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Convex FinanceConvex-FinanceDeposit your Curve LP tokens to earn Curve trading fees, boosted CRV and CVX tokens.Boost is pooled from CRV stakers so you do not need to worry about locking yourself.twitter
yearn.financeyearn-financeAt Eth Amsterdam, the most mind expanding drug you can take is the blue pill.twitter
Rari Governance TokenRari-Governance-TokenRari Capital empowers individuals to break free by creating new opportunities, communities and financial products.twitter
Alpha Venture DAOAlpha-Venture-DAOJoin Alpha Venture DAO to build, contribute, and own Web3 innovation in ways you have never had before.twitter
Alpaca FinanceAlpacaFinanceAlpaca Finance is the largest lending protocol allowing leveraged yield farming on BNB Chain and Fantom. It helps lenders earn safe and stable yields, and offers borrowers undercollateralized loans for leveraged yield farming positions, vastly multiplying their farming principals and resulting profits.twitter
Badger DAOBadger-DAOtwitter
DFI.moneyDFI-moneyA DeFi-farming aggregator that automatically puts your crypto assets to work for high yield profits.twitter
Harvest FinanceHarvest-Financetwitter
Bella ProtocolBella-ProtocolCurrent DeFi products are blocking incoming users due to high gas fee, turtle speed, and poor user experience. Bella DeFi suite allows users to simply deposit and enjoy high yield from our smart mining products, yield farming strategy and staking program. You can say goodbye to bouncing between protocols to farm for the best yield, and just sit back to watch your asset grow.twitter
Spectrum TokenSpectru-Tokentwitter
CateCoinCateCoinWe launched Catecoin with the intention to add real value to the meme world.The Catecoin Meme Platform enables meme creators to create NFTs and earn with their memes in a decentralised way.twitter
Inverse FinanceInverse-FinanceHere at Inverse Finance, we're decentralized by design, moving past reckless, outdated systems towards a better solution: Positive Sum Defi. We help you maximize your earnings via revenue sharing, accumulate high yields with sustainable APYs, and benefit from low-cost stable coin borrowing. Join our community to grow and thrive.twitter
Stake DAOStake-DAOStake DAO is a non-custodial platform where you can do more with your money. Easily grow, track, and control your assets right from your wallet.twitter
88mph88mph88mph has a variety of features that make it the best place to start earning a fixed yield rate on your assets. Our leading non-custodial fully on-chain protection measures give you the peace of mind you deserve.twitter
vEmpire DDAOvEmpire-DDAOvEmpire DDAO is the world’s largest Decentralized Metaverse Investment Organization. The official vEmpire protocol incorporates different strategies to incentivize Metaverse token staking to fund the battle against centralisation.twitter
Vesper FinanceVesper-FinanceChoose your pool, deposit your crypto, and let Vesper put DeFi to work for you. twitter
Tulip ProtocolTulip-ProtocolTulip Auto Vaults auto-compounds LP farms, swapping the token emissions into more LP every 10 minutes to add to your balance.This provides a higher return due to the high compounding frequency.twitter
Gamma Strategies123Access active liquidity management on Uniswap v3. Gamma has developed a protocol, a management infrastructure, and a variety of strategies used by managers and market makers.twitter
APY.FinanceAutoAPY-FinanceA single deposit generates yield from Convex positions, the highest quality yield sources in the Curve ecosystem.twitter
mStable Governance Token: MetamStableSwap, save and protect your stablecoins on mStable, a decentralised, community driven platform powered by $MTAtwitter
EQIFiEQIFiEarn, borrow, and pay with crypto, easily and securely. EQIFi is the only decentralized finance platform backed by a leading digital bank.twitter
KalmarKalmarKalmy.APP is a DeFi hub.Farming, lending, swaps, NFTs -the goal is to have it all and more.twitter
APWineAPWineSpeculate on the evolution of the yield generated by different DeFi protocols. Hedge your risk on your passive revenue.twitter
Gro DAO TokenGro-DAO-TokenA team with decades of experience from leading finance and technology institutions.twitter
Pickle FinancePickle-FinancePickle Finance helps users to maximize their DeFi yields by auto-compounding their rewards, saving them time and gas.twitter
IDLEIDLEChoose your strategy and earn the yield you deserve without worry about finding the best option, either if you want to optimize returns or risks.twitter
MoverMoverMetacard has non-custodial and permissionless savings. Your money is automatically managed to maximize your returns across different metaverses. Leveraging the best new and secure protocols with the highest interest available to ensure that you get the best return on your money.twitter
xTokenxTokenxToken Terminal gives projects seamless access to fundamental DeFi primitives. Our flexible contract architecture and intuitive interface enables projects to be their own CFOs and investment bankers.twitter
Value DeFiValue-DeFitwitter
OctoFiOctoFiOctoFi gives you cash back when you transact with trusted DeFi and NFT marketplaces, across multiple blockchains, through our all-in-one dApp.twitter
Hunny FinanceHunny-Financetwitter
Oh! FinanceOh-FinanceOh! Finance is an optimized yield-generation protocol, focused on reducing risk and increasing volume exposure. Start earning industry-leading interest rates on stablecoins in just a few clicks.twitter
TENTENLEND will establish pools of algorithmically derived interest rate model, based on current supply and demand of each respective asset. Suppliers and Borrowers of assets interact directly with the protocol in earning and paying a floating interest rate.twitter
MM TokenMM-Tokentwitter
Flurry FinanceFlurry-FinanceBy holding FLURRY, you can vote on various parameters in determining the development of Flurry protocol such as fee percentages, whitelisting or blacklisting yield farming DeFi protocols, or even proposing new strategies in the yield farming process. It is like stocks, except it is in token form on the decentralized network.twitter
Pancake BunnyPancake-Bunnytwitter
Sishi FinanceSishi-FinanceSishi Finance is a suite of products in Decentralized Finance (DeFi), a Multi-Chains Yield Optimization Protocol, a passive index investment and an sPad that focuses on incubating DeFi projects.twitter
yAxisyAxisWith just a few clicks, you can gain access to the best returns in DeFi.We take the time, so you can enjoy the rewards.twitter
Eleven FinanceEleven-Financetwitter
BT.FinanceBT-FinanceBT.Finance is a multi-chain smart DeFi yield aggregator targets the best and sustainable yieldtwitter
VisorVisorTooling for active liquidity management on concentrated liquidity AMM's such as Uniswap v3. Visor developed a series of smart contracts and management infrastructure used by managers and market makers. Visor has merged with Gamma Strategies.twitter
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