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Tangany GmbHTangany GmbHerugerMarket leading solution for your digital assets. Reliable white-label blockchain custody since 2018. Your Digital Custody expert for tokenizaton projects, STO´s and digial securities (eWpG).linkedintwitter
BTC-Echo STO NewsBTC-Echo STO NewserugerWe are the leading medium in the areas of Bitcoin, Blockchain and Decentralized Finance.linkedintwitter
Blockchainwelt STO NewsBlockchainwelt STO NewserugerBlockchainwelt is one of the leading specialist portals for DLT and blockchain technology in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.linkedintwitter
Coindesk STO NewsCoindesk STO NewsglobalglobalWe are building the most influential, trusted media platform for a global community engaged in the transformation of the financial system and the emerging crypto economy. CoinDesk is an integrated platform for news, events, data & research for the next generation of investing and the future of money.linkedintwitter
Cointelegraph STO NewsCointelegraph STO NewsglobalglobalCointelegraph covers fintech, blockchain and Bitcoin bringing you the latest news and analyses on the future of money.linkedintwitter
Securities IO STO NewsSecurities IO STO NewsglobalglobalSecurities and Tokenization Newslinkedintwitter
TheTokenizer STO NewsTheTokenizer STO NewserudenmarkThe leading platform for news and data related to the #tokenization of real-world assets and the token economy.linkedintwitter
2140 Consulting 2140 Consultingerubel2140’s mission is to make investments accessible to everyone. We consider ourselves successful if everybody on earth can make any investment in any type of security. To achieve this, we use tokenization techniques that transcend current paper and regulatory barriers, making your assets available worldwide.linkedin
Banking CircleBanking CircleeruluxembourgBanking Circle is a tech-first Payments Bank which enables banks and payments businesses to deliver fast, low cost global payments for their clients.linkedintwitter
Lemon Pay Lemon PayerufraPayment made simple for your marketplace. A secure, compliant and modular solution to simplify payments for product, service and financial marketplaces in Europelinkedintwitter
Mango Pay Mango PayeruluxembourgAccept, secure and redistribute funds your own way.linkedintwitter
Monerium MoneriumeruicelandWith tokenised money and assets such as securities or crypto on the same ledger, blockchains can conduct real-time delivery-vs-payment with automated actions, leading to clearing- and settlement as well as corporate actions handled completely by the technology itself.linkedintwitter
SecupaySecupayerugerSeamless payment experiences for every sales channellinkedintwitter
ID NowID NowerugerThe platform for identity verification. Optimized for security - loved by users.linkedin
OnfidioOnfidioerubriIdentity verification for a more open world, where identity is the key to access.linkedin
PostIdentPostIdenterugerPOSTIDENT identity checks. Easy, secure and available anywhere.
Alireza Siadat / Frank Müller (Annerton)Alireza Siadat / Frank Müllererugerlinkedintwitter
Florian Glatz (Code&Law)Florian Glatzerugerlinkedin
Istvan Crocon (CLLB Rechtsanwälte) Istvan Croconerugerlinkedin
Markus Kaulartz (CMS)Markus Kaulartzerugerlinkedin
Hans Stamm (Dechert LLP)Hans Stammerugerlinkedin
Dr. Carola Rathke / Matthias Winter (Eversheds Sutherland)erugerlinkedintwitter
Lutz Auffenberg (FIN LAW)Lutz Auffenbergerugerlinkedin
Eric Romba (Lindenpartners) Eric Rombaerugerlinkedin
Björn Katzorke (örn Katzorkeerugerlinkedin
Axel von Goldbeck (DWF Group) Axel von Goldbeckerugerlinkedin
Ralf WangerRalf Wangereruluxembourglinkedin
Thomas FeldkircherThomas Feldkirchereruluxembourglinkedin
ConcedusConceduserugerCONCEDUS GmbH has specialized in providing a liability umbrella for new and digital business models. The broad expertise of our team enables us to support companies or start-ups in the financial sector personally, holistically and sustainably. Together with us you can digitize the financial world and establish your business model on the market.linkedin
CM EquityCM EquityerugerCM-Equity & Digital Assets AG are offering a regulatory compliant, API driven, scalable infrastructure framework that creates a new dimension and limitless user experience in financial markets. With the introduction of tokenized shares, the firms truly created the Capital Market 4.0.linkedintwitter
EffectaEffectaerugerEffecta ist das Haftungsdach für Finanzmakler, Industrieemittenten, Crowdinvesting-Plattformen, Zweitmarktmakler und ihren individuellen Anforderungen - Wir organisieren den aufsichtsrechtlichen Ablauf, Sie konzentrieren sich auf ihr Geschäftskonzept.linkedin
Agora Innovation / Ive.OneAgora Innovation / Ive.OneerugerAgora innovation specializes in digital assets on the blockchain. Your global solution partner on your digital journey for blockchain, DLT and digital assets.linkedintwitter
BitbondBitbonderugerBitbond radically improves the issuance, settlement and custody of financial assets with the help of blockchain technology and tokenization.linkedintwitter
CashlinkCashlinkerugerShaping the capital markets of tomorrow Cashlink provides you with the all-in-one software solution for the tokenization of securities.linkedintwitter
DigiSharesDigiShareseruswedenDigital Shares for the World. Your gateway into the tokenization ecosystem.linkedintwitter
FinexityFinexityerugerInvest in alternative investments. Digital and flexible.linkedintwitter
MicoboMicoboerugerYour Key to Digital Assets micobo provides the infrastructure to create, issue, manage and trade digital assets on the blockchain. Tokenize assets to create fungibility and increase liquidity. Easily manage your digital assets throughout their lifecycle, with our compliant end-to-end tokenization infrastructure.linkedintwitter
Token-forgeToken-forgeerugerTransaction-Infrastructure for hassle-free scalable STO & NFT businesses. We are enabling b-commerce on blockchain through the TokenForge suitelinkedintwitter
TokenyTokenyeruluxembourgTHE COMPLIANCE INFRASTRUCTURE FOR DIGITAL ASSETS. Realise fast onboarding, cost-efficient management and rapid transferability of private market securities.linkedintwitter
21.Finance21.FinanceeruluxembourgWhere financial innovation meets banking tradition.linkedintwitter
Agora Innovation / Ive.OneAgora Innovation / Ive.OneerugerAgora innovation specializes in digital assets on the blockchain. Your global solution partner on your digital journey for blockchain, DLT and digital assets.linkedintwitter
ArttradeArttradeerugerDemocratising the Art Market through Blockchain.linkedin
Blackmanta (regulated BaFin)BlackmantaerugerTokenization as a Service. Black Manta Capital Partners ® is a one-stop agency for all technical, financial, and legal aspects of Tokenization. With security tokens that grant equity, profit, and governance rights to investors, BMCP runs a Multi-STO platform and aims to set a global standard for Security Token Offerings (STO).linkedintwitter
BlockinvestBlockinvesteruitaTokenize real-world assets. Our advanced platform delivers solutions for creating compliant, digital securities. Discover how it boosts your benefits and profits.
Bloxxon / Hauck und AufhäuserBloxxon / Hauck und AufhäusererugerDIGITAL ASSETS WITH NO HASSLE. We bring blockchain expertise to the financial industrylinkedin
Bloxxter / Quirion SachwerteBloxxter / Quirion SachwerteerugerSachwerte for everyone. We're bringing Sachwerte - to everyone.
BlockimmoBlockimmoeruswiReal Estate accessible for all. Build your Real Estate Portfolio. Meet blockimmo, a simple, secure real estate investment platform.linkedintwitter
BrickwiseBrickwiseerugerBlockwise - Tokenization. linkedin
Econos.greenEconos.greenerugerInvestment opportunities that are essentially sustainable.linkedin
ExporoExporoerugerFinance real estate projects. Finance real estate projects from experienced project developers and receive a fixed interest rate for them.linkedintwitter
FinexityFinexityerugerInvest in alternative investments. Digital and flexible.linkedintwitter
FinledgerFinledgererugerThe standard for digital processing of promissory note loans.
GlobacapGlobacaperubriChange the way your business manages capital.linkedin
Inventure.deInventure.deerugerWe democratize Venture capital. Investing in venture capital funds gives investors the opportunity to participate in extraordinary returns, to participate in future-oriented start-ups and thus to be able to make a contribution to society.linkedin
KlickownKlickownerugerKlickOwn Aktiengesellschaft is a listed company that focuses on the booming business field of crowdfunding in the area of mezzanine financing.linkedin
Mt PelerinMt PelerineruswiYour Swiss gateway to the new economy. Welcome to the world of digital assets! Get a wallet in minutes, buy and sell cryptocurrencies, discover security tokens and explore decentralized finance.linkedintwitter
Neofin HamburgNeofin HamburgerugerThe financial markets are in the midst of a paradigm shift. A new era begins with digital securities. By using blockchain technology, many capital market issuance processes are digitized and automated, which results in immense cost savings.linkedin
SDXSDXeruswiWe offer the world’s leading exchange for digital assets.linkedintwitter
STOKRSTOKReruluxembourgNO WALL STREET WOLVES. NO MONEY SHARKS. JUST SMART INVESTORS. Investing in innovative ventures is now also open to you.linkedintwitter
Timeless InvestmentsTimeless InvestmentserugerInvest in things you love. linkedin
TokengateTokengateeruswiWe connect people with Tokenslinkedin
TokenstreetTokenstreeterugertokenstreet offers unparalleled access to alternative asset classes by striving for optimal diversification of top tier venture and growth stage fundslinkedin
von der Heydt (Bank) von der HeydterugerTRADITION MEETS FUTURE. SINCE 1754.linkedin
Own AGOwn AGeruliechtensteinWeOwn ist Technologiespezialist für die Blockchain-basierte Tokenisierung von Finanzassets und die Digitalisierung von Post-Trade Prozessen.linkedintwitter
WIWINWIWINerugerWIWIN is the platform for sustainable investing. We broker capital investments in the fields of renewable energies, sustainable start-ups and energy-efficient real estate.linkedin
21.Finance21.Financeeruliechtenstein21finance offers digital and regulated software solutions to financial institutions wanting to broaden their reach. With Marketplace as a Service (MaaS), we place a whitelabel solution in the hands of our clients to distribute, scale and streamline their end-to-end private and public investment propositions through traditional and tokenised offerings.
360X360XerugerOur mission is to enable access to new investment opportunities - by opening markets. We empower you to buy and trade digital stakes in expert-verified and high-quality art and real estate assets. Investing on 360X is simple, safe and fast.linkedintwitter
ArchaxArchaxerubriThe next evolution in digital asset trading.linkedin
LCXLCXeruliechtensteinLCX is a regulated trading venue offering a range of digital currencies. Join our compliant token sales – get access to new and fast growing tokens first.linkedintwitter
Swarm MarketsSwarm MarketserugerA Unified Exchange For Securities & Crypto. Swarm Markets is the world’s first licensed* high-liquidity DeFi protocol — the convenience and transparency of DeFi with the confidence of financial market compliance.linkedintwitter
TradiasTradiaserugerNext level trading digital Assets. Powered by Bankhaus Scheich. linkedin
TectrexTectrexerugertectrex aims to revolutionize institutional real estate investment and trading. With tectrex, RTX 21 GmbH and 360X AG, the new digital endeavor backed by Deutsche Börse AG and Commerzbank AG, have teamed up to drive real estate tokenization and trading, starting services primarily for institutional investors.linkedin
BlocktradeBlocktradeeruluxembourgBlocktrade is the go-to asset marketplace for everyone, helping to create wealth and joy in life for a global society. At Blocktrade we believe in the power of community and trust. We strive towards being the most accessible marketplace while holding ourselves to the highest regulatory standards.linkedintwitter
Blockpit Blockpit eruausControlling crypto and digital assets is easy. With Cryptotax, simply calculate taxes in a few minutes and track your crypto portfolio.linkedintwitter
Crypto-CareersCrypto-CareerserugerCrypto Careers is the most trusted platform connecting exceptional professionals and businesses building digital assets.linkedintwitter
ITSAITSAerugerInternational Token Standardization Association. A 9-digit alphanumeric technical identifier for increased operational transparency and safety in handling DLT-based fungible and non-fungible tokens. This allows the connecting and matching of other media and data to the token, such as legal contracts or price data.linkedintwitter
WM Gruppe / WM Daten ServiceWM Gruppe / WM Daten ServiceerugerWillkommen bei der WM Gruppe. Dienstleister der Finanzwirtschaft.linkedintwitter
INATBAINATBAerugerINATBA offers public and private developers and users of DLT a global forum to interact with regulators and policy makers and bring blockchain technology to the next stage.linkedintwitter
Ten31 BankTen31 BankerugerTen31 Bank. Connecting the dots. linkedintwitter
Bankhaus ScheichBankhaus ScheicherugerBankhaus Scheich was founded in 1985 as Scheich & Partner Börsenmakler GmbH and today is one of the leading specialists at Frankfurt Stock Exchange.linkedin
EthereumEthereumglobalglobalEthereum is the community-run technology powering the cryptocurrency ether (ETH) and thousands of decentralized applications.twitter
Polygon Network Polygon Network globalglobalPolygon is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. Aggregating scalable solutions on Ethereum supporting a multi-chain Ethereum ecosystem.twitter
TezosTezosglobalglobalA blockchain designed to evolve.twitter
Hedera HasgraphHedera HasgraphglobalglobalHedera is the most used enterprise-grade public network for you to make your digital world exactly as it should be – yours. HBAR is the native, energy-efficient cryptocurrency of Hedera that powers the decentralized economy. Whether you're a startup or enterprise, a creator or consumer, Hedera goes beyond blockchain for developers to create the next era of fast, fair, and secure applications.twitter
AglorandAglorandglobalglobalThis is The Future of Finance. The convergence between decentralized and traditional financial models is accelerating and we are here to power it.linkedintwitter
Binance Smart Chain (BSC)Binance Smart ChainglobalglobalBinance Smart Chain. A Parallel Binance Chain to Enable Smart Contractstwitter
Tangany GmbHTangany GmbHerugerMarket leading solution for your digital assets. Reliable white-label blockchain custody since 2018. Your Digital Custody expert for tokenizaton projects, STO´s and digial securities (eWpG).linkedintwitter
CashlinkCashlinkerugerShaping the capital markets of tomorrow Cashlink provides you with the all-in-one software solution for the tokenization of securities.linkedintwitter

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