Top Layer2 Scaling solutions 2022

Top Layer2 Scaling solutions Map

Top Layer2 Scaling solutions 2022

Top Layer2 Scaling solutions Database
NameDescriptionWebsiteTechnologyEcosystem AppsBlockchain EcosystemGo to Layer 2 Solutions
StarkwarePermissionless ZK Rollup (Starknet) & StarkEX for individual dappsStarkwareValidium ZK RollupDYDX, Sorare, Immutable X, DeversifiEthereumGo to Starkware Starkware
OptimismBest EVM compatible Optimistic Rollup chainOptimismOptimistic RollupUniswap, Synthetix ecosystem, Perpetual Protocol, 1inchEthereumGo to Optimism Optimism
PolygonEcosystem of scaling solutions with Polygon Sidechain and Polygon Hermez being livePolygonSidechain ZK Rollup Optimistic RollupSidechain has 100s of appsEthereumGo to Polygon Polygon
zkSyncPromising ZK scaling solution live for payments, smart contracts in testnetzkSyncZK RollupPayment app, integrated with DeFi WalletsEthereumGo to zkSync zkSync
ArbitrumOptimistic Rollup chain with most apps and TVLArbitrumOptimistic Rollup50+ appsEthereumGo to Arbitrum Arbitrum
AztecPrivate layer 2 paymentsAztecZK RollupPrivate Payment appEthereumGo to Aztec Aztec
Boba NetworkFork of Optimism by OMG teamBoba NetworkOptimistic Rollup10 staking farmsEthereumGo to BNetwork Boba Network
LoopringZK Rollup exchange and payment protocolLoopringZK RollupLoopring DEXEthereumGo to Loopring Loopring
Lightning NetworkBitcoin's primary scaling solutionLightning NetworkState channelIntegrated with businessesBitcoinGo to LNetwork Lightning Network
zkSwapLayer 2 DEX with AMM modelzkSwapZK RollupDEXEthereumGo to zkSwap zkSwap
zkopruPrivate Transactions (on Testnet)zkopruOptimistic Rollup ZK SnarksWalletEthereumGo to zkopru zkopru
Metis AndromedaOptimistic Rollup chain forked from OptimismMetis AndromedaOptimistic RollupEthereumGo to Metis Metis Andromeda
FuelOptimistic Rollup chainFuelOptimistic RollupEthereumGo to Fuel Fuel

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