Top 20 DeFi NFT and Metaverse Indexes

Top 20 DeFi NFT and Metaverse Indexes Map


Top 20 DeFi NFT and Metaverse Indexes Database
NameWebsiteBlockchainDescriptionTwitterGo to Crypto Indexes
Amun Tokens (DFI, DMX) Amun TokensEthereum, PolygonAmun’s Index tokens are composed of the top eight DeFi tokens in the Ethereum ecosystem by market capitalization for (DFI) and on price momentum for (DMX). Amun's provides investors with exposure to protocols that provide trading, lending and borrowing, yield farming, data oracles, insurance, prediction markets, synthetic assets and stable coins. The index’s components are equally weighted and rebalanced monthly. Holders own fractions of the underlying tokens, which can be redeemed by burning the index token.twitterGo to Amun Amun Tokens
Babylon Finance (BABL)Babylon FinanceEthereumBabylon is a community-led asset management protocol that enables users to invest in DeFi together. It's built on the Ethereum network and it's non-custodial, transparent, permission-less, and governed by the community. Babylonians can create investment communities (called 'Gardens') and invite people to deposit capital. Members participate in the garden by joining the telegram chat, suggesting investment Strategies and voting on Strategies. Members receive rewards based on their contributions.twitterGo to Babylon FinanceBabylon Finance
Basket DAO (BASK)Basket DAOEthereum It’s an index of interest-bearing USD stablecoin exposure, initially made up of yVault tokens from Yearn. A community controlled no fee token basket that you are PAID to hold.twitterGo to Basket DAO Basket DAO
Bishares Finance (BISON)Bishares FinanceBinance, FantomDecentralized Exchange Traded Funds (dETFs) & Yield Bearing Funds (YBF) on multiple chains. Hold one token, diversify safely into various crypto assetstwitterGo to BiShares Bishares Finance
Civilization Fund (CIV)Civilization FundEthereumThe world's first community investment fund. Audited, patent-pending technology: DeFi for everyonetwitterGo To Civilization Fund Civilization Fund
Cook Finance (COOK)Cook Finance Ethereum, Avalanche, BinanceA DeFi Index platform built for the future. Cook Finance is a transparent and flexible DeFi Index platform. This two sided platform is suited to a diverse range of users to make it easy to select from a menu of indexes across multiple chains.twitterGo to Cook Finance Cook Finance
Cryptex (CTX)CryptexEthereumCryptex is focused on building innovative, open-source financial solutions for the global Crypto community. Using Ethereum’s smart contract system, Cryptex is able to create decentralized financial solutions such as Total Crypto Market Cap Token, TCAP and many others.twitterGo to Cryptex Finance Cryptex
DeHIve (DHV)DeHIveEthereum, Polygon, BinanceDeHive helps anyone gain the maximum possible annual yield on cryptocurrencies even if you have zero experience in trading. DeHive Impulse is an innovative tool that facilitates trading, helps users diversify and accumulate their crypto portfolio. It is based on the principle of automatic compound interest and works by adding users’ LPs or other assets interest to the initial investment, thus enabling interest on interest and boosting profit.twitterGo to DeHive Finance DeHIve
dHedge (DHT)dHedgeEthereum, PolygonStart your hedge fund or find a fund you like in 5 minutes with dHEDGE - Decentralized hedge funds accessible to everyone. Find the best investment managers and automated strategies in DeFi.twitterGo to dHedge dHedge
Enzyme Finance (MLN) Enzyme FinanceEthereum Too many DeFi projects to follow? Too busy to put your own money to work? Find a vault with a proven track record on Enzyme, and free yourself from the day-to-day hassles whilst retaining full custody of your assets. You can filter strategies by assets, risk and performance, and find one that fits your risk profile.twitterGo to Enzyme Finance Enzyme Finance
Fractional ArtFractional ArtEthereumBuy, sell and mit fractional NFTs. Fractional ownership of the world’s most sought after NFTs. Fractional reduces entry costs, increases access, and enables new communities.twitterGo to Fractional Fractional Art
Gearbox (GEAR) Gearbox EthereumGearbox Protocol allows anyone to get leverage in a decentralized way and use it across various other protocols in a composable way: margin trading, leverage farming, and more!twitterGo to Gearbox Gearbox
Helios PrimeHelios PrimeEthereum Helios Prime enables everyday investors the opportunity to invest in an index fund, which tracks the performance of a wide range of projects helping to diversify risk.twitterGo to Helios Prime Helios Prime
Index Coop (INDEX) Index CoopEthereumIndex Coop came together with one mission: To make crypto investing simple for everyone. By bringing together the best resources and brightest heads in the space, we’ve made our vision come true.twitterGo to Index Coop Index Coop
Indexed Finance (NDX)Indexed FinanceEthereumGain exposure to a passively-managed, zero management fee crypto index portfolio with a single token. Indexed products offer a hassle-free, battle-tested way of getting into DeFi and niche market sectors such as oracles or the metaverse.twitterGo to Indexed Finance Indexed Finance
Longdrink Finance (LONG) Longdrink Finance Binance Longdrink Finance creates a variety of crypto index products on Binance Smart Chain. Every index can be imagined as a drink, mixing the best of BSC's ecosystem. Longdrink Finance is a Decentralized and Autonomous Asset Manager governed, maintained, and upgraded by $LONG token holders.twitterGo to Longdrink Finance Longdrink Finance
PieDAO (DOUGH)PieDAO EthereumThe Pie DAO is a decentralized organization dedicated to bringing market accessibility and economic empowerment by providing a governance layer to tokenized portfolio allocations available to anyone. DOUGH is the basic element to start your journey and be part of the PieDAO family. If you stake DOUGH for a minimum of 6 months, you get in exchange veDOUGH, PieDAO’s governance token.twitterGo to PieDAO PieDAO
Polly Finance (POLLY)Polly Finance PolygonWith Polly Nests you can diversify your crypto portfolio & earn passive yield in just a few clicks! Nests utilize autonomous strategies that will minimize the effort needed to maximize your returns.twitterGo to Polly Finance Polly Finance
Power Pool (CVP)Power Pool Ethereum PowerPool is a DAO manager of non-custodial structured investments offering broadly-diversified, actively-managed, rewards-rich, gas-efficient, multi-chain family of thematic pooled investment tokens with hedging options easily blended by average investors.twitterGo to Power Pool Power Pool
Set Protocol Set Protocol EthereumA protocol for building portfolios as digital assets (ERC-20) that represent a fully collateralized digital asset (ERC-20) that represents a fully collateralized portfolio of other assets including Bitcoin (WBTC), Ethereum (WETH), and fiat-pegged coins (DAI).portfolio of other assets including Bitcoin (WBTC), Ethereum (WETH), and fiat-pegged coins (DAI).twitterGo to Set Protocol Set Protocol

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