Seed Funding for NFT and Metaverse Projects

Find the best match for your seed stage NFT and Metaverse project

There are several Crypto Venture Capital firms and Staking Providers out there which can support NFT and Metaverse projects in their seed stage with more than capital. Most of these supporters offer a network, legal advice, explorer & tooling, early liquidity, content, tutorials and much more. DezentralizedFinance has good relationships with a lot of Staking Providers and Crypto Venture Capital Services and we can connect your NFT and Metaverse project with their research experts. If you leverage the Web3 ecosystem with your new project please fill out the request form below. We are happy to learn more about your NFT and Metaverse project!

What support can you expect from a Staking Provider and their Venture arms?

  • Team support from prototype to testnet to mainnet
  • Validate your MVP
  • Strategic long-term partner
  • Skin in the game – infrastructure & capital
  • Highly performant, secure Staking infrastructure
  • Blockchain tooling & applications
  • Blockchain Explorer and Staking indexer
  • Testnet & Mainnet support
  • Governance proposals / votes
  • Content & Education partner
  • Valuable Community tools and events
  • Long-term liquidity provider

Which Investment theses are supported:

  • Multichain & Interoperability
  • Applications & Onboarding to Web3
  • Web3 infrastructure
  • Open & Decentralized Finance
  • New Layer 1 & 2
  • Privacy and Identity
  • Data & Oracles
  • NFT & Metaverse technology
Seed Funding for NFT Metaverse

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