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Arcade (NFT Lending) ArcadeArcade NFT Lending. Put YourNFTs to Work. Borrow and Lend against valuable NFT assets.globallinkedintwitter
BendDAO (NFT Lending) BendDAOUse your NFTs as collateral to borrow ETH or deposit your ETH and earn yields instantly!globaltwitter
Drops (NFT Lending) DropsDrops NFT Lending. Instant NFT-backed loans. Seamlessly obtain liquidity and yield using your metaverse assets.globaltwitter
Flowty (NFT Lending) FlowtyFlowty NFT Lending. Flowty is a peer-to-peer (P2P) collateralized NFT lending marketplace that enables borrowers to access liquidity using Flow-based NFTs as collateral and lenders to generate interest income by funding loans secured by NFTs.globaltwitter
Fluid NFT (NFT Lending) Fluid-NFTFluid NFT Lending. Community Banking for NFTs to unlock liquidity and a new wave of DeFi. At FluidNFT we are pioneering the new paradigm of Community Owned Liquidity - DeFi 3.0. Empowering NFT collectors, creators and the missions they support.globaltwitter
Gradient (NFT Lending) GradientGradient NFT Lending. Meet the future of NFT finance. Gradient is a DeFi lending protocol that enables immediate loans using any NFT as collateral while allowing anyone to earn yield from the NFTs they own.globaltwitter
JPEGd (NFT Lending) JPEGdJPEGd NFT Lending. Bridging the gap between DeFi and NFTs.globaltwitter
MetaStreet (NFT Lending) MetaStreetMetaStreet NFT Lending. EARN YIELD IN THE METAVERSE. MetaStreet helps you earn interest with ease by algorithmically routing liquidity to NFT collateral.globaltwitter
Nama Protocol (NFT Lending) Nama-ProtocolMore than a decentralized NFT liquidity protocol A cross-chain enabled lending protocol to use NFTs as collateral. For Both Lendaers & Borrowers. The NAMA protocol enables NFT holders and creators to raise funds in a efficient & decentralized manner.globaltwitter
Nexo (NFT Lending) NexoNexo NFT Lending. Unleash the Value of Your NFTs. Borrow up to 20% of the value of your BAYC or CryptoPunks without selling them.globallinkedintwitter
Nftifi (NFT Lending) NftifiNifti NFT Lending. Use the NFTs you own to access the liquidity you need. NFTfi is the leading liquidity protocol for NFTs. We allow NFT owners to use the assets they own to access the liquidity they need by receiving secured wETH and DAI loans from liquidity providers, peer-to-peer, in a completely trustless manner. NFT liquidity providers use NFTfi to earn attractive yields or — in the case of loan defaults — to have a chance at obtaining NFTs at a steep discount to their market value.globaltwitter
Nifty Apes (NFT Lending) Nifty-ApesNifty Apes NFT Lending. INSTANT LIQUIDITY. for your NFTS Borrow ETH and USDC with loans that auto-refinance.globaltwitter
Nifty Options (NFT Lending)Nifty-OptionsNifty Options NFT Lending. Hedge, collateralize, and price your NFT. Nifty option contracts allow you to create an on-chain agreement, with the right, but not the obligation, to sell your NFT at an agreed upon price and expiration date.globaltwitter
Pine Loans (NFT Lending)Pine-LoansPine Loans NFT Lending. Pine is a decentralized NFT-backed borrowing and lending protocol.globaltwitter
Revest Finance (NFT Lending) Revest-FinanceYour Secure Smart Vaults Revest Finance. Mint Smart Vaults, stake RVST, NFTs, make illiquid positions liquid and much more!globaltwitter
Sodium (NFT Lending) SodiumSodium NFT Lending. UnlockingNFT Value. SODIUM - a decentralized protocol for instant borrowing against NFT collateral.globallinkedintwitter
SYNC Bond (NFT Lending) SYNC-BondSYNC Bond NFT Lending. Creating Liquidity NFTs for Liquid DeFi Markets. SYNC Network offers tradable, time-locked liquidity stored in CryptoBonds, a brand new financial asset combining DeFi with NFTs.globaltwitter
WithBacked (NFT Lending) WithBackedBacked NFT Lending. LENDERS, earn interest on NFT-backed loans. If you see a NFT you want to lend to, “buy out” the current lender by offering better terms.globaltwitter
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