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    0base VC0base VC validator service.0base is a validator who doesn't trust any blockchain; we validate it ourselves. Nodes run in container-based infrastructure which are the most stable system of today. We are running tests on incentivized testnets and nodes on multiple mainnets.
    01 NodeHigh Quality Staking and Validation Services. Safe. Secure. Easy.01 NodeerulinkedintwitterEarn interest on your cryptoassets by delegating them, enjoy their compounding effect the easy way!
    4Block.TeamStake digital assets and earn rewards by securing supported blockchain.4Block.TeamusdtwitterWe offer secure non-custodial staking service!
    Active NodesActive Nodes, a Cosmos network validator. Active-NodesEuropetwitterActive Nodes has been providing secure blockchain infrastructure across leading Proof-of-Stake protocols in the Cosmos ecosystem. The company has secured more than $70m USD worth in assets under its secure validation infrastructure.
    AlfastakeAlfastake validator service for Polkadot. AlfastakeEuropetwitterI am an indipendent validator who love to securely join best networks and cross-chain systems in crypto space. That's because I believe in a strong decentralization which can be achieved only via a true interoperability, and these are the projects I will focus on.
    AllNodesMasternodes, Full Nodes, Staking ServicesAllNodesusdlinkedintwitterAllnodes is a non-custodial platform for all of your Hosting and Staking needs. You can host Masternodes and Full Nodes as well as Stake coins in a few clicks, monitor the rewards and status of your digital asset and so much more!
    Alluvial FinanceAlluvial Alluvial Team Forms to Build an Enterprise-grade Liquid Staking Standard Many liquid staking protocols currently available do not meet the needs of institutions.alluvialgloballinkedintwitterWe are building a new protocol to address the need for KYC/AML checks for institutions, web3 native enterprises, and other regulated entities to maintain compliance.
    Anon StakeA non-custodial validator infrastructure for anyone.Anon StakeerutwitterWe offer 99.9% uptime non-custodial staking service!Stake digital assets and earn rewards by securing supported blockchain.
    Ankr Liquid StakingAnkr Liquid Staking as a Solution.Ankr Liquid StakingusdtwitterAnkr's Eth2 staking solution provides the best user experience and highest level of safety, combined with an attractive reward mechanism and instant staking liquidity through a bond-like synthetic token called aETHc.
    Atomic WalletCryptocurrency Wallet.Atomic WalletusdtwitterManage your Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, XLM, and over 300 other coins and tokens.
    AttestantAttestant Staking and Validator service. AttestantEuropelinkedintwitterAttestant Staking and Validator service.
    Audit OneValidators of Today,AUDITors of TomorrowAudit OneusdtwitterUnrivalled Enterprise Grade Infrastructure for Delegated Proof-of-Stake Networks
    AvaultoAvaulto Staking service.avaultousdtwitterAvaulto Is A Proof Of Stake Blockchain Company That Aims To Deliver High-End Quality Nodes Of Multiple Blockchains That Support Staking Mechanisms.
    Benqi Staking (Liquid Staking)Avalanche Liquid Staking. Benqi Staking.benqiasiatwitterAvalanche Liquid Staking. Benqi Staking.
    B-HarvestLiquidity Module on Cosmos HubB-HarvestasialinkedintwitterBringing continuous innovations to DeFi technology
    Bi23Crypto-assets Service PlatformBi23usdtwitterA trusted Proof-Of-Stake infrastructure provider and validator to comfortably stake your coins and earn rewards.
    BinanceBinance Staking, dedicated to increasing user staking incomeBinanceasialinkedintwitter
    BisontrailsEnterprise infrastructure to power the crypto ecosystemBisontrailsusdlinkedintwitterWe provide a suite of easy-to-use infrastructure products and services on multiple blockchains. Our mission is to advance the crypto ecosystem with secure and reliable infrastructure.
    Bitcoin SuisseStake Your Crypto Assets and Earn RewardsBitcoin SuisseerulinkedintwitterBitcoin Suisse provides an all-in-one staking solution. Let us do the work, while you earn the rewards.
    BlockdaemonEarn Rewards while Mitigating RiskBlockdaemonusdlinkedintwitterBlockdaemon is the most battle-tested node provider. Staking on our public validators to get competitive yields on your staking investments while avoiding risk.
    BlockscapeTake Control of Your Delegations.BlockscapeerutwitterBlockscape is a MWAY service. Judge the work we've put in and the results we’ve achieved for other clients for yourself, and meet our highly experienced team who just loves cryptoeconomics.
    Blocks UnitedBlocks United. Make your crypto work for you and stake your tokens with us. Your tokens act like fuel for our validator nodes, so we split the block rewards with you!Blocks-UnitedUSDtwitterWe validate on four of the top networks in the industry. Each validator runs on production-grade bare metal servers inside a well-secured data center. Each project offers passive income and the magic of compounding. Make your crypto work for you!
    Bloc LogicEarn Solana Rewards with our non‑custodial staking services.blocklogicusdlinkedintwitterBlock Logic is your secure, reliable staking partner for consistent Solana staking rewards.Start a conversation and learn how we can help!
    BloxStakingPowering Decentralized ETH StakingBloxStakingerulinkedintwitterA gateaway to non-custodial, open-source ETH staking. Maximize your gains while ensuring Ethereum stays fair and decentralized.
    BridgeTower CapitalBRIDGETOWER HAS BUILT A WORLDCLASS STAKING AND NODE INFRASTRUCTURE.bridgetowercapitalusdlinkedintwitterBridgeTower is operating in the world’s most promising Layer 1 network protocols forming the backbone for Web 3.0. BridgeTower, and its partners, are offering custom staking for a seamless entry point to a diversified set of high-quality validator nodes.
    Cake DeFiBake masternodes and earn staking rewards in real time.cakedefiasiaJoin fully transparent masternode pools to earn staking yields of up to 43.2% in real-time, without the complexity of running nodes yourself.
    Certus.oneJump Crypto is building toward the next frontier in crypto infrastructure.Certus.oneerulinkedintwitterPublic blockchains have unlocked new and incredible modes of resource coordination by enabling trust between mutually distrusting parties. They've enabled communities to truly become stakeholders.
    ChainflowChainflow Validator and Staking Network Advisory ServicesChainflowusdtwitterThrough Chainflow, I operate validators on staking networks. Did you know I also offer advisory services to staking networks?
    ChainlayerWe invest in the future of FintechChainlayererulinkedintwitterWe firmly believe that blockchain is the financial technology of the future. As early investors of emerging fintech, we currently support various projects that globally deliver sustainable, disruptive, and future-proof technology.
    Chainode TechEvolution through innovation and visonary technologyChainode TecherutwitterChainnode Tech is your reliable partner for DLT validation services.
    Chorus OneEarn Rewards On CryptoassetsChorus OneerulinkedintwitterChorus One helps you securely increase your crypto holdings by participating in decentralized networks.
    CitadelGET MORE FROM YOUR STAKINGCitadelasialinkedintwitterStake, send, and exchange your crypto assets with a user-friendly non-custodial platform. Join the world of DeFi with staking derivatives and DAO.
    ClaystackStaking ReDeFined
    Get tradable liquid staking derivatives and instantly withdraw your staked assets.
    ZK ValidatorasialinkedintwitterStaking ReDeFined
    Get tradable liquid staking derivatives and instantly withdraw your staked assets.
    CoinbaseGanz einfach Coins stakenCoinbaseusdlinkedintwitterJetzt Tezos (XTZ), Cosmos (ATOM) und andere Tokens auf Coinbase staken. Einfach, sicher und schnell Rewards sichern.
    Congent CryptoStaking Service for Solana. Earn rewards by staking SOL.cogentcryptoeruIndependent Validator on Solana.
    Cros NestCros Nest, a Cosmos network validator. Cros-NestEuropetwitterCros-nest is a staking-as-a-Service solution for proof-of-stake networks offering enterprise grade infrastructure for delegated proof-of-stake networks.
    CryptiumSecurity-Oriented Staking from the Swiss AlpsCryptiumerulinkedintwitterSecurity-Oriented Staking from the Swiss Alps
    Cypher CoreCypher Core Staking ServiceCypher CoreusdlinkedintwitterIn a distributed Proof-of-Stake system where network partitions are inevitable, we prioritize consistency over availability due to the harsher penalty for inconsistency than unavailability.
    DelchainStaking: Liquidity & RewardsDelchainasialinkedintwitterBLOCKCHAIN INFRASTRUCTURE AT YOUR SERVICE
    Delega NetworksDelegate to DelegaNetworksDelega NetworkserutwitterWe are trusted Validator on PoS Networks
    DFXDFX StakingerulinkedintwitterStaking for B2C and B2B clients. DFX Staking.
    Dokia CapitalTrusted & Secure ValidatorDokia CapitalerulinkedintwitterWe operate an enterprise-grade infrastructure that is robust and secure. Downtime is not an option for us. Stake now and manage your rewards with our dashboard!
    Dragon StakeWe are trusted Validator on PoS NetworksDragon StakeerutwitterWe are trusted Validator on PoS Networks
    EcostakeEcostake, a Comos network focused validator. EcostakeglobaltwitterWe take your delegation just as seriously as we take the health of our planet. ECO Stake offers security and stability with redundant nodes distributed around the world. We are both builders and users of every project we validate for.
    EverstakeStaking Service PlatformEverstakeerulinkedintwitterOur staking model is similar to interest savings account in a traditional bank: earn passive income with your digital assets
    EZStaking Easy, secure and non-custodial staking service.EZStakingerutwitterStake your crypto assets easily with EZ Staking!
    Ferrum NetworkFerrum Network is a deflationary cross-chain Blockchain as a Service DeFi company.Ferrum NetworkerulinkedintwitterEverstake helps institutional investors and regular token holders to profit off their crypto assets.
    Figment Building Web 3FigmentcanalinkedintwitterFigment has built an advanced blockchain platform by applying 30+ years of real world experience operating critical internet infrastructure. Figment supports over 40 protocols which form the backbone of Web 3 and decentralized finance. Our success is measured by generating stable returns on digital assets and by fueling innovation and growth across the Proof of Stake ecosystem
    FinoaFinoa straking for institutions.finoaerulinkedintwitterIn-custodycrypto staking for institutions. Make your assets work harder for you with our industry-leading crypto staking services. Safely generate rewards for a unique set of proof-of-stake protocols.
    ForboleWe provide enterprise grade staking services for over 20 blockchain networksForboleasialinkedintwitterWe provide enterprise grade staking services for over 20 blockchain networks
    Foundry StakingYour trusted partner for digital asset stakingfoundrystakingusdlinkedintwitterFoundry provides digital asset staking to institutions for 20+ protocols and counting. Our best-in-class staking infrastructure and supporting protocols further our mission of empowering decentralization as we work to make Proof-of-Stake networks more accessible.
    Frens ArmyValidating with Frens. We are providing validating services in the emerging cosmos ecosystem.frenserutwitterWe built an auto-compound tool that will increase your Staking rewards. The tool increases your staking rewards.
    Genesis LabStaking as a Service Provider in Proof-of-Stake networksGenesis LaberutwitterGenesis Lab is a blockchain-focused software development company and trusted Proof-of-Stake validator to comfortably stake your coins and earn rewards with Cosmos, Polkadot, IRIS, Kusama, Kava, Terra and other networks.
    GoGoPoolLaunch a validator node or stake AVAX instantly.ZK ValidatorglobaltwitterThe easiest way to stake AVAX. Launch a validator node or stake AVAX instantly.
    Golden StakingGoldenstaking, a institutional grade Comos network validator. Golden-StakingtwitterGolden Ratio Staking uses state-of-the-art monitoring and notification systems, over-provisioned dedicated servers, redundant power supplies, redundant internet fiber lines, and has DDoS protection. All of these redundancies lead to a 99.9% uptime and allow us to offer soft-slash protection for each chain we validate.
    Gunray ValidatorsGunray valdiator service.gunrayglobalGunray validators. Gunray Validators are spreading throughout the cryptosphere, making strong contributions to the holy grail of decentralization. Non-backed, bootstrapped with high enthusiasm.
    HashquarkProfessional Staking+ Ecosystem Service ProviderHashquarkasialinkedintwitterHashQuark provides the most secure, stable and convenient enterprise-level staking services. We have completed the global server deployment and all mainstream Proof of Stake blockchains are supported. HashQuark will be your best choice to participate in the Staking ecosystem.
    Helios StakingSecuring The Blockchain of The FutureHelios StakingerulinkedintwitterOfficial staking partner and validator for the Elrond Network. Helping power the internet scale blockchain one node at a time.
    HuglesterHuglester staking service.huglesterglobalHuglester validator offers risk-free services, helping people compound their crypto-investments by participating in staking. We provide highly available, safe and non-custodial staking services. We pride ourselves in offering crypto-services that have stood the test of time.
    Hyper BlocksMake your Crypto work for you. Stake with Hyperblocks DeFi pioneer.Hyper BlocksasiatwitterMake your Crypto work for you. Stake with Hyperblocks - DeFi pioneer
    Infstones Decentralized blockchain infrastructure on one integrated platform.InfstonesusdtwitterDecentralized blockchain infrastructure on one integrated platform.
    iqlusionWe provide infrastructure for next-generation cryptocurrency technologies.iqlusionusdlinkedintwitterWe provide infrastructure for next-generation cryptocurrency technologies which are designed and built to scale to real-world demands.
    Just MiningJust Mining Staking ServicesJust MiningerulinkedintwitterStaking is a validation mechanism that consists of tying up a quantity of cryptocurrencies in order to obtain interest. This system, in its operation is similar to that of a savings account while offering more interesting prospects of return.
    KilnEnterprise-grade staking made easyBloxStakingerulinkedintwitterOur mission is to accelerate the Web3 industry. We believe the world’s financial system is being rebuilt on blockchains.
    KleomedesKleomedes Staking Service.kleomederutwitterAs proponents of decentralization, we value the security of the networks we validate. We created our DAO to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to succeed. This includes our delegators and our peers in the active set. Our governance model ensures that we can reward our delegators while also supporting other high quality validators in the ecosystem.
    Kraken Digital Asset ExchangeKraken Staking. Earn rewards by staking coins and fiat with Kraken.krakenusdlinkedinStaking is a great way to maximize your holdings in staking coins and fiat that would otherwise be sitting in your Kraken account. Once you have staked your assets you can earn staking rewards on top of your holdings and grow them further by compounding those future rewards.
    Kysen PoolJoin our staking pool and start earning on your deposited crypto tokens.Kysen PoolasiatwitterJoin our staking pool and start earning on your deposited crypto tokens.
    Lido (Liquid Staking)Stake Ether. Stake ETH and receive stETH while staking.LidoglobaltwitterLido is a liquid staking solution for ETH 2.0 backed by industry-leading staking providers. Lido lets users stake their ETH - without locking assets or maintaining infrastructure - whilst participating in on-chain activities, e.g. lending. Our goal is to solve the problems associated with initial ETH 2.0 staking - illiquidity, immovability and accessibility - making staked ETH liquid and allowing for participation with any amount of ETH to improve security of the Ethereum network.
    Liquidstake (Liquid Staking)Stake directly with LiquidStake to stay liquid while you stake by borrowing USDC against staked ETH.LiquidstakeusdtwitterEthereum 2.0 is here. When you stake, your ETH will be locked until the Eth2 rollout is complete. Stake directly with LiquidStake to stay liquid while you stake by borrowing USDC against staked ETH.
    LunanovaMaking cryptoassets work.LunanovatwitterWe are an independent and experienced UK operation running sophisticated blockchain infrastructure to make cryptoassets work.
    Lugano NodesLeading institutional-grade blockchain infrastructure providersluganodeserulinkedintwitterOur mission is to provide leading blockchain infrastructure for Proof of Stake (PoS) networks and to build a thriving web3 ecosystem. Proof-of-Stake consensus based blockchains have validators instead of miners. Validators are servers (nodes) running blockchain software responsible for proposing, verifying transactions, and adding new blocks to the blockchain. It is technically challenging to run, manage and maintain validator nodes. That's where we come in to provide hassle-free staking services.
    Masternode24Masternode 24 Staking. Validator and staking provider from Germany. We place the highest demands on ourselves, for the highest level of security and transparency for our customers.Masternode24EuropetwitterSie profitieren von unserer Erfahrung. Für Überprüfung und Bewertung der Blockchain Projekte nehmen wir uns viel Zeit, beteiligen uns bereits in deren Test- und Entstehungsphase, investieren unser eigenes Kapital und arbeiten eng mit dem Gründerteam zusammen.
    MathWalletYour Gateway to the World of Blockchain.MathWalletasiatwitterYour Gateway to the World of Blockchain
    Melea TrustMelea Staking ServiceMelea TrusterutwitterSecurity is important and we also care about implementing Yubi key or SignOS in all our Validators in the short term.
    Metapool (Liquid Staking)Stake it until you make it. metapoolglobaltwitterLiquid Staking on Near. Stake NEAR. Receive stNEAR to simultaneously accrue staking rewards and unlock liquidity to participate in DeFi activities on NEAR and Aurora
    Midas InvestmentsMidas Investments Staking.midasgloballinkedintwitterEarn the highest yields on BTC, ETH, USDT and DeFi assets.
    MoonletA Portal To The Decentralised WorldMoonleterulinkedintwitterWe have built a non-custodial digital asset wallet that enables crypto enthusiasts to securely manage their assets, stake their tokens, and manage their return on our platform.
    MoonlimeValidator on Celo, Graph, Centrifuge, Kusama, Polkadot, HydraDX, Regen, Oasis, Mina, Moonriver.MoonlimeerulinkedintwitterValidator on Celo, Graph, Centrifuge, Kusama, Polkadot, HydraDX, Regen, Oasis, Mina, Moonriver.
    My ContainerLive a Rewarding LifeMy ContainererutwitterCrypto has changed the game. MyCointanier is a piggy bank that will make your money work for you.
    MoonstakeGet Staking Rewards Safely.MoonstakeasiatwitterMoonstake was established to develop a staking pool protocol to satisfy increasing demands of investors and businesses in regional and global blockchain markets. We aim to be the largest staking pool network in Asia by providing an active environment for crypto asset holders.
    Mythos ServicesStake Atoms on the Cosmos NetworkMythos ServicesusdtwitterThe Cosmos Network is Live! Stake ATOMs with Mythos to starting earning today.
    Newroad NetworkDelegation And Staking ServiceNewroad NetworkerutwitterNewroad provides multiple, highly secure delegation services on different networks.
    NodeasyJoin our staking ecosystemNodeasyasiatwitterWe run verification nodes on these projects, through which token holders can get network rewards and jointly maintain network security
    Nordstar One Nordstar One staking platform. nordstareruNordstar is a high-performing validator on the Solana blockchain. We do our utmost to maintain the highest level of operational reliability and security. As active members in the community we focus on strengthening the network as a whole by supporting others.
    NUFI NUFI staking service provider.nufierutwitterWealth management platform for digital assets. Store, manage and stake crypto to earn passive income in one safe place.
    ObolObol Building Distributed Validators for Ethereum.obol techusdlinkedintwitterThe Obol Network is an ecosystem for trust minimized staking that enables people to create, test, run & co-ordinate distributed validators.
    P2P ValidatorSecure, Non-Custodial StakingP2P ValidatorusdlinkedintwitterP2P Validator helps investors compound their cryptocurrency investments through secure staking. We offer high-uptime, secure staking with advanced monitoring & support.
    ProvalidatorProvalidator Staking. Supporting Blockchain infrastructure. Provalidator. ProvalidatorUSDlinkedintwitterSupporting Blockchain Infrastructure. Professional Proof-of-Stake Validator and Decentralized Infrastructure Provider.
    PStake (Liquid Staking)Unlocking Liquidity forStaked Assets.PStakeasiatwitterUnlocking Liquidity for Staked Assets. Securely stake your assets to earn staking rewards and receive 1:1 pegged staked representative tokens which can be used in DeFi to generate additional yield.
    PurestakeProof of Stake is Driving the Next Generation of Blockchain Networks.PurestakeusdlinkedintwitterWe focus on a small number of networks, which lets us build deep expertise in the technology and actively participate in each community.
    P-OPS TeamP-OPS Team staking service.popserutwitterP-OPS TEAM is a decentralized organization providing you with validation and staking services, blockchain consultation, growth acceleration and investment capital for innovative Web 3.0 projects.
    QuicksilverThe Cosmos Liquid Staking ZoneZK ValidatorglobaltwitterAs a sovereign Cosmos-SDK zone, Quicksilver is not subject to the constraints associated with the existing approaches to Liquid Staking. Through interchain accounts and the Liquid Staking Module, Quicksilver rapidly and seamlessly onboards any Cosmos-SDK based zone in a permissionless manner.
    RhinostakeRhinostake Validator services.rhinostakeglobaltwitterAn active, independent and secure blockchain validator. Earn rewards and help secure networks by staking your tokens with RHINO.
    Rocketpool (Liquid Staking)Decentralized Ethereum Staking Protocol.RocketpoolasiatwitterDecentralised Ethereum 2.0 Staking Protocol
    RockxGateway to Web 3.0RockxasialinkedintwitterRockX is a blockchain fintech company that helps our customers embrace web 3.0 effortlessly through the development of innovative products and infrastructure. We strive to enable institutions and disruptors in the financial and internet sectors to gain seamless access to blockchain data, crypto yield products and best-in-class key management solutions in a sustainable way.
    RyabinaWe are validators on awesome networksRyabina asiatwitterWelcome to Ryabina Validator! Ryabina is a multinational team providing validating services. We started from Kusama network in 2019 and now our project portfolio includes Kusama, Polkadot, Edgeware, StaFi, Centrifuge, Darwinia, Celo, Kava, Band, Acala, Plasm, Dock, Robonomics, Equilibrium and The Graph networks. Ryabina’s datacenters are placed in Europe and USA.
    Secure SecretsSecure Secrets. Stake. Create. Develop. Join us to earn rewards on your staked SCRT and help secure the Secret Network.Secure-SecretsUSDtwitterWe are a group dedicated to building blockchain services by actively adopting the use of privacy focused public networks like Secret Network.
    SGStakeSGStake service.sgtstakeusdtwitterA member of the blockchain network that can access the blockchain and has a specific application (e.g., adding a block), which depends on the type of the node. Full nodes store a copy of the blockchain and act as a server in a decentralized network.
    SharedStake (Liquid Staking)Simple Ethereum 2.0 StakingSharedStakeerutwitterSimple Ethereum 2.0 Staking. SharedStake is a decentralized Ethereum 2 staking solution that allows users to stake any amount of Ether and earn additional yield on top of their ETH2 rewards.
    Sikka TechInfrastructure for the Decentralized FutureSikka TechusdtwitterWe run high availability secure cryptographic signing nodes to validate some of the largest Proof of Stake blockchains. We translate our intimate technical knowledge of PoS systems into high quality operational validators.
    Simply StakingSupporting the Development of the Decentralised World of TomorrowSimply StakingerutwitterSupporting the Development of the Decentralised World of Tomorrow
    Smart NodeSecure, Easy and Reliable StakingSmart NodeerulinkedintwitterSmartNode is a staking service provider that aims to give anyone the opportunity to grow their crypto assets.
    Smart StakeTransparent, professional and feature-rich provider of staking services.Smart StakeusdtwitterTransparent, professional and feature-rich provider of staking services. We provide staking services with real-time performance monitoring for our validator pool.
    Snow SandStaking Service for Solana. Earn rewards by staking SOL.snowsandusdDelegate your SOL and help secure the SOLANA network while earning rewards in the process.
    SNZHoldingOur mission is to empower valuable blockchain projects through the SNZ hub.SNZHoldingasiatwitterOur mission is to empower valuable blockchain projects through the SNZ hub, a network with global top tier venture capitals, state-of-the art blockchain technologies, and various communities.
    SparkpoolSparkPool, The Keeper of Blockchain NetworksSparkpoolasiatwitterStaking Economy is a new form of business emerged with the implementation of PoS public chains. It creates a new way for token holders to engage in the operation of blockchains.
    Stable Node Taking your Business to Higher Grounds.Stable NodeusdtwitterStableNode is a Node Validator and Venture Capital Fund for early-stage Blockchain companies, providing a broad range of hands-on advisory focused on the DeFi and NFT space.
    Spectrum StakingSpectrum Staking service.spectrumstakingglobaltwitterRELIABLE AND SECURE BLOCKCHAIN VALIDATION SERVICES.
    SSV NetworkSSV Network Distributed Validator Infrastructure for Developers.ssv is designed for building high-performance, secure, and decentralized ETH staking applications.
    Stader LabsEarn more from staking.Stable NodeasiatwitterStader offers the most convenient & safest way to maximize your returns on staking.
    Stafi (Liquid Staking)Staking Derivatives of staked assetStafiasiatwitterStaFi (short for Staking Finance) is the First DeFi Protocol Unlocking Liquidity of Staked Assets
    Stake CapitalYour Home of Decentralised FinanceStake CapitalerulinkedintwitterStake Capital is your partner to effortlessly and trustlessly participate in emerging digital economies. We provide financial instruments and services on top of the leading DeFi and staking networks.
    Stake FishWe invest a lot of time and effort in setting up robust validator nodes and apply security measures around our nodesStake FishasialinkedintwitterWe invest a lot of time and effort in setting up robust validator nodes and apply security measures around our nodes.
    Stakefi (Liquid Staking)Ankr StakeFiInternet bond launchpad.Stakefi usdtwitterAnkr's Eth2 staking solution provides the best user experience and highest level of safety, combined with an attractive reward mechanism and instant staking liquidity through a bond-like synthetic token called aETHc.
    StakehoundBringing DeFi and Staking TogetherStakehounderulinkedintwitterBringing DeFi and Staking Together
    Stake NowProfessional Staking Services for Private and Institutional ClientsStake NowerutwitterProfessional Staking Services for Private and Institutional Clients
    StakeNodeUnder constructionStakeNodeerulinkedintwitterUnder construction
    Stake with usSecured yield solutions for crypto asset investorsStake with usasialinkedintwitterInstitutional and retail clients around the world service with us for various yield needs on cryptocurrency assets.
    StakedThe Staking Partner of Choice for Institutional CryptoStakedusdlinkedintwitterThe leading investors in crypto trust Staked to deliver the optimal staking rewards reliably and securely across the broadest range of assets.
    Staker DAOThe Cross-Chain Asset FactoryStaker DAOerulinkedintwitterEnabling the vibrant future of decentralized finance. By the community. For the community.
    Staker SpaceStaker Space Validator ServicesStaker SpaceusdtwitterValidator Services
    Stake2Earnstake2earn makes your life easier!Stake2Earnerutwitterstake2earn is a professional blockchain validator in POS networks, offering you complete transparency, stability and security staking crypto services.
    Stake SystemsInfrastructure to Support Awesome Projects Running in the Blockchain Landscape.Stake SystemsusdtwitterInfrastructure for awesome projects running in the blockchain landscape
    Stakewise (Liquid Staking)Our resilient infrastructure and yield strategies give you the best ETH staking experience in the game.StakewiseerutwitterBy depositing ETH into StakeWise, you will participate in Ethereum 2.0's Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism (staking) and receive ETH rewards in return.
    Stakes and StoneEarn Rewards By Delegating To StakesStone.Stakes and StoneerutwitterStakesStone is your trusted, secure and reliable proof-of-stake validator service. We support the Web 3.0 economy and innovative blockchain projects by securing these networks with our validating services. Our first priority are always our stakeholders who show their trust by delegating to StakesStone. Support us by delegating to our validators.
    StakezillaStake safely with Stakezilla.Stakezilla asiaStake your assets with our industry standards secure nodes.
    StakinStakin Your trusted Crypto RewardsStakinerulinkedintwitterStakin is an infrastructure operator for Proof-of-Stake (PoS) public blockchains, offering non-custodial delegation services. The company enables PoS cryptocurrency holders to earn interests on their holdings, and take part in decentralized governance while remaining in possession of their own cryptocurrencies.

    Stakin serves institutional crypto players, foundations, custodians, exchanges as well as a large community of retail token holders. Driven by demand from institutional customers and the community, Stakin provides services for multiple blockchains including leading ecosystems such as Cosmos, Solana, Polygon, Polkadot, and more.
    Stake Nodes GuruStake Nodes Guru staking service. Enterprise security non-custodial staking.nodeserulinkedintwitterStake your assets with the most reliable node runners. Nodes.Guru Staking offers high-uptime, secure staking, monitoring with our own software, support & expertise.
    Staking FacilitiesEarn Rewards on Digital Assets - ENTERPRISE-GRADE WEB 3.0 INFRASTRUCTURE & SERVICESStaking Facilities erulinkedintwitterSecure blockchain ecosystems by staking tokens and participate in the next evolution of the internet!
    Staking FundStaking Fund operates block producing validation nodes on Proof-of-Stake protocols.Staking FundusdtwitterWe've been actively engaging in the validating role for numerous novel Proof-of-Stake protocols since early 2018 and proving our commitment to secure decentralized blockchain networks with high availability and zero slashing.
    Staking TeamIn StakingTeam we want to improve the coins we dedicate to, not only stake them. Staking Services by StakingTeam.Staking TeamerulinkedintwitterPOS is growing. About 25% of the whole market (by 2020) uses Proof of Stake in order to validate new blocks
    Stateless MoneyStateless.Money is an independent staking service provider.Stateless MoneyerulinkedintwitterStateless.Money is an independent staking service provider. We operate validation software for protocols we are actively invested in and involved with.
    Staking RewardsEarn Passive Income With CryptoStaking RewardserulinkedintwitterStaking Rewards is the leading data provider for staking and crypto-growth tools.
    Staking Land / DatarellaEARN PASSIVE INCOME BY STAKING TOKENSStaking Land / DatarellaerutwitterAt STAKING LAND you can earn passive income by securing the blockchain ecosystem. Stake FET tokens and participate in the next evolution of the internet!
    StakyEarn Rewards with Crypto Staking.StakyerutwitterStaky is a platform that offers you a staking service on Proof-of-Stake coins. Through this system of delegation, you keep the full custody of your crypto-currencies.
    Stake DAOEffortless ways to grow your crypto.stakedaoglobaltwitterStake DAO is a non-custodial platform where you can do more with your money. Easily grow, track, and control your assets right from your wallet.
    Stake-TakeStake-Take staking service.stake takeglobaltwitterWe are a community of experienced validators focused on high-quality and long-term cooperation with blockchains, other validators and delegators. We have accumulated rich experience of participation in testnets and we have been selected as participants in the genesis of the transaction of several large blockchain projects - in the mainnets.
    Stardus StakingStardus Staking service provider.starduststakingeruSecure, low fee, and trusted non-custodial provider on POS protocols.
    SteakingSteaking service. Simple staking easy rewards.steakingglobaltwitterStaking is the easiest way to earn passive income by letting your cryptocurrency work for you.
    STC CapitalWe are the leading venture capital firm and staking service provider for blockchain capitalasialinkedintwitterSTC Capital Staking. Stake your tokens, earn rewards and participate in governance.
    StrideMultichain Liquid StakingZK ValidatorglobaltwitterMultichain Liquid Staking. Liquidity for your staked assets. Earn both staking and DeFi yields across IBC. Sell your staked tokens for instant liquidity.
    Swiss StakingWelcome to Swiss StakingSwiss StakingerutwitterGet Rewarded by Staking your Crypto Assets
    SyncnodeA complete tool for asset management and staking services built for Tendermint based chains.syncnodeglobalSyncnode wallet provides safe and easy to use digital asset management wallet, an A to Z staking solution and a fully governance built in module.
    Tenderize (Liquid Staking)Tenderize Liquid Staking. Liquid staking derivatives pegged 1:1 to your staked assets. Your TenderToken balance will increase as Tenderize earns staking rewards so you earn yield simply by holding them.tenderizeglobaltwitterEasy Staking. Tenderize creates a carefree staking experience. Simply deposit your tokens to earn rewards and watch your balance increase, delegations are managed by the Tenderize protocol.
    T-SystemsPublic Blockchain infrastructure / Staking ServicesT-SystemserulinkedintwitterPublic Blockchain infrastructure / Staking Services
    Trusted Node (Liquid Staking) Trusted Node is a primarily non-custodial staking platform where users can become node validators by staking their assets, without the need to run validator nodes.Trusted NodeglobaltwitterEarn the rewards you deserve on the coins you love. Staking portal offering up to 160% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on Proof of Stake coins
    Ubik CapitalProof of Stake as service for blockchain networks.Ubik Capital asiatwitterProof of Stake as service for blockchain networks
    Validator NetworkWe provide a secure and highly available validator infrastructure for numerous networks.Validator NetworkerutwitterWe have closely followed as well as participated in the development of the Cosmos technology stack since early 2016. This has given us the opportunity to gain extensive operational experience and a deep understanding of the underlying technology.
    ValidatriumTrusted and Secure Validatrium. ValidatriumEuropelinkedintwitterValidatrium helps investors and regular token holders to profit off their crypto assets. We run highly secure and reliable nodes for PoS protocols using the enterprise-level hardware to ensure maximum efficiency and security.
    ValnodesSecure, Smart & Sustainable Staking.ValnodesusdtwitterStake your crypto and earn market leading rewards on leading proof-of-stake blockchain networks.
    WeStake ClubStaking Made easyWeStake CluberutwitterBlockchains don’t have to be difficult. Stake your funds, get rewarded and support the Blockchain ecosystem.
    Wetez StakingEarn rewards through Proof of Stake mining.Wetez StakingasiatwitterProvide Validation Service for Staking Economy. Also, a Mobile Wallet Designed for PoS
    Whisper NodeWhispernode Validator Service.Whisper NodeusdlinkedintwitterWhisperNode operates robust, high up-time validators across multiple Cosmos-based blockchains. We are highly active participants in the communities we validate for as we believe this is a necessity for effective on-chain governance and staying up to date on all network issues.
    ZK ValidatorZero Knowledge ValidatorZK ValidatorerutwitterChampioning Privacy and Zero-Knowledge Technology across the Blockchain Ecosystem
    Highlighted Digital Custodian

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    Market-leading solution for your digital assets.

    Reliable white-label blockchain custody suite since 2018.

    • White-Label Custody
    • Warm – and Cold-Wallet Suite
    • Wallet-as-a-Service
    • Made in Germany
    • Supervised by BaFin
    • API & cloud-first strategy
    • Crypto and Tokenization Custodian
    • Insured Custody Suite
    • Custody of Top 30 Blockchains
    • Staking for Top 30 Tokens, also Solana and Polkadot

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