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DezentralizedFinance.comDezentralizedFinanceeruBest Crypto | DeFi | Web3 Ecosystem Maps and Databases. Find all-important projects & networks in seconds.twitter
The Defiant Web3The-Defiant-Web3usdThe Defiant is the essential content platform for DeFi. It curates, digests, and analyzes all the major developments in DeFi, so that you can stay informed and knowledgeable about the most cutting edge and fastest-changing corner of crypto and finance.twitter
A16Z Web3 NewsletterA16Z-Web3-NewsletterusdThis is web3 weekly, a newsletter from a16z crypto that’s your go-to guide on web3 and the next internet.twitter
Nomad Pirate Web3Nomad-PirateI created this newsletter to share with you every week all my new adventures and discoveries following the creation & development of Web3 businesses. I have already partnered with +40 Web3 entrepreneurs who will also share their secrets and strategies through the newsletter. They are DeFi experts, NFT builders, DApps creators, DAO founders, etc.twitter
Web3 FriendsWeb3-FriendsusdHey, I’m Jay. My day job is at LinkedIn on our Product Partnerships team. I also like podcasting about AAPI identity and writing about relationships, mindfulness, and tech. You can follow me on LinkedIn or Twitter.twitter
Web3 InsiderWeb3-InsidereruAt night I dive deep into the Web3 cosmos and try to understand the latest developments around DeFi, DAOs, NFTs and the Metaverse. I'm particularly interested in the intersection between the Metaverse, NFTs and the opportunities for established brands and companies to enter the space.
Web3 RoundupWeb3-RoundupusdHi, I’m Andrew Chang - I created the Web3 Roundup to share what I’m learning in this space. I’ve spent my career at the forefront of the technology industry in areas such as crypto/blockchain (Former COO @ Paxos, co-founding partner of Liberty City Ventures), video and adtech. I’m currently focused on exploring and investing in emerging technologies, particularly Web3 concepts that are in the earliest stages of development but have huge potential to change the way we live our lives.twitter
This week in Web3This-week-in-Web3usdSubscribe to get full access to the newsletter each week, which provides a carefully curated digest of the most important things happening in the world of Web3, the Metaverse, and Crypto every week.twitter
Web3 Tokenomics DAOWeb3-Tokenomics-DAOasiaWe believe that web3 is open to everyone who is interested, wants to create value and believes that the best ideas will win. To become a part of our community, all you need is to show up and contribute - no degree, CV or experience necessary. We run on curiosity.twitter
Web3 LunchWeb3-LunchWe’ve came across all different types of resources from where you can learn about web3. While all of them were amazing, most of them were using advanced terminology which made it kind of difficult to grasp and would take hours to read. We live in a generation where the average human attention span is less than 8 seconds1. I mean, TikTok generation. 🤦🏽‍♂️twitter
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