Fractionalization and Liquidity for NFTs

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Fractionalization and Liquidity for NFTs Database
Name WebsiteDescription Twitter
Meta Game Hub DAOMeta Game Hub DAOMGH DAO is fostering the convergence of the metaverse, NFTs, AI and DeFi by building an ecosystem of NFT curation and applying DeFi tools to allow fractionalized access to this ever growing market which is lacking transparency.twitter
NFTXNFTXBuy, sell, and swap NFTs instantly. Shop and earn yield on the most liquid decentralized NFT marketplace.twitter
NiftexNiftexRare Tokens at Your Fingertips. Create and trade ERC20 fractions of non-fungible tokens with NIFTEX.twitter
Fractional ArtFractional ArtBuy, sell and mint fractions of NFTs. Fractional ownership of the world’s most sought after NFTs. Fractional reduces entry costs, increases access, and enables new communities.twitter
Unic lyUnic lyThe protocol to combine, fractionalize, and trade NFTs. Transform your NFT collection into a tradable asset with guaranteed liquidity.twitter
Charged ParticlesCharged ParticlesCharged Particles is the groundbreaking new protocol that lets you put digital assets inside your NFTs. Now, ordinary NFTs (think neutral molecules) can contain a digital "charge" inside — ERC20, ERC721 or ERC1155 — giving you the unprecedented power to create nested NFTs. If you can digitize it, you can deposit it into your NFTs.twitter
NFT20NFT20NFT Liquidity Protocol. Trade, swap & sell NFTs. The NFT20 protocol offers NFT liquidity pools to help developers build the next generation of NFT apps.twitter
Art WalletArt WalletSolution for NFT Market & Metaverse. ArtWallet provides the ultimate solution for storing and owning NFTs with the simple gateway to the most reputable NFT marketplaces. Buy, Store, and Own Exclusive NFT Items in a few clicks.twitter
Party BidParty BidForm a party, join forces, and buy NFTs as a team.twitter
NftfyNftfyTrustless way of sharing ownership of NFTs.twitter
LiquidiftyLiquidiftyLiquidifty will provide different tools for NFT collectors. Every user will be able to use cross-chain NFT oracles, take loans under the NFT collateral, earn with NFT vaults and more.twitter
Strip FinanceStrip FinanceThe Financial Layer of the Metaverse. Decentralised platform for easing liquidity in the NFT space.twitter
Talis ArtTalis ArtCollateralised #NFT & #DeFi Liquidity Protocol With Interest Rate Discovery.twitter
Yin FinanceYin FinanceThe Solution to Liquidity for Decentralized Finance.twitter
NFT SwapsNFT SwapsUsing NFTSwaps, any one can deposit their NFT to the NFTSwaps required pool and obtain BEP20 token derivatives that can be exchanged directly on PancakeSwap and BakerySwap from the NFTSwaps UI.twitter
Crafting FinanceCrafting FinanceSynthetic asset issuance and trading protocol.twitter
Burnt FinanceBurnt FinanceCreate a Spark. Trade unlimited NFTs with lightning fast speeds and the lowest fees on the first unified NFT auction protocol built on Solana.twitter
DAOFiDAOFiA decentralized exchange that allows for fully customizable bonding curvestwitter
Refinable Refinable Trade the Metaverse - Refinable is the leading #multichain NFT marketplace on #BinanceSmartChain, #Ethereum, and #Polygon.twitter
DeFrag FinanceDeFrag FinanceDeFrag is a decentralized liquidity market protocol where borrowers can use NFT assets as collateral to get a loan.twitter

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