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Accointing.comAccointingeruswilinkedintwitterPortfolio overview and tax return for cryptocurrencies. Connect all your crypto exchanges & wallets to Accounting, track the performance of your trades and complete your tax return in minutes.
Bitcoin.taxBitcoinusdusdtwitterCreated in 2013, BitcoinTaxes is the leading digital currency capital gains and income calculator in the US and world-wide. Developed by Colin Mackie, the CEO and Founder of CoinsTax LLC, BitcoinTaxes was created in order to provide an easy and simplified way to file cryptocurrency capital gains for tax returns.
Blockchain EYBlockchain-EYusdusdEY Blockchain Analyzer: Tax Calculator. Calculate your capital gains/losses associated from trading cryptocurrencies and produce a draft US tax Form 8949.
BlockpitBlockpiteruauslinkedintwitterBlockpit offers the right crypto compliance solution for you. Whether you are a trader, investor or enterprise, we have the right solution for all sizes when it comes to crypto compliance. We simplify tracking, monitoring, reporting and risk scoring for both large and small participants in the crypto ecosystem with the right solution.
CoinpandaCoinpandaerubullinkedintwitterCalculate your bitcoin and crypto taxes. The world’s most reliable and easy-to-use tax solution for cryptocurrencies, DeFi, and NFTs. File your tax return in under 20 minutes. Learn how to reduce your taxes for next year.
Coin.inkCoinerugertwitterThe smartest way to handle your crypto taxes. is the easiest solution for crypto traders and HODLers to get their taxes and documentation done. Automated and without prior knowledge - duly according to German law.
CointelliCointelliusdusdlinkedintwitter#BuiltByCPAs and tech experts. Enjoy true reliability. KEY FEATURESOur team includes top tech experts and CPAs who stay up to date on tax laws to protect you from audits.
Cointracker.ioCointrackerusdusdlinkedintwitterAutomated portfolio tracking. View your market value, investment performance, and portfolio allocation in real time and for tax purposes. We unify your transaction history across every crypto service and make it searchable and filterable. We support for 300+ exchanges & 10,000+ cryptocurrencies.
Cointracking.infoCointrackingerugerlinkedintwitterCoinTracking analyzes your trades and generates real-time reports on profit and loss, the value of your coins, realized and unrealized gains, reports for taxes and much more. With the prices for 19,370 coins and assets, you’ll always have a complete overview.
CryptotaxcalculatorCryptotaxcalculatorausauslinkedintwitterSort out your tax nightmare. Don't struggle with Excel. Use our Crypto Tax Calculator: Configurable tax settings, Covers NFTs, DeFi & DEX trading, Integrates major exchanges, wallets and chains. by CoinledgerCryptotraderusdusdtwitterCrypto Taxes. Done In Minutes. Cryptocurrency tax software built to save you time and maximize your refund. Free Report Preview. Official TurboTax Partner. international support.
KoinlyKoinlyerubrilinkedintwitterGet your crypto tax reports in minutes. Koinly calculates your cryptocurrency taxes and helps you lower them for the next year. Simple & reliable. Capital Gains & Income Report. Wealth Tax Report (ICTax). Germany, Austria, Switzerland.
Skytale.financeSkytale-financeerugerlinkedintwitterAggregate your DeFi investments in one view. Skytale bundles all transactions of cryptoassets in one dashboard, regardless of their wallets and blockchain protocol.
TaxbitTaxbitusdusdlinkedintwitterTax and accounting for the tokenized economy. The most trusted platform that unifies digital assets tax and accounting across enterprises, consumers, and governments.
TokentaxTokentaxusdusdlinkedintwitterCrypto taxes can be complex. But they don’t have to be painful. We‘re crypto tax calculation software, but we’re also a full-service crypto tax accounting firm.
ZenledgerZenledgerusdusdlinkedintwitterGet Your DeFi, NFT, & Crypto Taxes Done in Minutes. When dealing with thousands of transactions, calculating crypto taxes can be very unsettling, but it doesn’t have to be. Use our crypto tax software to easily Track Your Trades, See Your Profits/Losses, Never Overpay on Your Crypto Taxes Again!
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Market-leading solution for your digital assets.

Reliable white-label blockchain custody suite since 2018.

  • White-Label Custody
  • Warm – and Cold-Wallet Suite
  • Wallet-as-a-Service
  • Made in Germany
  • Supervised by BaFin
  • API & cloud-first strategy
  • Crypto and Tokenization Custodian
  • Insured Custody Suite
  • Custody of Top 30 Blockchains
  • Staking for Top 30 Tokens, also Solana and Polkadot

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