5td9zzgdjdnwyawp79c5tuec Address:,573.24STRD
10.000STRDWe strive to develop industry standards for convenient staking with compelling project selection while retaining outstanding security standards
STAVRstavr5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1n94ndmxqf7vke553lr3ewwt4edtc4g6mdyx9qn Address:,815.61STRD386.324STRD
strangeloveuser5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper130mdu9a0etmeuw52qfxk73pn0ga6gawkr6n26n Address:,563.55STRD1.000STRD
Swiss Stakingswiss-staking0.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1x0agh4jnvamn6y5ss94s6ktugwkljp6y2tkj0w Address:,825.84STRD11.000STRDSwiss Staking is an ever-expanding proof-of-stake validator and venture fund based in Switzerland. We offer "Staking as a Service" and back the blockchain protocols of tomorrow.
Synergy Nodesuser5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1lcgzkqstk4jjtphfdfjpw9dd9yfczyzmw8n8mf Address:,768.90STRD5,201.000STRDWe are a couple of Blockchain Technology enthusiasts who build core infrastructure for many blockchain protocols. | TedLottotedcrypto-io5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper19twsea48jjup6qrfv55v0fr8hzt7zy4rul5mpg Address:,259.58STRD1.000STRDWe are a validator company supporting your favourite projects in your favourite blockchains!
Virtual Hivevirtualhive0.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper12q922ngrkr7a3kjys702rwu3fqy45ch73hqmxj Address:,384.84STRD1.000STRDVirtual Hive GmbH is an organization focusing on providing infrastructure for cutting-edge technology in the web3 sector. We are passionate about new technologies, innovative economic mechanics and incentives. Our intrinsic desire to explore the unknown combined with our background in conventional enterprise best practices pave the path of our journey.
WhisperNodewhispernode5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper16a28swex9y3knnsls7ae072cu30sj6u5e67np0 Address:,066.36STRD4.041STRDEnabling REStake will authorize the validator to send Delegate transactions on your behalf for 1 year using Authz.
They will only be authorized to delegate to their own validator. You can revoke the authorization at any time and everything is open source.
Zenith StationZenith-Station5.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper13rfuft69m3swst4ay7rugdy6pqg2un3tfa5qv5 Address:,025.61STRD101.000STRD
zukazuka9.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper19u539q85fun7nax92w853gcqtl74kr0e0c7g56 Address:,097.71STRD117.000STRD
NodesBlocksuser1.00%Operator Address:stridevaloper1dvgn8fjdnaze992h87vvnptsm4t36tm86eujqu Address:,609.44STRD57.169STRDHighly secured & monitored 24/7 non-custodial staking Web3 infrastructure powered by professional validators with best uptime and very low commission rate for our clients. We are validator in different blockchains as Ethereum, Cosmos, Polkadot and running following mainnets:
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