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GenieGenieGenie shows listings from all major marketplaces so you can discover more in fewer tabs.twitter
GemGemTired of single purchase transactions? So are we. Add multiple NFTs to your cart & check out.twitter
Swap NetSwap-NetAggregated liquidity from all popular marketplaces. See the whole picture of supply and demand and get the best prices.twitter
parakeetparakeetA one-stop solution for all your NFTs across all the chains with an effortless user experience.twitter
UseOmniUseOmniAutomatically update your NFT listings when the floor price changes, no gas requiredtwitter
arweavearweaveArweave is a new type of storage that backs data with sustainable and perpetual endowments, allowing users and developers to truly store data forever – for the very first time.

As a collectively owned hard drive that never forgets, Arweave allows us to remember and preserve valuable information, apps, and history indefinitely. By preserving history, it prevents others from rewriting it.
Bundlr NetworkBundlr-NetworkBundlr helped us streamline NFT’s minting with their super fast infrastructure and also very robust and easy to use JS client. By adding option to pay for storage in Sol, we love it even more.twitter
PinataPinataPinata is the leading media management company for the creators and developers building the future of web3.twitter
NFT.STORAGENFT-STORAGENFT.Storage is a long-term storage service designed for off-chain NFT data (like metadata, images, and other assets) for up to 31GiB in size per individual upload. Data is content addressed using IPFS, meaning the URI pointing to a piece of data (“ipfs://…”) is completely unique to that data (using a content identifier, or CID). IPFS URLs and CIDs can be used in NFTs and metadata to ensure the NFT forever actually refers to the intended data (eliminating things like rug pulls, and making it trustlessly verifiable what content an NFT is associated with).twitter
denetdenetToday there are about 4 billion computers in the world, on which more than 500 exabytes of space are free. If you put these capacities on 64-gig flash drives, you can lay out the road to the Moon from them. DeNet offers to use these resources more rationally - to rent them out for data storage, hosting and other computing tasks.

The alpha version of DeNet.Hosting was tested and certified in 2018.
The first public test of DeNet.Storage took place in 2019.
At the moment, a completely updated second version of DeNet.Storage is on the public testnet.
FilecoinFilecoinFilecoin is an open-source cloud storage marketplace, protocol, and incentive layer.twitter
filebasefilebaseStoring data on decentralized networks can be hard. Filebase removes that complexity. Upload data in seconds using the tools you already know and love.twitter
modulemoduleNeed analytics for listings and sales? Get every listing or every sale for any collection in one call.twitter
DriftyDriftyExplore web3 without being an expert on cryptocurrency!twitter
WATWATWe do our best at providing the most accurate endpoints for any NFT-related search.
Please reach out on Discord to share your feedback and needs.
We are always available to improve your experience.
mnemonicmnemonicEasily build, ship, and scale powerful NFT applications with Mnemonic's complete, reliable, and real time data.twitter
SimpleHashSimpleHashSimpleHash is built by a team that spent the past year indexing over 500 million NFTs across multiple blockchains. We're here to help you build exceptional experiences for your users.

We've built products and led teams at some of the world's leading companies.
PulsrPulsrWhen minting NFTs, it can be hard to know what Metadata to add so that your NFTs are found. This is why Pulsr is aggregating and improving Metadata Standards across the entire ecosystem in an easily accessible form that creates a single file for you to include with your NFTs on chain. twitter
nftfinftfiList your NFT as collateral and get loan offers from our users. Once you accept an offer, you receive wETH or DAI liquidity from the lender's wallet into yours. Your NFT gets transferred into a double-audited escrow smart contract for the loan duration. Repay the loan before it expires, and you get your NFT back. If you default, the lender can foreclose and receive your NFT. There are no auto-liquidations on NFTfi.twitter
BenDAOBenDAOBendDAO is the first NFT liquidity protocol supporting instant NFT-backed loans, Collateral Listing, and NFT Down Payment. The seamless experience of down payment, borrowing, and listing creates a perfect closed loop for users, a one-stop NFT liquidity solution.twitter
JPEG'dJPEG-dYou are entering the JPEG'd protocol, an experimental, novel application on the Ethereum blockchain.

Using this protocol involves risks related to blockchain applications and smart contracts that may result in an unexpected loss of funds or assets.

By entering this application you agree and accept these risks and hereby indemnify the JPEG'd protocol and it's contributors from any potential loss experienced.
SupermojoSupermojoSupermojo is a financing platform designed to make digital assets more accessible for users.

The platform facilitates point-of-sale financing, like layaway, to make NFT purchases easier and collateralized lending for improved post-sale liquidity. Supermojo’s initial focus is to partner with marketplaces and storefronts to offer these services.
BalloonBalloonSpecify your NFT's valuation and a collateral multiplier to ensure borrowers are overcollateralized to your standards. If a borrower does not repay a loan, you will have the opportunity to seize all of their collateral after the loan's expiration date.
BailoutBailoutFor each NFT collection there is a liquidity pool. The interest payments go to the LP's that provide ETH for financing.twitter
ZHARTAZHARTAGet real-time loans without losing the ownership or utilities of your NFTstwitter
RenfterRenfterBy utilizing the very own technology of programmable blockchains we created a trustless NFT renting protocol that all parties can trust.
Instead of transferring original token to the renter, as with collateral based solutions, your NFT stays secure within Renfter smart contracts which are responsible for executing all necessary logic.
HoneyHoneyHoney is empowering NFT collectors with simple financial tools to participate in multichain DeFi.twitter
starterstarterBorrow ETH by using your NFT as collateral. Lend and earn for providing liquidity on the marketplace.twitter
FurionFurionAll-in-one NFT platform with better liquidity, price oracle, and AMM solutions.twitter
flowtyflowtyFlowty is a peer-to-peer (P2P) collateralized NFT lending marketplace that enables borrowers to access liquidity using Flow-based NFTs as collateral and lenders to generate interest income by funding loans secured by NFTstwitter
PawnSpacePawnSpacePawnSpace is a decentralized NFT collateralized lending platform, that allows you to convert your NFTs into financial opportunities. twitter
SODIUMSODIUMSodium connects NFT holders to the Hybrid Liquidity market.By combining P2P flexibility with P2Pool efficiency, Sodium enables rapid loan fulfillment and high collateral valuation for a wide number of whitelisted collections.
Lenders provide liquidity according to their own risk-reward tolerance, while Borrowers can choose the loan offers that best suit their needs.
MANTLEMANTLEDecentralized lending protocol offers an alternative for token holders and NFT collectors to get liquidity from the global crypto space.twitter
DROPSDROPSSeamlessly obtain liquidity and yield using your metaverse assets.twitter
FLUIDFLUIDSimultaneously borrow against, rent out, license, collectively own and trade NFTs together with their assets, licenses, revenue streams and configurable debttwitter
OXAdventureOXAdventureWe are unstoppable in NFT-Fi journey, but there are a lot of fractional goals in the marathon, and we are always motivated by the last one.twitter
MetaStreetMetaStreetMetaStreet enables trust, credit and unique ownership of digitally-native assets, at scale.twitter
KYOKOKYOKOThe DAO-to-DAO credit provider and cross-chain
GameFi NFT lending market for guilds and players
DEFRAGDEFRAGThe protocol automatically insures your NFT assets with a financial instrument called a Put Option. In other words, to receive a loan against your NFTs, the protocol purchases insurance on your behalf via Put Options. Our insurance model which utilizes put options is precisely what we believe will prevent situations like BendDAO and accurately price the risk that borrowers are onboarding to the lending protocol which is passed onto the underwriters and in turn we believe that this is a more sustainable model. Degens will have to pay a really high APR if they want to borrow. Sensible borrowers will pay a far lower APR because they’re not adding too much risk to our system.twitter
TakerTakerTaker is a liquidity protocol that allows users to liquidate and rent all kinds of novel crypto assets, including encrypted collectibles, metaverse assets, financial papers, synthetic assets and more.twitter
zumerzumerZumer Protocol is a non-custodial liquidity protocol with a novel credit and liquidity risk management mechanism to allow permissionless loan origination for NFT assets by segregating different risks to different liquidity providers.twitter
PAWNFIPAWNFIPawnfi is a brand new lending and leasing market to provide fair appraisal, liquidity and use case for Non-Standard Assets (NSA)twitter
IQ PROTOCOL.IQ-PROTOCOLIQ Protocol enables digital asset owners to earn passive income by safely lending their NFTs & Fungible Tokens. Renters can gain access to assets and their utility for a specified time periodtwitter
PINEPINEThe NFT owner never loses access to the utilities of the NFT even when it is pledged as collateral for a loan.twitter
HallidayHallidayBuy gaming & metaverse NFTs and start using them right away. Gain full ownership after a few easy payments.twitter
VoyageVoyageEach account is a personalized smart contract wallet that custodies your assets safely.twitter
CEDARCEDARCedar offers buy now pay later (BNPL) for purchasing NFTs.
BNPL empowers buyers to access the utility and potential value appreciation of NFTs.
CYANCYANThe first buy now pay later service (BNPL) for NFTs. Put 25% down on the total amount of an NFT plus interest, and own the NFT today.twitter
nansennansenNansen is a blockchain analytics platform that enriches on-chain data with millions of wallet labels. Crypto investors use Nansen to discover opportunities, perform due diligence and defend their portfolios with our real-time dashboards and alerts.twitter
parsecparsecparsec provides >30 different components that generate unique & realtime insight
into the DeFi market with expansive and custom functionality you won't find elsewhere
Dune AnalyticsDune-AnalyticsDune is a powerful tool for blockchain research, complete with all the tools you need to discover, explore, and visualize vast amounts of blockchain data.twitter
NFTGONFTGONFTGo NFT API helps the communities, institutions and DAOs retrieve, manage and process real-time on-chain data with richest granularity.twitter
SEA LAUNCHSEA-LAUNCHSeaLaunch wants to make NFT data accessible to anyone, regardless if someone has been in the space for long or just getting started in NFTs.twitter
mintifymintifyMintify is an NFT terminal for Pro traders with powerful insights, modular UI, multi-chain asset management and real-time charting tools.twitter
PopRankPopRankPopRank combines the missing aesthetic metric in NFT appraisals with traditional rarity rankings to provide comprehensive insights into your favourite NFT collections.twitter
OXALUSOXALUSOnly BNB Chain wallet addresses that connect to Oxalus Games for the first time are eligible to receive the treasure.twitter
BELLOBELLOBello can also show you how your community compares to other collections in just a few clicks using our comparison tools.twitter
SPICYESTSPICYESTSPICYEST is a market maker for NFTs focused on providing top-of-the-line analytics and liquidity services to both enterprises and retail.twitter
exodiaexodiaSee where attention is being focused and which floors are being swept. Use our deal sniper to quickly purchase valuable NFTs as they’re listed.twitter
CUB3CUB3Build long-term loyalty, directly engage and monetize your communities with Cube, the accessible, powerful, all-in-one Web3 tool suite for brands and creators.twitter
inspectinspectOnce an NFT has been detected, a button is overlayed on the image. Clicking on this button opens a popup so you can learn more about it. Our database has indexed over 16 million Ethereum and Solana NFTs and we’re constantly adding more!twitter
curiocurioOur mission at Curio is to provide the best tools & insights to NFT collectors. We’re a small and experienced team of hackers, creatives, and data geeks who enjoy building high quality world-class products.twitter
collectivecollectiveOn collective, you can build your community like never before. Through discussion, governance, and more, we provide a web3-native home for every NFT community.twitter
icy.toolsicy-toolsWe index millions of on-chain datapoints every day to provide a constant stream of meaningful NFT market insights. Always see what’s trending and what’s minting in real time across marketplaces.twitter
ZERODROPZERODROPWe build no-code tools for web3 marketers to grow and engage their community informed by analytics.Designed & engineered by a team who have worked with Activision, Epic Games and Electronic Arts.twitter
NFTSCANNFTSCANAs the infrastructure of Solana Ecosystem, NFTScan explorer will continually carry out function development and product optimization, serving Web3 developers and NFT users in Solana Ecosystem.twitter
WALLWALLOn the WalletFrens show, we chat with the best minds in web3 to deconstruct their perspectives, playbooks and wisdom. We look for curated signals, better insights and actionable points to help everyone level up their web3 game. twitter
GallopGallopGallop provides APIs, webhooks, websockets, and SDKs allowing
developers to easily access NFT data, analytics, and insights.
cookie3cookie3You can think of Cookie3 as Google Analytics for Web3. Cookie3 is the data engine aggregating, processing, and interpreting all existing NFTs, smart contracts, and tokens on a variety of chains for one common purpose – understanding the behavior of individuals.twitter
flooredApeflooredApeflooredApe members have an equal vote on feature implementation and the future of the product. Whales need not apply.twitter
NFTNerdsNFTNerdsFrom spotting a listing to approving the transaction in 4 seconds.
Alerts with buy auto-triggers when a token matches your filter criteria.
LUCKYTRADERLUCKYTRADERLucky Trader consolidates your NFT wallets into one easy-to-follow portfolio. Keep track of floor price movements without the fancy Google spreadsheets your friend sent you.twitter
METARONMETARONMetaeon provides the missing link that will help make NFT investing easier, improve market transparency, and lead to better investment decisions, and more alpha, for everyone.twitter
Flip.xyzFlip-xyzHop onto trending collections, or dig into collections by rarity, traits, top holders, and more. Deep dive into your NFT search on Flip.twitter
2.5 INTERLLIGENCE2.5-INTERLLIGENCE2.5 Intelligence builds class-leading tools for web3 creators. Top communities use us to manage and engage their audience.twitter
FlipsFlipsFrom in-depth statistics to personalized analytics, Flips Pro gives you an edge in the NFT space with a unique user experience.twitter
WatchtowerWatchtowerWatchtower makes it easy to see how important market groups are investing. Discover what projects intelligent investors, key communities, bluechip holders and influential money are buying and selling.twitter
Primitives_xyzPrimitives_xyzAt Primitives, we are working to build the easiest, most joyful way to create and share NFTs. We believe NFTs will be ubiquitous mediums for expression and connection, not just for crypto-natives, but for everyone.twitter
PrysmPrysmPrysm supercharges your community with the power to pool andmanage capital to turn your mission into a collective movement.twitter
PartyDAOPartyDAOPartyBid is the first product developed by PartyDAO, a decentralized software organization. PartyDAO was initially created for the purpose of shipping PartyBid V1.
LAGOLAGOThe LAGO Pass is your access card to extraordinary experiences in the metaverse, in real-life – and beyond. The pass grants ownership of the luxe LAGO frame and access to the Founders' collective. After minting the LAGO Pass, holders will unlock exciting benefits unique to each member. These include artist drops, private events, impressive trips, and more. Perks will rotate monthly, offering each passholder diverse experiences in the metaverse and IRL. The Founders’ Mint will release a limited number of LAGO Passes – 3,000 to be exact – with a small number reserved for early LAGO supporters.twitter
FRAMEDFRAMEDFRAMED is a state-of-the-art digital canvas that elevates a physical space with the ease of hanging a painting. From the moment you see a FRAMED display, you will feel the attention to detail that went into its design. Perfect for creators and fans of visual culture alike, place it on your wall, select an artwork, and watch as your space transforms into a living gallery of creative expressions.twitter
TOKENFRAMETOKENFRAMEReal wooden frames with physical white mat borders that add a touch of elegance to this timeless design.

2K and 4K options with vivid, anti-glare screens specifically designed for digital art. Our 10" TBLTP Tokenframes have 6 different frame options.
Atomic FormAtomic-FormPhoton is our most flexible NFT display mechanism yet. Photon comes installed with the Atomic Form software stack and is designed to connect to any existing display, whether it’s your living room TV or Times Square.twitter
INFINITE OBJECTSINFINITE-OBJECTSSince our first collaboration with Beeple in 2020, we’ve worked with our community to create partnerships and products that add value for creators and collectors alike.twitter
OpenSeaOpenSeaThe largest NFT marketplace. Buy, sell, & discover the internet of goods.twitter
Magic EdenMagic-Edentwitter
LooksRareLooksRareLooksRare is the web3 NFT Marketplace where traders and collectors have earned over $1.3 Billion in rewards.twitter
TroveTroveThe NFT marketplace that personalizes your experience as a collector, gamer, and trader. Built for the universe in and around @Treasure_DAO on Arbitrum + L1.twitter
RaribleRaribleTrade NFTs from major marketplaces with 0% Rarible fees_x000B_ on aggregated listings. Earn $RARI rewards.twitter
ZoraZoranft marketplace protocoltwitter
X2Y2X2Y2community owned marketplacetwitter
ReservoirReservoirEnabling the next generation of NFT products and liquidity sources through open-source, on-chain NFT order aggregation.twitter
NFT flowNFT-flowliquidity protocol for NFTstwitter
DraftKingsDraftKingsYou are attempting to access DraftKings from a location where we do not operate. Draftkings is available in the US, Canada, and other select jurisdictions.twitter
Mint SquareMint SquareMint Square enables NFT trading with cheaper transactions and faster confirmation time, while being fully secured by the Ethereum consensustwitter
YawwwYawwwTrade & collateralize your NFTs with us. Why?
Because you probably make more money when you trade NFTs on Yawww. 1% marketplace fee & choose your royalties.
AxieAxieAxie is a new type of game, partially owned and operated by its players.twitter
UniverseUniverseLaunch your own community-driven NFT universe baked with social tools, media services, and distribution - underpinned by the native $XYZ token.twitter
hawkuhawkuHawku is the premier marketplace for utility and gaming NFTs - a multi-billion dollar industry that is exploding in growth.twitter
StashhStashhExplore the world's first marketplace for NFTs with privacy by default and unlock their hidden data.twitter
Nifty GatewayNifty-GatewayThe all-in-one platform that makes it easy to buy, sell, and collect NFTS!
Souffl3Souffl3Souffl3 aims to build a thriving, friendly, fair and open marketplace for the NFT community. As creators ourselves, the Souffl3 team want our fellow creators to be able to create great projects, express their creativity, and continually expand the boundaries of NFT. twitter
ElementElementElement provides partners with exclusive pages, collection certification, and launchpad services to boost project development and engagement.twitter
ImmutableXImmutableXScale your game in hours with the leading Layer 2 for NFTs that’s fully secured by Ethereumtwitter
Tofu is the largest multichain NFT marketplace lives on 30+ EVM-compatible public chains, focused on GameFi. Enjoy exploring & trading with your buddies!twitter
Binance NFTBinance-NFTBinance stores 10% of all trading fees in a secure asset fund to protect a share of user funds.twitter
coinbase NFTcoinbase-NFTtwitter
Token TroveToken-Trovetwitter
BYBITBYBITWe give you the power to level up your crypto knowledge & trade like a pro. From beginner to advanced crypto trading guides and courses, we've got you covered daily and when it matters the most.twitter
StratosStratosExperience the next chapter of Ethereum on Stratos, the largest NFT marketplace on Arbitrumtwitter
Kraken NFTKraken-NFTOur world-class team of security experts work around the clock to cover every possible vector of attack so your cryptocurrency investments and identity stay protected.
All.ArtAll-ArtALL.ART empowers all artists to succeed in the realm of NFTs. The ALL.ART universe of products unleashes creators from the constraints and limitations of the analogue world, giving them unrestricted access to today's and tomorrow's metaverses.twitter
QuixoticQuixoticDiscover, collect, and sell digital items on the
largest NFT marketplace on Optimism
ARTIVAARTIVAArtiva lets you build your own NFT platforms. For artists we help you collaborate and craft an experience around your artworks. While curators can use Artiva to quickly build a platform, onboard artists and collect platform fees.twitter
Kalao NFTKalao-NFTExplore and trade the amazing collections and NFTs on Kalao marketplacetwitter
ArtionArtionArtion is an NFT marketplace built on Fantom. Create and trade NFTs instantly with low network costs.twitter
Fx hashFx-hashfxhash is an open platform to create and collect generative NFTs on the tezos blockchaintwitter
NFTradeNFTradeNFTrade is a decentralized multi-chain and blockchain-agnostic NFT platform. NFTrade is an indexer of all NFTs across all of their integrated chains, hosting the complete NFT lifecycle and allowing anyone to seamlessly create, buy, sell, swap, farm, and leverage NFTs across different blockchains. Using NFTrade, anyone can gain access to the entirety of their NFT, unlocking the total value of the NFT market.twitter
objkt.comobjkt-comBuy and sell your NFTs on our marketplace or try out an English or a Dutch Auction.twitter
ASPECTASPECTAspect is an NFT marketplace built on the most scalable & secure layer two blockchain on Ethereum.twitter
Exchange ArtExchange-ArtLeading fine art marketplace on Solana powering the creator economy in the digital world.twitter
Known OriginKnown-OriginThis collection celebrates the work of some of the early artists and pioneers in the NFT ecosystem. A curated collection will be on show during Historic NFT Barcelona, October 28-30, 2022.twitter
formfunctionformfunctionFormfunction is the Solana NFT marketplace made for independent creators.twitter
MintbaseMintbaseBuild your own minter, market, or redeemer today using our developer toolkits on NEAR: A sharded and green blockchain.twitter
Super RareSuper-RareBrowse and build your collection of the world’s most cutting-edge digital arttwitter
AIRNFTsAIRNFTsAirnfts is the NFT marketplace built on BSC, Fantom and Polygon focusing
highly on user experience and ease of use to create, buy, sell and trade NFTs.
JOYNJOYNRewards in crypto, spotlight for artists, gallery exhibits, and more.twitter
NiftybaseNiftybaseWe enable creators, brands, and builders to easily launch NFT collections. Focus on what really matters — the artwork, utility, and community.twitter
PaintSwapPaintSwapPaintswap is an open NFT marketplace on Fantom fully supporting:
all ERC721 & ERC1155 NFTs, iNFTs/fNFTs & More
BLURBLURDitch slow. Execute trades faster and make more money on Blur.twitter
PARASPARASCreate, Trade, and Collect Digital Collectibles. All-in-one social NFT marketplace for creators and collectors.twitter
asyncmarketasyncmarketAsync is the best creator platform to tell powerful stories, collaborate, and plug into the Web3 ecosystem.twitter
GameStop NFTGameStop-NFTtwitter
ReleapReleapRelease your music like never before. Have greater ownership over your work and its distribution. Monetize your music through NFTs and reward your fans directlytwitter
asyncasyncTrusted by the pros, accessible to all. Here are some of your favorite collections built on Async.twitter
WAXWAXWAX provides everything a brand needs to launch a successful NFT collection — from games and dApps to exchanges, digital marketplaces and more. twitter
DmarketDmarketUkrainian-born startup DMarket unlocks the multi-billion-dollar skins economy for game developers and players everywhere. Our team of passionate gamers believes a borderless gaming world is a better gaming world, and we’re building the infrastructure to make it easy for everyone to thrive in the open system of the future.twitter
SznsSznsSZNS transforms a collection of NFTs into tradeable tokens. Collect, fractionalize, and share ownership of your NFTs.twitter
UniclyUniclyBuilt by NFT collectors, Unicly brings a revolutionary and unique way to combine your NFT collection, tokenize it and make it tradable.twitter
BridgesplitBridgesplitUnlock liquidity with just a few lines of code. Bridgesplit makes it easy to tokenize complex assets and build products including trading markets, loans, and derivatives.twitter
rainbowrainbowRainbow is a fun, simple, and secure way to create an Ethereum wallet, collect NFTs, and explore the new world of Web3.twitter
ZERIONZERION💳 Smart & Social Web3 Wallet 🚀 Explore, manage & invest in DeFi & NFTs - on any chain, in one wallet. 🥰️ Join us, Zer:
ZapperZapperZapper is your home to Web3. Track your wallets. Follow other wallets. Discover NFTs, DAOs, DeFi…twitter
NFT BANKNFT-BANKNFTBank is the easiest way to build and manage your entire NFT portfolio from one place.
Discover the world of decentralized finance today.
FamilyFamilyConnectKit is a powerful React component library for connecting a wallet to your dApp. It supports the most popular connectors and chains out of the box and provides a beautiful, seamless experience.twitter
WGMIWGMIWGMI only shows the most actionable, accurate, and relevant information that matters to your NFT portfolio.twitter
FLOLioFLOLioWe combine data across marketplaces, metaverses, games & chains enabling communities to continue expanding the ecosystem.twitter
ASSET MONEYASSET-MONEYWelcome to the home of NFTs. We make it easy to Discover, Invest and manage all your NFTs at one place, so you supercharge your NFT adventure.twitter is an all-in-one NFT managament platform. Tracking, engaging, and collecting NFTs have never been so easy.twitter
Evaluate.MarketEvaluate-MarketYou may have noticed that Evaluate.Market has made a lot of exciting changes on the website for our community.twitter
AutonomyAutonomyAutonomy is the world’s first and only digital art wallet. It gives you one easy-to-use app to securely collect, view and discover digital art you love. Autonomy works with Ethereum and Tezos and is built to support all new chains as they emerge.twitter
Abacus123Abacus is a revolutionary NFT valuation system combining optimistic rollups and proof of stake logic.twitter
LiquiFi LabsLiquiFi-LabsOur Cloud based system allows instant pricing on the world's premier NFTs.
UPSHOTUPSHOTA platform for deep insights into NFT markets that unlocks a wave of exotic new DeFi possibilities through machine learning and crowdsourced appraisals.twitter
meriticmeriticWe are building an NFT marketplace where you can sell or lend your service contracts when you don't need them, and buy or borrow them when you do.twitter
nftvaluationsnftvaluationsNFTs have grown exponentially in the arts and collectibles space and continue to do so. As far as we know, our work is the first calculation of the value of NFTs within a specific NFT ecosystem to create a "market capitalization" for that ecosystem.twitter
VALVALThe Nval browser extension (available on the Google Chrome Web Store) provides Nval data while actively browsing popular NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, LooksRare, NiftyGateway, NFT Trade, Rarible, and more…

Users are empowered with live market pricing to confidently make buy and sell decisions.
GinoaGinoaGinoa is a social project created by several developers who have believed and developed a vision in the NFT community and its works since 2017.

The team realized that while buying and selling NFTs, people fall into price error. To solve this problem, he got help from artificial intelligence depending on "fair price" algorithms. Now even people who have never joined the crypto community can gauge the significance of the price
BankseaBankseaBanksea API: So far, we have supported the AI Floor price for NFTs on Solana and Moonbeam Network, and integrated them into the API (Refer to API Docs).

Banksea Oracle: We have launched Banksea Oracle on Solana Mainnet. Oracle supports 10 NFT Collection feeds for free on the Solana main net, but users can subscribe to more feeds from a whitelist of 133 NFT collections. (Refer to Subscription).
DeepNFTValueDeepNFTValueWe train deep neural networks to estimate Cryptopunks values based on the attributes and transaction history. This is a hard problem that our team has worked on in the fields of poker and online search.twitter
PawnhousePawnhouseDon’t worry – NGINX software has not been installed on your computer and it is not a virus. The website you’re trying to access uses NGINX as its web server and is likely experiencing technical issues. The problem may also be on your computer; here are some troubleshooting tips.twitter
NiftyOptionsNiftyOptionsHedge, collateralize, and price your NFT. Nifty option contracts allow you to create an on-chain agreement, with the right, but not the obligation, to sell your NFT at an agreed upon price and expiration date.twitter
nftperpnftperpNFTs have become a huge part of web3. Whether you’re in it for the tech, the art, or just to be part of the amazing communities, NFTs are here to stay.

However, with nftperp, you can now speculate on the floor prices of NFT projects including Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks and more.
hookhookAn options market moves speculative volatility away from the floor price and into a side market.twitter
FLOOR WAVESFLOOR-WAVESFloorWaves is world’s first derivative marketplace for NFTs. Now you can short or long NFTs with leverage and monetize on your speculations.twitter
VINCIVINCIYou can provide any liquidity assets to any collection you select, building an exclusive pool to realize 100% risk isolation.twitter
FUKUFUKUFuku is a decentralized options on NFTs protocol that allows buyers to pay sellers a small premium in order to acquire the right to purchase NFT at a later date in the future. It's Buy Now Pay Later for NFTs.twitter
Charged ParticlesCharged-ParticlesCharged Particles is the groundbreaking new protocol that lets you put digital assets inside your NFTs. Now, ordinary NFTs (think neutral molecules) can contain a digital "charge" inside — ERC20, ERC721 or ERC1155 — giving you the unprecedented power to create nested NFTs. If you can digitize it, you can deposit it into your NFTs.twitter
CapsidCapsidCapsid is an NFT derivative protocol that empowers NFT owners to issue “Non-Fungible Rights” to generate income from NFT derivatives & services.twitter
SOLV PROTOCOLSOLV-PROTOCOLSolv Protocol is an integrated marketplace to create, issue, and trade the next-generation tailor-made financial assets of Web3. Solv-hosted digital assets are powered by the ERC-3525 Semi-Fungible Token Standard (SFT), combining the quantitative attributes of ERC-20 tokens and the descriptive features of NFTs.twitter
Meta BlocksMeta-Blocks Meta Blocks help you build immersive NFT apps. With our open source tools, you can build NFTs that can upgrade and decay progmatically.twitter
Tribe3Tribe3Simple and interactive trading platform to long / short NFT collection futures with leverage at any amounttwitter
MIMICRYMIMICRYOur unique global collateral pool allows you to trade on the future price of your favorite NFT collections with virtually unlimited liquidity and NO slippage.twitter
JpeXJpeXon-chain NFT options trading platform
speculate, hedge and earn income from NFTs
reducing bluechip NFTs entry cost barrier
winner of hackmoney 2022
OpenLandOpenLandOpenland forward contract
is a customizable NFT
derivative contract between
two parties to buy or sell
assets at a specified price on a
future date based on Deposit
insrt financeinsrt-financeinsrt finance allows you to access sophisticated NFT finance strategies with one clicktwitter
GALLERYGALLERYGallery has always been community-first in the way we build and grow. We believe the best way to create a lasting and sustainable platform is to embed our users in our processes as much as possible.twitter
LazyLazyAdd your unique URL to your Instagram and social media bios. Tell your friends!twitter
NeustreetNeustreetWe’re a global team of passionate people wildly obsessed with art, music, sports, fashion, NFTs and more. We’re grown-ups with a childlike sense of wonder.twitter
token prooftoken-prooftokenproof introduces safe token-gating solutions, enabling users to prove ownership of NFTs without connecting or even carrying their wallet.twitter
buildshipbuildshipEasily launch with secure, gas-cheap & feature-rich NFT contract by Buildshiptwitter
AmericanaAmericanaThe first marketplace to buy and sell physical things as NFT’s.twitter
real itemsreal-itemsYou don't need a blockchain degree to implement our technology, and your customers don't need one to know their purchases are safe and real.twitter
4K4K4K Protocol is always looking for collaborators. Become a trusted storage Guardian, or help build the next great dApp using Physically-Backed NFTs.twitter
PREMINTPREMINTPREMINT is widely used by the world's top NFT artists, communities, brands, and celebrities to build allowlists for top NFT projects.twitter
CourtyardCourtyardVault and sell your Connected Collectibles to receive payouts every time they’re traded on marketplaces like OpenSea and the Courtyard marketplace.twitter
METAPLEXMETAPLEXMetaplex makes it easy to build your project and grow your community in the world’s largest NFT ecosystem.twitter
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