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In our database below you will find the TOP 15 DeFi Yield Apps. The yield in the DeFi environment is higher than in the traditional world (sometimes negative yield) but with the high returns there is also a high risk profile (risk and return are always closely connected / please read our risk disclaimer) and you need to know how to raise these DeFi yield returns.

The returns are coming from lending (centralized & decentralized), staking, borrowing, airdrops, liquidity providing, and sometimes all of these financial instruments by using leverage. Diving deep into protocols, smart contracts, DeFi risks, creation and the usage of wallets, connecting with platforms, staying up to date, and making fast decisions if the market changes is not for everyone.

Easy access to DeFi returns via DeFi Apps strengthen the DeFi mass adoption and DeFi community!


You can learn how to use DeFi applications and earn the yield, but a lot of people (especially the new users in the crypto ecosystem) are not very tech-savvy and are looking for services and providers where they can easily use their Fiat money (USD, EUR, etc.), put it into the crypto ecosystem with a few clicks and participate from the high DeFi returns.

That means an easy Fiat onramp and high usability of the applications (like we know it from the Apps in the traditional world) is the key for the newbies in the DeFi and Crypto ecosystem. Different providers are very focused on the use case “Making the access to DeFi returns and yield as easy as possible”.

We do support 100% the development of easy access to the DeFi services and applications via easy-to-use DeFi Apps. Newbies can easily join the DeFi community by using DeFi apps as they know how to use the apps store.

In our database, you will find the most important players in the DeFi Yield App ecosystem.

If you are looking for the Top DeFi Dashboards & Aggregators please visit our DeFi Dashboards webpage.

This is no financial advice, please read our Risk Disclaimer.

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DeFi Yield Apps
AQRUMidas InvestmentsAQRU is a simple app that helps you to buy, invest and earn interest on your Crypto assets. Your annual interest is paid daily and tracked to the second.twitter
ArgentArgentSeedless Recovery, Meta transactions. The best of Ethereum. A fraction of the cost. Buy, earn, stake and trade on Ethereum Layer 2 with low fees & bulletproof security.twitter
Bison AppBison AppBuying and selling Bitcoin & Co. Simple, smart and reliable with Bison.
CakeDefiCakeDefiPut your cryptocurrencies to work. Hold your cryptocurrencies and put them to work at the same time. Cake is the first fully transparent platform that generates constant cash flow for you.
CoinbaseCoinbaseGet started now with your crypto portfolio. Licensed in Germany, we offer you secure and regulated access to crypto currencies. Simply buy, sell and earn crypto. Get started today.
CoinloanCoinloanManage Digital AssetsIn a Safe Way. CoinLoan helps you borrow, swap and grow your assets. We combine the best of traditional and novel finance to offer you both solid security and favourable terms.
Crypto comCrypto comCryptocurrency in Every Wallet. At, we are on a mission to accelerate the world's transition to cryptocurrency.
DFX SwissZipmexInvest in any DeFiChain Asset with EUR, CHF, USD & many more via simple bank transaction | 24/7 Trading | No KYC | Auto-DCAtwitter
InlockInlockUnlock Your Crypto’s Potential.
Earn interest on your Bitcoin and other crypto assets, or get a cryptocurrency backed instant loan.
Ledn PlatformLedn PlatformEarn rewards with Ledn Platform.
LinusLinusLinus connects your funds to borrowers in digital asset credit markets, where demand for your cash is greater than with your bank.
Midas InvestmentsMidas InvestmentsEarn the highest yields on BTC, ETH, USDT and DeFi assetstwitter
NebeusNebeusBridge your Crypto and cash. Borrow, Exchange, Earn, and Insure your Crypto assets with Nebeus.
Outlet FinanceOutlet FinanceEarn 6% On Every Dollar. Connect your traditional bank account, and plug into Outlet.
SwissborgSwissborgInvest in cryptosthe smart way. Buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies with 16 fiats including EUR, CHF and GBP.
UsenobiUsenobiNever settle with the traditional way of investments. Enjoy attractive yield while owning Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other top crypto assets. Start investing with no hidden fees, no complexity, and no more excuses.
Yield AppYield AppDEFI BANKING IN YOUR POCKET. Discover the Easiest Way to Earn Interest in Crypto.
YouholdlerYouholdlerKeep Crypto. Use Cash. Get a cryptocurrency loan backed by the TOP 15 coins with up to 90% loan to value ratio (LTV). Earn crypto with 12.3% APR + compounding interest. Store, exchange and pay anytime.
ZipmexZipmexEarn interest on your digital assets.
Earn up to 5% interest on US dollar stable coin and up to 8% on crypto daily with Zipmex.

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