Top 20 Data Storage and Cloud Computing Projects Ecosystem

Top 20 Data Storage and Cloud Computing Projects Ecosystem Map

Top 20 Data Storage and Cloud Computing Projects Ecosystem

Top 20 Data Storage and Cloud Computing Projects Ecosystem Database
NameWebsiteBlockchainDrescriptionTwitterGo to Storage Services
Filecoin (FIL)FilecoinFilecoin is a decentralized storage network designed to store humanity's most important information.twitterGo to FIL Filecoin
BitTorrent [OLD] (BTTOLD)BitTorrentBTT is a TRC-10 utility token based on the blockchain that powers features of the most popular decentralized protocols and applications in the world. DApps powered by BTT include BitTorrent Speed, BitTorrent File System, DLive, and others in the pipeline.twitterGo to BTTOLD BitTorrent
Arweave (AR)ArweaveArweave is a protocol that allows you to store data permanently, sustainably, with a single upfront fee.Go to AR Arweave
Holo (HOT)HoloHolo is to cloud hosting what Airbnb was to hotels—anyone can become a host by turning their computer into a source of revenue, getting paid in HoloFuel for hosting peer-to-peer applications. By hosting P2P apps, you support a web that empowers your peers and communities.twitterGo to HOT Holo
Siacoin (SC)SiacoinSia is the leading decentralized cloud storage platform. No signups, no servers, no trusted third parties. Sia leverages blockchain technology to create a data storage marketplace that is more robust and more affordable than traditional cloud storage providers.twitterGo to SC Siacoin
Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)Ocean ProtocolOcean Protocol unlocks the value of data. Data owners and consumers use Ocean Market app to publish, discover, and consume data in a secure, privacy-preserving fashion. OCEAN holders stake liquidity to data pools.twitterGo to OCEAN Ocean Protocol
Phantasma (SOUL)PhantasmaThe technological backbone of the future of gaming – enabling a silky smooth user experience while increasing developer revenue and empowering gamers through true digital ownershiptwitterGo to SOUL Phantasma
Storj (STORJ)StorjWith Storj DCS (Decentralized Cloud Storage) files aren’t stored in centralized data centers— instead, they're encrypted, split into pieces, and distributed on a global cloud network.twitterGo to STORJ Storj
MaidSafeCoin (MAID)MaidSafeCoinMaidSafe, builders of the SAFE Network, are a small team of: thinkers, inventors, tinkerers, engineers and designers started by Scottish engineer David Irvine in 2006.twitterGO to MAID MaidSafeCoin (ALEPH)AlephAllow your blockchain enabled app to securely access trusted off-chain data or computation within a couple lines of code.twitterGo to ALEPH Aleph
ScPrime (SCP)ScPrimeThousands of individual facilities are stitched together into a robust, performant distributed datacentertwitterGo to SCP ScPrime
Bluzelle (BLZ)BluzelleAs new gamers enter crypto, Bluzelle provides an experience that meets their needs for quality games, storage and finance.twitterGo to BLZ Bluzelle
PAC Protocol (PAC)PAC ProtocolNew website coming soon! Look for an exciting rebranded resource as we put the finishing touches on it. All FAQ and supporting documents are still available here.twitterGo to PAC PAC Protocol
Stratos (STOS)StratosThe first decentralized data architecture that provides scalable, reliable, self-balanced storage, database and computation network and offers a solid foundation for data processing.twitterGo to STOS Stratos
Opacity (OPCT)OpacityNo personal information required. Get 10GB file storage and file sharing for freetwitterGo to OPCT Opacity
Crust Network (CRU)Crust NetworkCrust provides a Web3.0 decentralized storage network for the Metaverse. It is designed to realize core values of decentralization, privacy and assurance. Crust supports multiple storage-layer protocols such as IPFS, and exposes instant accessible on-chain storage functions to users. Crustʼs technical stack is also capable of supporting data manipulating and computing.twitterGo to CRU Crust Network
ProximaX (XPX)ProximaXA developer-friendly and enterprise-ready stack of distributed and decentralized technologies.twitterGo to XPX ProximaX
0chain (ZCN)0chainA high performance decentralized storage networktwitterGo to ZCN 0chain
SONM (SNM)SONMSonm provides cloud services based on distributed customer level hardware including PCs, mining equipment, and servers. You can either rent out your hardware or use someone’s computing power for your needs.twitterGo to SNM SONM
Big Data Protocol (BDP)Big Data ProtocoltwitterGo to BDP Big Data Protocol

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