Top 10 Miner Extractable Value (MEV) Protection Projects Ecosystem

Top 10 Miner Extractable Value (MEV) Protection Projects Ecosystem Map

Top 10 Miner Extractable Value MEV Protection Projects Ecosystem

Top 10 Miner Extractable Value (MEV) Protection Projects Ecosystem Database
NameWebsiteBlockchainDrescriptionTwitterGo to MEV Protection Services
Gnosis (GNO)GnosisGnosis builds new market mechanisms for decentralized finance. Our three interoperable product lines allow you to securely create, trade, and hold digital assets on Ethereum.twitterGo to GNOGnosis
Automata (ATA)AutomataWe are Automata Network. Privacy middleware in a multi-chain eratwitterGo to ATAAutomata
KeeperDAO (ROOK)KeeperDAOTrade without paying for gas. Earn ROOK while you're at it.twitterGo to ROOKKeeperDAO
EDEN (EDEN)EDENEden is a priority transaction network that protects traders from frontrunning, aligns incentives for block producers, and redistributes miner extractable value.twitterGo to EDENEDEN
Verus Coin (VRSC)Verus CoinDigital identities, assets and namespaces for any project. Self-sovereign, decentralized or even centralized. The most complete identity system in the world.twitterGo to VRSCVerus Coin
Alchemist (MIST)AlchemistThe path that has never been taken - one that leads to the Philosophers Stone - requires creativity and freedom, not roadmaps. Voyage into the unknown where only the dreamers have a chance to discover the Elixir of Life.twitterGo to MISTAlchemist
Manifold Finance (FOLD)Manifold Finance Manifold enables capital to capitalize on opportunity in decentralized financial markets.twitterGo to FOLDManifold Finance
B.Protocol (BPRO)B.ProtocolB.Protocol is building a Backstop DeFi primitive unlocking higher capital efficiency. By democratizing liquidation systems we shift MEV and bot profits to the community.twitterGo to BPROB.Protocol
Secret Finance (SEFI)Secret FinanceBuilt on the principles of usability and privacy, SecretSwap provides a foundation for the open accessible financial system of the future. Our primary focus is to protect our users from value extracting players by focusing on privacy, a basic human right. SecretSwap is a liquidity hub that connects to other ecosystems for maximum user protection and access to assets.twitterGo to SEFISecret Finance
Archer DAO Governance Token (ARCH)Archer DAO Governance TokenArcher increases your Ethereum mining revenue.Integrate in just 5 minutes, with one line of code. Start earning more today.twitterGo to ARCHArcher DAO Governance Token

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