Top DEFI Venture Capital Seed Funding Insights 2022

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Top DEFI Venture Capital Seed Funding Insights 2022 scaled

Top DEFI Venture Capital Seed Funding Insights 2022 1 scaled

Top DEFI Venture Capital Seed Funding scaled

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Top DEFI VC Seed Funding Rounds 2022 scaled

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    Date NameWebsiteFunding AnnouncementDescriptionTwitterCategorySeed Funding Volume in Mio. USD
    23.05.2022Pebble Pebble twitterBanks work for profit. Pebble works for people. We're the first app that pays you to save, spend, and send your money — all in one balance.twitterDeFi, Banking6,2
    20.05.2022Castle FinanceCastle-FinancetwitterTreasury Yield on Autopilot. Castle provides the safest way to earn yield for DAOs and their communities.twitterDeFi, Yield 1,2
    20.05.2022Voyage FinanceVoyage-FinancetwitterVoyage Finance Seed Round. Supercharge your guild with Voyage.twitterDeFi, Lending, Borrowing1,0
    19.05.2022Kiln FinanceKiln-FinanceKiln-FinanceEnterprise-grade staking made easy. Stake your treasury directly, or bring staking to your users through our whitelabel product.twitterDeFi, Staking5,0
    19.05.2022SAGASAGAtwitterBUILD BLOCKCHAINS, WITH A SINGLE CLICK. With the right tools, everything is possible. Saga gives visionaries the high-end tools and support they need to turn their blockchain dreams into reality.twitterDeFi, Infrastructure6,5
    12.05.2022Satori FinanceSatori-FinancetwitterBulit on Polkadot. Expand your trading horizons. Transform your trading experience with Satori, the first on-chain derivatives protocol built for all users.twitterDeFi, Derivatives10,0
    11.05.2022FinntFinnttwitterSaving money is a family business. Build yourself a secure future and provide for your loved ones worldwide.​twitterDeFi, Yield 3,5
    05.05.2022Angular FinanceAngular-FinanceCross-chain money market. Angular Finance. twitterDeFi, Lending, Borrowing1,8
    04.05.2022Bundlr Network Bundlr-NetworktwitterThe fastest, easiest way to store data on web3. Bundlr Network is a reliable multichain solution for Arweave.twitterDeFi, Infrastructure5,2
    04.05.2022Masa FinanceMasa-FinanceMasa Finance. Personal Finance Management. DeFi Credit Protocol. Uncollateralized Loans. twitterDeFi, Lending, Borrowing3,5
    03.05.2022Cheq CheqAccept crypto payments. Cheq is the easiest way to pay and get paid with crypto.twitterDeFi, CeFi2,0
    29.04.2022Myso FinanceMyso-FinanceMyso Finance. We're building a liquidation-free, fixed-interest and oracle-free borrowing solution.twitterDeFi, Lending, Borrowing2,4
    26.04.2022Tonic FoundationTonic-FoundationOrderbook DEX on NEAR. Markets for any asset. Tonic brings the speed and convenience of centralized exchanges to NEAR while being fully decentralized.twitterDeFi, DEX5,0
    26.04.2022Vertex Protocol Vertex-ProtocolOn-Chain FX Markets on Terra. Building products that unleash the power of DeFi everywhere.twitterDeFi Derivatives8,5
    21.04.2022MetalandMetalandKeep playing and earning with your NFTs even when they're collateralized.twitterDeFi, NFT5,0
    20.04.2022IPOR LabsIPOR-LabsThe Heart of DeFi. Fix your interest rate or hedge your exposure by leveraging non-custodial on-chain IPOR derivative instruments.twitterDeFi, Derivatives5,5
    19.04.2022Hedge HedgeNever Sell Your SOL. Access your SOL's value today, without losing tomorrows upside. 0% Interest - Instant Margin Access - Leverage Assets.twitterDeFi, Liquidity3,7
    19.04.2022DeltaoneDeltaoneSolana. The one-click shop for delta-neutral, sustainable yield strategies.twitterDeFi, Yield9,1
    13.04.2022Reputation LinkReputation-LinkUnlock DeFi with Reputation.twitterDeFi, DAO4,7
    13.04.2022Reactor MoneyReactor-MoneyThe Omni Booster on Terra. twitterDeFi, Optimized Yield2,0
    13.04.2022Fluid FinanceFluid-FinanceLIQUIDITY AGGREGATION, TRANSFORMED. FLUID is the ultra-low latency CeDeFi liquidity aggregator that uses AI quant-based models to tackle fragmented liquidity in virtual asset markets.twitterDeFi, Liquidity, Aggregator10,0
    11.04.2022VOVO FinanceVOVO-FinanceGrow Your Crypto with Customizable Yield. Structured products with various risk-returns and payoff structures through packaged financial instruments.twitterDeFi, Yield 2,0
    11.04.2022TiTi FinanceTiTi-FinanceMulti-Asset Reserves Stablecoin powered by ReOrders. The First Use-To-Earn Algorithmic Stablecoin.twitterDeFi, Stablecoin3,5
    09.04.2022ZenithCexZenithCexZenith Chain is a decentralized secured, Hybrid Blockchain built for everyone to transact directly and privately with confidencetwitterDeFi, Exchange35,0
    06.04.2022Porter FinancePorter-FinancePorter enables creditworthy DAOs to obtain fixed-rate financing using their project tokens as collateral.twitterDeFi, DAO5,0
    06.04.2022GOGO CoinGOGO-CoinGOGOcoin is an NFT/DeFi crossover building the world’s first decentralized asset manager with segregated funds on-chain. We believe finance should be fully democratized for everyone, without the requirement for prior technical or financial knowledge.twitterDeFi, Asset Management2,0
    06.04.2022Bridge NetworkBridge-NetworkA super-dApp for the multichain world. Making cross-chain transactions simpletwitterDeFi, Bridge3,8
    30.03.2022DFlowDFlowThe protocol powering the first decentralized order flow marketstwitterDeFi, Trading2,0
    30.03.2022Burrow CashBurrow-CashEarn $BRRR rewards by supplying and borrowing assets on Burrow.twitterDeFi, Liquidity5,0
    29.03.2022ZKLendZKLendzkLend is an L2 money-market protocol built on StarkNet, combining zk-rollup scalability, superior transaction speed, and cost-savings with Ethereum's security. The protocol offers a dual solution: a permissioned and compliance-focused solution for institutional clients, and a permissionless service for DeFi users - all without sacrificing decentralisation.twitterDeFi, Lending, Borrowing5,0
    23.03.2022Bastion ProtocolBastion-ProtocolThe Liquidity Foundation of Aurora.Lending 🗿 Stableswap.twitterDeFi, Lending, Borrowing2,0
    21.03.2022Struct FinanceStruct-FinanceBuilding the tools & infrastructure necessary to enable structured products on DeFi.twitterDeFi, Infastructure3,9
    17.03.2022Prime ProtocolPrime-ProtocolWe're building the first natively cross chain prime brokerage. We believe the future is multi-chain, and DeFi needs new financial primitives to increase capital efficiency.twitterDeFi, Brokerage2,7
    16.03.2022Treehouse FinanceTreehouse-FinanceWe help everyday investors and institutions confidently navigate DeFi.twitterDeFi, Portfolio Management18,0
    15.03.2022Sturdy FinanceSturdy-FinanceFantom: The first protocol for low interest borrowing and high yield lending. Live on Fantom.twitterDeFi, Yield, Lending3,9
    15.03.2022Float Capital Float-CapitalWe make Magic Internet Assets. Perpetual, leveraged long and short tokens.twitterDeFi, Staking5,0
    09.03.2022Swim ProtocolswimSeamless multi-chain liquidity protocol. Swim provides a simple way to transfer tokens across chains via multi-token liquidity pools and Solana's Wormhole. No more delays, centralized bridges, or wrapped assets.twitterDeFi, AMM, CrossChain4,0
    08.03.2022Deliq FinancedeliqfinanceA protocol to decentralize liquidity provisioning to AMMs like Trader Joe , Pangolin etc and thus allow frictionless flow of liquidity to the Avalanche and other high speed blockchain ecosystemstwitterDeFi, Liquidity2,1
    08.03.2022KurateDAOKurateDAOCurate to earn. Make money curating the best content for the web.twitterWEB3, Content6,85
    08.03.2022Cega CegaThe exotic derivatives protocol. Cega is building the next evolution in defi derivatives.twitterDeFi, Yield, Derivatives4,3
    08.03.2022UNXDUNXDAstronomia Metaverso. Personally designed by Jacob Arabo, founder of Jacob & Co., this exclusive collection extends the brand’s pioneering Astronomia series into the metaverse. The bespoke collection features beautiful physical and digital watches.twitterWEB3, Metaverse4,0
    07.03.2022AkordAkordStore your memories and work - forever. Akord's digital vaults secure your files and messages for generations to come, using end-to-end encryption and blockchain storage.twitterWEB3, Data10,0
    04.03.2022HarukoHarukoConnecting Institutional Capital to the future of Finance. Haruko brings together experience and institutional grade technology to offer clients a comprehensive gateway to blockchain opportunities.twitterDeFi, Financial infrastructure10,0
    04.03.2022ApeXApeXApeX, an innovative derivatives protocol, is launching the ApeX game NFTs to provide Web3 users with a supreme derivatives trading experience.twitterDeFi, Derivativesno info
    04.03.2022Streamflow FinanceStreamflow-FinancePowerded by Solana. Streamflow brings streamed token vesting and batch payments to Solana. Making token streams the ultimate way to distribute value.twitterDeFi, Payment3,1
    03.03.2022IQ ProtocolIQ-ProtocolIQ Protocol is a DeFi framework for renting wrapped expirable versions of digital assets for the use cases they empowertwitterDeFi, Tooling12,0
    02.03.2022ADA SwapADA-SwapPowered by Cardano. The next-gen DEX based on Cardano! Swap, bridge & trade between Cardano-based tokens and stablecoins within seconds.twitterDeFi, DEX2,6
    02.03.2022Nifty LeagueNifty-LeagueNifty League is bringing competitive gaming to Web3. while offering fun and engaging games for all play styles.twitterWEB3, Gaming5,0
    01.03.2022WEB3 GamesWEB3-GamesTransforming a new generation of gameplay and digital content.twitterWEB3, API, Gaming4,0
    01.03.2022TheTanuts FinanceTheTanuts-FinanceThetanuts Finance is creating the best-in-class products for users to maximize risk-adjusted yield generation in all market conditions with a well-designed and intuitive user experience.twitterDeFi, Yield 18,0
    01.03.2022DNA BlockDNA-BlockWe enable Web3 creator communities to design and mint NFT collections of truly custom photorealistic 3D avatars, environments and cinema-quality animated content with no code or animation knowledge.twitterWEB3, Content7,0
    01.03.2022Hashstack FinanceHashstack-FinanceBorrow more with hashstack. Secure under-collateralised loans upto 300% your collateral, for personal finance & trading capital needs. twitterDeFi, Lending & Borrowing1,0
    28.02.2022Exorde NetworkExorde-NetworkExorde is the web3 protocol that empowers developers to scrape and link all public data on the web.twitterWEB3, Tooling1,2
    27.02.2022ArdriveArdriveArDrive offers never-ending storage of your most valuable files. Pay once and save your memories forever.twitterWEB3, Storage17,2
    26.02.2022DegisDegis1st on Avalanche. The next generation all-in-one DeFi protection protocol.twitterDeFi, Security3,0
    23.02.2022Pact FinancePact-FinanceThe home of liquidity. Low cost, fast swaps on Algorand’s secure network.twitterDeFi, AMM2,1
    23.02.2022MarginfiMarginfiTrade with leverage. Decentralized portfolio margining on Solana.twitterDeFi, Trading3,0
    22.02.2022Brahma FinanceBrahma-FinanceDeFi Alpha, Diversified. Brahma is a protocol enabling seamless access to risk-managed, cross-chain strategies for sustainable yield.twitterDeFi, Yield4,2
    21.02.2022Jambo TechnologyJambo-TechnologyEmpowering the next generation of Africans via web3.twitterWEB3, Banking7,5
    19.02.2022Tiiik MoneyTiiik-MoneyBuild on Terra Money. A one stop digital wallet enabling you to save, spend and earn. Built on Terra Money. twitterDeFi, Wallet5,2
    17.02.2022DexalotDexalotDEX build on Avalanche. twitterDeFi, DEX7,0
    17.02.2022Shade Protocol Shade-Protocol DeFi with Privacy. Shade Protocol is an array of connected privacy-preserving DeFi applications built on Secret Network. Launching on Shade Protocol is Silk: an algorithmic stablecoin native to Secret Network with transactional privacy by default.twitterDeFi, Privacy5,0
    16.02.2022HousecatHousecatDemocratizing crypto investment strategies for users, empowering individuals to become asset managers.twitterDeFi, Asset Management3,5
    10.02.2022WingRidersWingRidersFully Cardano native and super fast AMM decentralized exchange platformtwitterDeFi, AMM4,5
    10.02.2022Aperture FinanceAperture FinanceCross-chain Investment Made Easy. With integrated bridge solutions Aperture is your gateway to DeFi 2.0.twitterDeFi, Investment5,3
    09.02.2022Oak TechOak TechOAK (On-chain Autonomous Kernel) Network is an automation blockchain for Defi and recurring payments across protocols. The blockchain is built on Parity Substrate with an event-driven execution model.twitterDeFi, Payment5,5
    08.02.2022MetaStreetMetaStreetWe are MetaStreet DAO, a scaled liquidity provider for NFT collateral. We strive to increase the GDP of emerging NFT economies through abstracted capital participation on NFT collateralization platforms.twitterDeFi, Liquidity14,0
    06.02.2022Pillow FundPillow FundPillow is a digital asset management app that helps users get the best returns on their digital assets with none of the associated hassles. To start off, Pillow is offering users the best returns on their crypto (BTC, ETH, and stable-coins like USDC and USDT).twitterDeFi3,0
    04.02.2022Spin SpinEcosystem Near. DeFi derivatives infrastructure on NEAR Protocol.twitterDeFi, Derivatives3,75
    04.02.2022Primex FinancePrimex FinancePrimex unites regular people, traders, and financial organizations into an ecosystem, giving them an opportunity to trade freely and earn interest that’s backed by trading profits worldwide. Decentralized prime brokerage liquidity protocol for DEX-agnostic cross-margin trading.twitterDeFi, Liquidity5,7
    02.02.2022ICHI ICHIWith ICHI, every community gets their own token worth $1. It is minted with each community's cryptocurrency. It is redeemable 1-for-1 for USD Coin (USDC).twitterDeFi, Stablecoins3,5
    01.02.2022Galleon Galleon Galleon DAO is a guild of like-minded strategy methodologists that research, design, and create best-in-class structured products to be distributed through select ecosystem partners and DAO-owned applications (SetSwap).twitterWeb3, DAO, Guild1,0
    31.01.2022OPTYFIOPTYFIGenerate Wealth From Decentralized Assets. OptyFi's AI-powered protocol helps you to generate wealth in DeFi by investing in the most profitable risk-adjusted yield strategies across hundreds of liquidity pools, dozens of protocols, and multiple blockchains.twitterDeFi, Yield 2,4
    30.01.2022HiFi BridgeHiFi BridgeThe HiFi Card is your crypto debit card. Create or connect an already existing wallet to your HiFi card to begin spending your crypto on everyday items.twitterDeFi, Trading4,0
    29.01.2022Arthswap Arthswap ArthSwap is a one-stop Defi protocol aiming to become a leading DEX on Astar Network. Its main functions are going to be swapping, staking, liquidity mining, and we will have more functions on the way!twitterDeFi, DEX1,5
    28.01.2022MyCointainerMyCointainerCrypto has changed the game. MyCointainer is a piggy bank that will make your money work for you.twitterDeFi, Staking6,0
    26.01.2022hal.hal.Crypto made eady. Finally a blockchain data listening and automation platform that is both powerful and easy to use. Create delightful crypto experiences. Have an amazing time doing it.twitterDeFi, Analytics3,0
    26.01.2022ColizeumColizeumColizeum. BLOCKCHAIN-BASED MOBILE GAMING ESPORTS ECOSYSTEM.twitterDeFi, Gaming8,4
    25.01.2022PrismaticPrismaticTreasury management from a single stream. We provide treasury management and tooling for decentralized autonomous organizations with simplicity, security and transparency in the front seat.twitterDeFi, DAO2,0
    25.01.2022FlintFlintEarn up to 13% on USDT. Withdraw anytime.twitterDeFi, Yield5,1
    24.01.2022Exa FinanceExa FinanceExchange Assets like never before Peer-to-Peer Multi-Asset Exchange for Fungible and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).twitterDeFi, Marketplace2,0
    20.01.2022Folks FinanceFolks FinanceThe capital markets protocol for borrowing and lending built on top of the Algorand blockchaintwitterDeFi, Lending + Borrowing3,0
    20.01.2022VinterVinterVinter is a regulated index provider specialized in crypto assets. We design, calculate and maintain indexes underlying financial products. Explore our index offering or research our clients’ products to see how a smart index can help you as an asset manager compete better by raising more assets faster.twitterDeFi, Index3,4
    20.01.2022AzuroAzuroAzuro Protocol is an open source public-domain software including a set of smart contracts, written in Solidity that can be deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain, and/or other blockchains. Azuro is in Testnet and no real money, cryptocurrencies or assets can be or will be used for betting.twitterDeFi, Betting3,5
    20.01.2022Soma FinanceSoma FinanceSoma Finance. First Compliant Multi-Asset DEX & Issuance Platform For Tokenized Equities, Crypto Assets, STOs, and NFTs.twitterDeFi, DEX6,5
    19.01.2022Venure OneVenure OneDecentralized prediction protocol. Global, fast, intuitive. Venue One is a non-custodial blockchain predictions exchange. Take positions in sports, eSports, finance, events and more. Algorand.twitterDeFi, Prediction3,4
    19.01.2022Ancient8Ancient8Ancient8 is Vietnam’s largest blockchain gaming guild incubated by Coin98 Labs, Kyros Ventures, Coin68 Media and 3twelve Capital. Ancient8 aims to create a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that develops a platform to enable everyone to play and build the metaverse while earning rewards. Besides, we offer scholarships, educational contents for equal economic opportunities in the metaverse.twitterDeFi, Web3, Guild4,0
    18.01.2022Lit ProtocolLit ProtocolDecentralized Access Control for Connected Experiences. Companies, creators, and DAOs use Lit Protocol to grant access to content, software, and data using tokens, NFTs, and blockchain identity as keys.twitterDeFi, Tooling2,2
    18.01.2022REDEFINEREDEFINEThe First End-to-End Risk Management Technology for DeFi Investors. Powerful firewall solution integrated into a revolutionary proactive risk mitigation system. twitterDeFi, Risikomanagement11,0
    17.02.2022DexalotDexalotDexalot is a revolutionary decentralized exchange aiming at bringing the traditional centralized exchange look and feel through a decentralized on-chain application.twitterDeFi, DEX7,0
    17.01.2022Fantom MakerFantom MakerIn association with Dao Maker, #1 cross-chain launchpad, Fantom Maker will inherit extensive experience in user acquisition and marketing, making the fundraising and investing processes smooth and seamless.twitterDeFi, Yield, Launchpad1,8
    17.01.2022Capi TradeCapi TradeA Decentralized Launchpad for Early Blockchain Projects. Capitrade is a blockchain project that enables projects to raise capital in a transparent and decentralized process, while assuring its investors of secured fund through our IDO Platform. Terra Ecosystem.twitterDeFi, Launchpad20,0
    14.01.2022Friktion Friktion Build a portfolio to perform across market cycles. Solana Ecosystem.twitterDeFi, Yield5,5
    13.01.2022seashellseashellSeashell Save is a new home for your savings. Seashell Save offers the ability to generate high and stable interest on your cash. By simply connecting your bank and depositing funds into Seashell, your money will immediately start generating interest. Seashell is built by a mission-driven group of individuals with deep experience across tech, finance, Web3, cybersecurity and consumer verticals.twitterDeFi, Yield6,0
    13.01.2022Conduit Conduit Delivering DeFi products that give your customers more. We enable fintechs, neobanks, and exchanges to connect their customers with high earning crypto-backed products using one API for DeFi.twitterDeFi, Infrastructure17,0
    12.01.2022Bribe ProtocolBribe ProtocolBRIBE Protocol improves upon current DeFi Governance models by coordinating voters into powerful coalitions up for auction, so that anyone can benefit from governance marketplaces.twitterDeFi, DAO4,0
    07.01.2022xBackedxBackedxBacked is building a decentralized, permissionless stablecoin on Algorand, fully backed by crypto assets instead of centralized assets. No central entity controls the issuance of xUSD and other tokens the xBacked protocol might build in the future.twitterDeFi, Stablecoins1,5
    07.01.2022Exotic MarketsExotic MarketsSolana ecosystem. Earn yield, Sustainably. Maximise your investments with our simple and sustainable products.twitterDeFi, Yield5,0
    03.01.2022AlgodexAlgodexAlgodex Decentralized Marketplace. Learn how Algodex works and find opportunities to contribute to the project. Stay up-to-date by entering your email below!twitterDeFi, Exchange3,13
    01.01.2022Infinity SwapInfinity SwapThe Platform to Create, Stake and Swap Tokens on the Internet Computer (Dfinity)twitterDeFi, AMM1,5
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