Top 15 DeFi Services for Institutional Investors

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Top 15 DeFi Services for Institutional Investors

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Alloy CapitalDeFi for Institutional InvestorsAlloy-CapitalIn a few years, almost every institutional investor will have exposure to digital assets and interact with DeFi.
We haven’t even seen the beginning of what is yet to come.
2PI NetworkRun your Fintech lending and borrowing back-end stack on top of blockchain rails with 2Pi.2PI NetworkPut capital to work and deposit into smart contract automated pools deployed by 2Pi on top of Tier I DeFi protocols. This plug-n-play solution allows you to automatically start offering your end-users access to yield on digital assets while you can focus on what you do best.twitterlinkedin
CLSTInstitutional peer-to-peer lending for the digital asset era.CLSTAt CLST, we are establishing a network of lenders and borrowers to become the institutional gateway for collateralized and uncollateralized lending.twitterlinkedin
DeFi SaverAdvanced DeFi ManagementDeFi-SaverDeFi Saver is a one-stop management solution for decentralized finance protocols.twitter
DefiriaWe Empower Everyone In DeFi, From Individuals To Institutions,DefiriaTake DeFi and Crypto to the next level by professionalizing your trading with the most suitable protocols and practices while giving you the opportunity to define your own strategies.
ElwoodThe Digital Asset Platform for Institutions Bridging Traditional and Crypto MarketsElwoodIt has further come to our attention that an app impersonating Elwood Technologies’ brand has been circulating in China and Taiwan, allowing users to deposit and ‘purchase’ cryptocurrencies before locking their account and stealing the deposited funds.
ExponentialEasily discover, assess and invest in liquidity pools across chainsExponentialDeFi enables anyone to become a lender or market maker. When individuals have the power to grow their wealth exponentially, financial freedom is within reach for everyone.twitter
FLUIDEFIDeFi Investment TechnologyFLUIDEFIFLUIDEFI simplifies the complicated digital asset management landscape that exists today and sets a new norm for integration and usability.twitterlinkedin
FORDEFIThe Future Of Institutional Web3 WalletsFORDEFISecurely transact, trade, lend, stake, and vote in DeFi. Access unlimited DeFi opportunities with Fordefi’s MPC wallet platform and web3 gateway, enabling you to seamlessly connect to dApps across a wide range of chains while keeping your digital assets secure.twitterlinkedin
HarukoConnecting Institutional Capital to the Future of FinanceHarukoHaruko offers unified CeFi and DeFi portfolio management for institutional investors, as well as proprietary data analytics and risk management tools.twitterlinkedin
KasuriaBetter DeFi InvestmentsKasuriaKasuria is a Munich-based Data-as-a-Service company. We are creating a powerful product that will help you to make better DeFi investments. Follow us on social media to never miss out on important updates.twitterlinkedin
Kemet TradingInstitutional-grade infrastructure for digital asset derivative tradingKemet-TradingKemet Trading provides institutional-grade infrastructure for digital asset derivative trading — optimizing access to liquidity, data, trade execution and post-trade workflows.linkedin
ParadigmInstitutional Liquidity Network For Crypto Derivatives TradersParadigmParadigm’s mission is simple: on-demand liquidity for traders, anytime and anywhere without compromising on trading preferences, execution costs and immediacy.twitterlinkedin
PileCrypto-as-a-Service for Startups, Neobanks, and Fintechs.PileOur goal is to help you open up new revenue streams while attracting new clients and fortifying relationships with existing ones.twitterlinkedin
Primate CapitalManage DeFi with
‍Primate Capital.
SpoolBad news:
Discovering, monitoring and tracking DeFi strategies is extremely difficult.
PontoFinancial Infrastructure for Digital AssetsPontoPonto, meaning bridge in Esperanto, provides regulated payment networking infrastructure for global enterprises to offer financial services to their customers.
Rudy CapitalStabilizing the world of decentralized finance.Rudy-CapitalRudy Capital is a VC-funded consulting firm based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, specializing in market research, portfolio construction and risk management in the area of decentralized finance.
Scrypt DigitalThe Trusted Access Point to Digital Assets for InstitutionsScrypt-DigitalBoldly delivering new sources of value to our clients through constant improvement and innovation based on
SkolemSkolem provides robust institutional-grade execution services for hedge funds, treasuries and service providers.SkolemSkolem provides robust institutional-grade execution services for hedge funds, treasuries and service providers.twitter
Solity NetworkThe multi-chain yield and risk indexing protocolSolity-NetworkSolity Network creates transparency around liquidity pools, sets the stage for machine learning, and allows the implementation of accurate multichain strategies.twitterlinkedin
Spool Yield for the World. Fuel for DeFi.SpoolSpool ensures that anyone can put their capital to work today, and to build products that help millions of others do the same tomorrow. Whatever your financial goals are, Spool has you covered.twitterlinkedin
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