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Staking Facilities Earn Rewards on Digital Assets - ENTERPRISE-GRADE WEB 3.0 INFRASTRUCTURE & SERVICESweb logo 3erulinkedintwitterSecure blockchain ecosystems by staking tokens and participate in the next evolution of the internet!
BlockdaemonEarn Rewards while Mitigating RiskblockusdlinkedintwitterBlockdaemon is the most battle-tested node provider. Staking on our public validators to get competitive yields on your staking investments while avoiding risk.
Chorus OneEarn Rewards On Cryptoassetsblog logo 1erulinkedintwitterChorus One helps you securely increase your crypto holdings by participating in decentralized networks.
FigmentBuilding Web 3figmentcanalinkedintwitterFigment has built an advanced blockchain platform by applying 30+ years of real world experience operating critical internet infrastructure. Figment supports over 40 protocols which form the backbone of Web 3 and decentralized finance. Our success is measured by generating stable returns on digital assets and by fueling innovation and growth across the Proof of Stake ecosystem
StakinStakin Your trusted Crypto RewardsstakinerulinkedintwitterStakin leverages on the infrastructure of leading cloud and Tier 3 colocation providers so you don’t have to operate a node by yourself. We also use sentry nodes, HSMs, and live monitoring tools to ensure that our validation operations run with 99%+ uptime.
01 NodeHigh Quality Staking and Validation Services. Safe. Secure. Easy.01 NodeerulinkedintwitterEarn interest on your cryptoassets by delegating them, enjoy their compounding effect the easy way!
AllNodesMasternodes, Full Nodes, Staking ServicesallnodesusdlinkedintwitterAllnodes is a non-custodial platform for all of your Hosting and Staking needs. You can host Masternodes and Full Nodes as well as Stake coins in a few clicks, monitor the rewards and status of your digital asset and so much more!
Anon StakeA non-custodial validator infrastructure for anyone.anonstakeerutwitterWe offer 99.9% uptime non-custodial staking service!Stake digital assets and earn rewards by securing supported blockchain.
Audit OneValidators of Today,AUDITors of TomorrowauditusdtwitterUnrivalled Enterprise Grade Infrastructure for Delegated Proof-of-Stake Networks
Bi23Crypto-assets Service Platformbi23usdtwitterA trusted Proof-Of-Stake infrastructure provider and validator to comfortably stake your coins and earn rewards.
BinanceBinance Staking, dedicated to increasing user staking incomebinanceasialinkedintwitter
Bisontrails Enterprise infrastructure to power the crypto ecosystembisontrailsusdlinkedintwitterWe provide a suite of easy-to-use infrastructure products and services on multiple blockchains. Our mission is to advance the crypto ecosystem with secure and reliable infrastructure.
Bitcoin SuisseIhr Schweizer Investmentpartner für KryptowährungenbitcoinerulinkedintwitterDas Staking ermöglicht Ihnen, mit Ihren Krypto-Vermögenswerten regelmässige Auszahlungen (“Staking Rewards”) zu erhalten
BlockdaemonEarn Rewards while Mitigating RiskblockusdlinkedintwitterBlockdaemon is the most battle-tested node provider. Staking on our public validators to get competitive yields on your staking investments while avoiding risk.
B-HarvestLiquidity Module on Cosmos HubbharvestasialinkedintwitterBringing continuous innovations to DeFi technology
Certus.oneJump Crypto is building toward the next frontier in crypto infrastructure.certuserulinkedintwitterPublic blockchains have unlocked new and incredible modes of resource coordination by enabling trust between mutually distrusting parties. They've enabled communities to truly become stakeholders.
ChainflowChainflow Validator and Staking Network Advisory ServiceschainflowusdtwitterThrough Chainflow, I operate validators on staking networks. Did you know I also offer advisory services to staking networks?
ChainlayerWe invest in the future of FintechchairerulinkedintwitterWe firmly believe that blockchain is the financial technology of the future. As early investors of emerging fintech, we currently support various projects that globally deliver sustainable, disruptive, and future-proof technology.
Chainode TechEvolution through innovation and visonary technologychainodeerutwitterChainnode Tech is your reliable partner for DLT validation services.
Chorus OneEarn Rewards On Cryptoassetsblog logo 1erulinkedintwitterChorus One helps you securely increase your crypto holdings by participating in decentralized networks.
CitadelGET MORE FROM YOUR STAKINGcitadel oneasialinkedintwitterStake, send, and exchange your crypto assets with a user-friendly non-custodial platform. Join the world of DeFi with staking derivatives and DAO.
CoinbaseGanz einfach Coins stakencoinbaseusdlinkedintwitterJetzt Tezos (XTZ), Cosmos (ATOM) und andere Tokens auf Coinbase staken. Einfach, sicher und schnell Rewards sichern.
CryptiumSecurity-Oriented Staking from the Swiss AlpscryerulinkedintwitterSecurity-Oriented Staking from the Swiss Alps
Cypher CoreCypher Core Staking ServicecyphercoreusdlinkedintwitterIn a distributed Proof-of-Stake system where network partitions are inevitable, we prioritize consistency over availability due to the harsher penalty for inconsistency than unavailability.
Dokia CapitalTrusted & Secure ValidatordokaierulinkedintwitterWe operate an enterprise-grade infrastructure that is robust and secure. Downtime is not an option for us. Stake now and manage your rewards with our dashboard!
Dragon StakeWe are trusted Validator on PoS NetworksdragonerutwitterWe are trusted Validator on PoS Networks
Delega NetworksDelegate to DelegaNetworksstaking rewardserutwitterWe are trusted Validator on PoS Networks
DSRVBLOCKCHAIN INFRASTRUCTURE AT YOUR SERVICEstaking rewardsasiatwitterDelegate to DelegaNetworks
DelchainStaking: Liquidity & Rewardsstaking rewardsasialinkedintwitterBLOCKCHAIN INFRASTRUCTURE AT YOUR SERVICE
EverstakeStaking Service PlatformeverstokerulinkedintwitterOur staking model is similar to interest savings account in a traditional bank: earn passive income with your digital assets
Ferrum NetworkFerrum Network is a deflationary cross-chain Blockchain as a Service DeFi company. ferrumerulinkedintwitterEverstake helps institutional investors and regular token holders to profit off their crypto assets.
FigmentBuilding Web 3figmentcanalinkedintwitterFigment has built an advanced blockchain platform by applying 30+ years of real world experience operating critical internet infrastructure. Figment supports over 40 protocols which form the backbone of Web 3 and decentralized finance. Our success is measured by generating stable returns on digital assets and by fueling innovation and growth across the Proof of Stake ecosystem
ForboleWe provide enterprise grade staking services for over 20 blockchain networksforboleasialinkedintwitterWe provide enterprise grade staking services for over 20 blockchain networks
Genesis LabStaking as a Service Provider in Proof-of-Stake networksstaking rewardserutwitterGenesis Lab is a blockchain-focused software development company and trusted Proof-of-Stake validator to comfortably stake your coins and earn rewards with Cosmos, Polkadot, IRIS, Kusama, Kava, Terra and other networks.
Hashquark Professional Staking+ Ecosystem Service ProviderhashasialinkedintwitterHashQuark provides the most secure, stable and convenient enterprise-level staking services. We have completed the global server deployment and all mainstream Proof of Stake blockchains are supported. HashQuark will be your best choice to participate in the Staking ecosystem.
Helios StakingSecuring The Blockchain of The Futurestaking rewardserulinkedintwitterOfficial staking partner and validator for the Elrond Network. Helping power the internet scale blockchain one node at a time.
iqlusionWe provide infrastructure for next-generation cryptocurrency technologies.iqlusionusdlinkedintwitterWe provide infrastructure for next-generation cryptocurrency technologies which are designed and built to scale to real-world demands.
InfstonesDecentralized blockchain infrastructure on one integrated platform.InfstonesusdtwitterDecentralized blockchain infrastructure on one integrated platform.
Just MiningJust Mining Staking ServicesjusterulinkedintwitterStaking is a validation mechanism that consists of tying up a quantity of cryptocurrencies in order to obtain interest. This system, in its operation is similar to that of a savings account while offering more interesting prospects of return.
LunanovaMaking cryptoassets work.lunatwitterWe are an independent and experienced UK operation running sophisticated blockchain infrastructure to make cryptoassets work.
Melea TrustMelea Staking ServicemeleaerutwitterSecurity is important and we also care about implementing Yubi key or SignOS in all our Validators in the short term.
MoonletA Portal To The Decentralised WorldmoonlighterulinkedintwitterWe have built a non-custodial digital asset wallet that enables crypto enthusiasts to securely manage their assets, stake their tokens, and manage their return on our platform.
MoonlimeValidator on Celo, Graph, Centrifuge, Kusama, Polkadot, HydraDX, Regen, Oasis, Mina, Moonriver.moonlierulinkedintwitterValidator on Celo, Graph, Centrifuge, Kusama, Polkadot, HydraDX, Regen, Oasis, Mina, Moonriver.
My ContainerLive a Rewarding LifemycriptoerutwitterCrypto has changed the game. MyCointanier is a piggy bank that will make your money work for you.
Mythos ServicesStake Atoms on the Cosmos Networkstaking rewardsusdtwitterThe Cosmos Network is Live! Stake ATOMs with Mythos to starting earning today.
Newroad NetworkDelegation And Staking ServiceNewroaderutwitterNewroad provides multiple, highly secure delegation services on different networks.
NodeasyJoin our staking ecosystemnodesayasiatwitterWe run verification nodes on these projects, through which token holders can get network rewards and jointly maintain network security
P2P ValidatorSecure, Non-Custodial Stakingp2pusdlinkedintwitterP2P Validator helps investors compound their cryptocurrency investments through secure staking. We offer high-uptime, secure staking with advanced monitoring & support.
PurestakeProof of Stake is Driving the Next Generation of Blockchain Networks.puresusdlinkedintwitterWe focus on a small number of networks, which lets us build deep expertise in the technology and actively participate in each community.
Ryabina We are validators on awesome networksryabinaasiatwitterWelcome to Ryabina Validator! Ryabina is a multinational team providing validating services. We started from Kusama network in 2019 and now our project portfolio includes Kusama, Polkadot, Edgeware, StaFi, Centrifuge, Darwinia, Celo, Kava, Band, Acala, Plasm, Dock, Robonomics, Equilibrium and The Graph networks. Ryabina’s datacenters are placed in Europe and USA.
Sikka TechInfrastructure for the Decentralized FuturesikkausdtwitterWe run high availability secure cryptographic signing nodes to validate some of the largest Proof of Stake blockchains. We translate our intimate technical knowledge of PoS systems into high quality operational validators.
Simply StakingSupporting the Development of the Decentralised World of TomorrowsimplyerutwitterSupporting the Development of the Decentralised World of Tomorrow
Smart NodeSecure, Easy and Reliable Stakingsmart nodeerulinkedintwitterSmartNode is a staking service provider that aims to give anyone the opportunity to grow their crypto assets.
SNZHoldingOur mission is to empower valuable blockchain projects through the SNZ hub.snzasiatwitterOur mission is to empower valuable blockchain projects through the SNZ hub, a network with global top tier venture capitals, state-of-the art blockchain technologies, and various communities.
SparkpoolSparkPool, The Keeper of Blockchain Networkssparkasiatwitter"Staking" Economy is a new form of business emerged with the implementation of PoS public chains. It creates a new way for token holders to engage in the operation of blockchains.
Stake CapitalYour Home of Decentralised FinancestakecapitalerulinkedintwitterStake Capital is your partner to effortlessly and trustlessly participate in emerging digital economies. We provide financial instruments and services on top of the leading DeFi and staking networks.
Stake FishWe invest a lot of time and effort in setting up robust validator nodes and apply security measures around our nodes.stake.fishasialinkedintwitterWe invest a lot of time and effort in setting up robust validator nodes and apply security measures around our nodes.
Stake NowProfessional Staking Services for Private and Institutional ClientsstaknoeerutwitterProfessional Staking Services for Private and Institutional Clients
Stake with usSecured yield solutions for crypto asset investorsstakewithusasialinkedintwitterInstitutional and retail clients around the world service with us for various yield needs on cryptocurrency assets.
StakedThe Staking Partner of Choice for Institutional Cryptoweb logousdlinkedintwitterThe leading investors in crypto trust Staked to deliver the optimal staking rewards reliably and securely across the broadest range of assets.
StakehoundBringing DeFi and Staking TogetherstakehounderulinkedintwitterBringing DeFi and Staking Together
StakeNodeUnder constructiondeverulinkedintwitterUnder construction
Staker DAOThe Cross-Chain Asset FactorystakerdaoerulinkedintwitterEnabling the vibrant future of decentralized finance. By the community. For the community.
Staker SpaceStaker Space Validator ServicesstakerusdtwitterValidator Services
StakinStakin Your trusted Crypto RewardsstakinerulinkedintwitterStakin leverages on the infrastructure of leading cloud and Tier 3 colocation providers so you don’t have to operate a node by yourself. We also use sentry nodes, HSMs, and live monitoring tools to ensure that our validation operations run with 99%+ uptime.
Staking Facilities Earn Rewards on Digital Assets - ENTERPRISE-GRADE WEB 3.0 INFRASTRUCTURE & SERVICESweb logo 3erulinkedintwitterSecure blockchain ecosystems by staking tokens and participate in the next evolution of the internet!
Staking FundStaking Fund operates block producing validation nodes on Proof-of-Stake protocols.stakingfundusdtwitterWe've been actively engaging in the validating role for numerous novel Proof-of-Stake protocols since early 2018 and proving our commitment to secure decentralized blockchain networks with high availability and zero slashing.
Staking TeamDon’t let your crypto sit down! Stake and compound them. Join the Team!stakingteamerulinkedintwitterPOS is growing. About 25% of the whole market (by 2020) uses Proof of Stake in order to validate new blocks
Stateless MoneyStateless.Money is an independent staking service provider.statelesserulinkedintwitterStateless.Money is an independent staking service provider. We operate validation software for protocols we are actively invested in and involved with.
Swiss StakingWelcome to Swiss StakingswisserutwitterGet Rewarded by Staking your Crypto Assets
Smart StakeTransparent, professional and feature-rich provider of staking services. smartstakeusdtwitterTransparent, professional and feature-rich provider of staking services. We provide staking services with real-time performance monitoring for our validator pool.
Staking RewardsEarn Passive Income With Cryptostaking rewardserulinkedintwitterStaking Rewards is the leading data provider for staking and crypto-growth tools.
Staking Land / DatarellaEARN PASSIVE INCOME BY STAKING TOKENSstaking rewardserutwitterAt STAKING LAND you can earn passive income by securing the blockchain ecosystem. Stake FET tokens and participate in the next evolution of the internet!
T-SystemsPublic Blockchain infrastructure / Staking Servicest systemerulinkedintwitterPublic Blockchain infrastructure / Staking Services
Validator NetworkWe provide a secure and highly available validator infrastructure for numerous networks. staking rewardserutwitterWe have closely followed as well as participated in the development of the Cosmos technology stack since early 2016. This has given us the opportunity to gain extensive operational experience and a deep understanding of the underlying technology.
WeStake ClubStaking Made easystaking rewardserutwitterBlockchains don’t have to be difficult. Stake your funds, get rewarded and support the Blockchain ecosystem.
ZK ValidatorZero Knowledge Validator
zeroerutwitterChampioning Privacy and Zero-Knowledge Technology across the Blockchain Ecosystem
NameWebsiteContinentCrypto Portfolio OverviewDescriptionLink
122 West122westusd122west122WEST is a venture capital firm focused on early-stage internet and software investments in the San Francisco Bay Area.linkedintwitter
1 Confirmation
1cusd1cOpen networks are empowering the masseslinkedintwitter
usdDecentralized Token Economies Will Transform The Worldlinkedintwitter
Andreessen Horowitza16zusda16zBacking bold entrepreneurs who are building crypto companies and protocolslinkedintwitter
APEX VentureseruAPEX Ventures is a deep-tech and medical focused venture capital firm, run by founders with complimentary backgrounds driven by the same mission:linkedintwitter
Arrington CapitalasiaArrington XRP Capital is a digital asset management firm in blockchain-based capital markets.twitter
AstratumastratumeruAstratum - in Crypto we trust.linkedintwitter
Ascensive Assets
ascensiveassetsasiaascensiveassetsFocusing on digital assets.linkedintwitter
Alameda Research
alamedausdalamedaAlameda Research was founded in October 2017. We manage over $1 billion in digital assets and trade $1-10 billion per day across thousands of products: all major coins and altcoins, as well as their derivatives. We have a full-scale global operation with the ability to trade on all major exchanges and markets.linkedintwitter
AU21 Capital
Ascensive Assets
ascensiveassetsusdascensiveassetsFocusing on digital assets.linkedintwitter
a195asiaa195A195 is a vision driven firm providing capital globally to early stage blockchain, cryptocurrency, and tokenized digital assets.
Alphabit Fund
alphabitusdalphabitThis is an economy which combines all of the challenges of finance, game theory and computer science. We strive to guide our clients through the challenges of today’s market and create the token economy of the future.linkedintwitter
Blockchain CapitalblockchainusdblockchainBlockchain Venture Pioneerslinkedintwitter
Blockwall CapitalblockwallerublockwallWe are a thesis-driven, sector focused, and independent blockchain investment firm that funds the development of Web 3.0 and decentralized technologies.linkedintwitter
Bollinger Investment GroupbollingerusdbollingerVenture Capitallinkedintwitter
BonFire VCbonfirevcusdbonfirevcEarly Stage Investors, Long Term Partners. We lead Seed rounds for business software founders transforming the industries they target.linkedintwitter
Boost VCboostusdboostWe Invest $500k in Sci-Fi Founders.linkedintwitter
Binance Labs
labsasialabsBinance Labs invests in technical teams that build and support the decentralised web.linkedintwitter
Blockchange Ventures
blockchangeusdblockchangeOur fund is designed to invest in the early rounds of the largest blockchain outcomes.linkedin
Blockchain Ventures
blockchainerublockchainBlockchain Ventures is a venture capital fund and a subsidiary of Blockchain.linkedintwitter
blocktowerusdblocktowerBlockTower is a crypto and blockchain investment firm, applying professional trading, investing and portfolio management to this digital asset class.linkedintwitter
Bitscale Capital
Bixin Ventures
asiaBixin Ventureslinkedintwitter
Coinbase Venturesventures.coinbaseusdventures.coinbaseEmpowering The Open Financial System. Coinbase Ventures invests in companies building the open financial system.linkedintwitter
CoinfundcoinfundusdcoinfundCoinFund defines the role of the blockchain investor for visionary founderslinkedintwitter
Coinstone CapitalcoinstonecapitaleruCoinstone Capital is a boutique digital asset investment advisory firmlinkedin
Collider VCcollidererucolliderBacking the decentralized future, today.linkedin
Continue CapitalcontinueusdWe invest in crypto startups that will bring the next 1 billion users to the web 3.0 economy.linkedintwitter
coinerucoinBlockchain-based projects and investments are our business. As an investment company, we pursue the goal of analyzing attractive investment opportunities in the market for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and identifying opportunitieslinkedintwitter
Chainfund Capital
chainfundusdchainfundWe invest in the next generation of financial technology.linkedintwitter
CMCC Blobal
cmccasiacmccCMCC Global is one of Asia’s first venture capital investors focused solely on blockchain technology. Today with offices in North America and Asialinkedin
Castle Island VC
castleislandusdcastleislandCastle Island VC - We are a venture capital firm focused exclusively on public blockchains. We invest in infrastructure and application companies that will enable these transformative protocols to power services for the next billion users.linkedintwitter
Cyber Capital
cybererucyberCyber Capital, founded in 2016 and based in Amsterdam (Netherlands) is an investment firm committed to generate superior returns for their investors through an actively managed crypto-assets portfolio with a long-term investment horizon.linkedintwitter
Coingecko Ventures
coingeckoasiacoingeckoCoinGecko Ventures is the venture arm of CoinGecko where we invest in groundbreaking blockchain companies with big ambitions in architecting the future of finance.linkedintwitter
Continue Capital
continueusdcontinueWe invest in crypto startups that will bring the next 1 billion users to the web 3.0 economy.linkedintwitter
Dalma CapitaldalmacapitalasiaDalma Capital - The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is a gateway for capital and investment, strategically located between east and west.linkedintwitter
DHVCdh.vcusddh.vcDHVC is a venture capital firm based in Palo Alto, California. We invest in AI, Bio, Crypto, and Consumer sectors. Our team brings together decades of combined experience in entrepreneurship, operations, investment, and research to serve our portfolio companies in growing and achieving success. To learn more please contact us at or submit your venture here.linkedintwitter
Digital Currency Groupdcg.cousddcg.coDCG - The epicenter of the bitcoin and blockchain industrylinkedintwitter
Draper VCdraper.vcusddraper.vcTaking long odds on extraordinary outcomes. Draper Associates is a global venture capital firm for industry transforming companieslinkedintwitter
DTC Capitaldtc.capitalusddtc.capitalDTC Capital - Crypto-Native Investment Fundlinkedintwitter
Dragonfly Capital
dcpusddcpDragonfly Research. Original crypto research and analysis.linkedintwitter
DeFi Capital
deficapitalerudeficapitalDeFi Capital is the leading investment firm for decentralized finance. Our products play an important role in the adoption and realization of blockchain technology’s most idealistic and innovative aspects which we understand as decentralized finance. Let us, together, financially empower generations to come.linkedintwitter
Delphi Digital
delphidigitalusddelphidigitalA research-driven firm dedicated to advancing the understanding and development of the growing digital asset market.linkedintwitter
DeFinance Capital
defianceasiadefianceDeFinance Capital - We invest in DeFi eating traditional financelinkedintwitter
Divergence VC
divvcerudivvcDivergence VC - The Crypto Operator Fund.linkedintwitter
D64 Ventures
d64asiad64D64 Venturestwitter
eFoundersefounderseruefoundersWe build the future of work. Since 2011, we've launched 28 companies, and have inspired new ways of working.linkedintwitter
Electric CapitalelectriccapitalusdelectriccapitalBuild the Future of Programmable Money. Electric Capital is an early stage venture firm focused on cryptocurrencies, blockchain, fintech, and marketplaces. We invest in companies and protocols built on top of Programmable Money.linkedintwitter
edenblockeruedenblockWe invest in extraordinary companies enabling the world of tomorrow.linkedintwitter
Fabric Venturesfabric.vcerufabric.vcFabric backs the developers of the Open Economy. Investing in builders, businesses, and networks from inception to scaling since 2012.linkedintwitter
Fenbushi CapitalfenbushicapitalasiafenbushicapitalFenbushi Capitallinkedintwitter
Framework Ventures
Galaxy Capital FundusdGalaxy Digital is a diversified financial services and investment management innovator in the digital asset, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology sectorlinkedintwitter
Grayscalegrayscale.cousdgrayscale.coInvest Confidently in Digital Currencies. Easily gain exposure to digital assets via your brokerage account through the Grayscale family of products.linkedintwitter
Greenfield OnegreenfielderugreenfieldGreenfield One - We make long-term bets on early developer teams building towards an open, decentralized and more robust architecture of tomorrow’s web.linkedintwitter
Gumi Cryptos
gumiusdgumigCC (gumi Cryptos Capital) is a blockchain and cryptographic asset fund that invests in the crypto native stack from L1 to the application layer, as well as in traditional businesses supporting the ecosystem.linkedintwitter
GTA Ventures
gtaventuresgtaventuresTaking brilliant blockchain projects to the moon and beyondlinkedintwitter
Gumi Cryptos
gumi cryptosusdgumi cryptosgCC (gumi Cryptos Capital) is a blockchain and cryptographic asset fund that invests in the crypto native stack from L1 to the application layer, as well as in traditional businesses supporting the ecosystem.linkedintwitter
Genblock Capital
genblockusdgenblockGenblock Capital invests exclusively in blockchain and cryptocurrency, with a focus on decentralized finance and metaverse. We have been deeply entrenched in the crypto markets since early 2017, and invest in liquid cryptocurrencies on the secondary market as well as early stage funding rounds.linkedintwitter
gbicusdgbicGBIC (Global Blockchain Innovative Capital) is a multi-strategy crypto fund. We are a global fund that furthers the development, acceleration and launch of blockchain projects.linkedintwitter
Hack VChack vcusdhack vcWelcome to Hack VC. A venture capital firm focused on early-stage startups.linkedintwitter
High Tech Gründerfondshtgf.deeruhtgf.deWe invest in people.linkedintwitter
Hashkey Capital
hashkeycapasiahashkeycapHashKey Group is Asia’s leading end-to-end digital asset management and finance house. Headquartered in Hong Kong and with operations in Singapore, Shanghai and Tokyo, HashKey Group empowers institutional investors to capture high-potential investment opportunities in digital assets and blockchain technology.linkedintwitter
Huobi Capital
huobiasiahuobiHuobi Venture Capitaltwitter
Hypersphere Ventures
hypersphereusdhypersphereWe help build networks.linkedintwitter
Ideo CoLabcolabusdcolabWe invest in early-stage distributed web startups and co-create with them to launch new products and protocols.linkedintwitter
Interchain Ventures
interchainventuresasiainterchainventuresInterchain Ventures was founded after years of working in the business and investment industry. We are made of entrepreneurs, investors, and influencers who invest in up-and-coming blockchain technologies.twitter
IDEO Ventures
ideocolabusdideocolabWe invest in early-stage distributed web startups and co-create with them to launch new products and protocols.linkedintwitter
Jump Trading
jumptradingusdjumptradingJump Crypto is building toward the next frontier in crypto infrastructure.linkedin
Kenetic Capital
keneticasiakeneticVenture Capital investment in Blockchain Technology companieslinkedintwitter
keneticasiakeneticThe Venture Capital team invests in equity of Series A / B Blockchain Technology companies.linkedintwitter
Libertus CapitallibertuscapitaleruLibertus Capital - We invest in companies and protocols that enhance and protect freedom, privacy and trust.linkedin
Longhash Ventures
longhashventuresasialonghashventuresEmpowering founders to build Web 3.0. User-owned, transparent, permissionlesslinkedintwitter
lemniscapasialemniscapLemniscap - We are an investment firm specialising in investments in emerging cryptoassets & blockchain startups. We believe blockchain technology will upend traditional business models, resulting in profound changes in the world economy. Our singular goal is to drive this transformation to a more decentralised and transparent future.linkedintwitter
Lotus Capital
lotuscapitalusdlotuscapitalThe Leading Crypto Fund in the Middle East. An ecosystem of entrepreneurs, engineers, researchers and academics: we have unparalleled access to the most innovative projects in the blockchain space
Ledger Prime
ledgerprimeeruledgerprimeWE ARE A QUANTITATIVE DIGITAL ASSET INVESTMENT FIRMlinkedintwitter
LD Capital
ldcapasialdcapRedefine a Better World with Digital Economylinkedintwitter
M31 Capitalm31usdm31M31 Capital is a global investment firm focused exclusively on crypto assets and blockchain technology. We deploy capital on behalf of investors around the world through an active network participation strategy managed by our globally decentralized teamlinkedintwitter
Monday Capitalmonday.capitalusdmonday.capitalMonday Capital - A fund built by engineers. For ambitious founders who love Mondays because they love what they do.linkedin
Mosaic VenturesmosaicventureserumosaicventuresMosaic Ventures - We are founders who are reimagining the world.linkedintwitter
Multicoin Capitalmulticoin.capitalusdmulticoin.capitalMulticoin Capital - We are a thesis-driven investment firm that invests in cryptocurrencies, tokens, and blockchain companies.linkedintwitter
MW Partnersmwpartners.ioasiamwpartners.ioMW Partners is a private investment firm that focuses exclusively on blockchain enabled projects.linkedintwitter
Mythos Capital
mythosusdmythosWe invest in crypto networks. Mythos Capital is an investment company that holds cryptoassets and services cryptonetworks.linkedintwitter
mechanismusdmechanismMechanism - We cofound ambitious companies with ambitious people.linkedintwitter
Metapurse Fund
metapurseusdmetapurseMetapurse Fund - The Metapurse is a crypto-based fund financed by Metakovan and operated jointly with Twobadour. It has been created to actively engage with causes that resonate strongly with us and promote cultural cross-pollination.twitter
Metacartel Venture
metacartelerumetacartelMetaCartel is a ecosystem of creators and operators building decentralized applications (DApps)linkedintwitter
Moonrock Capital
moonrockcapitalerumoonrockcapitalMoonrock Capital is a Blockchain Advisory and Investment Partnership based in London and Hamburg. We believe Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will drastically change the way industries and markets operate on a global scale. Therefore, we are dedicated to helping young startups and more established projects accelerate their growth and thrive in this industry. We develop unique growth strategies focused on the key aspects of blockchain business by leveraging key relationships and our experience in this industry.linkedintwitter
Master Ventures
masterasiamasterMaster Ventureslinkedintwitter
Nil Foundationnil.foundationusdnil.foundationFoundation is a non-commercial foundation established in April of 2018 to support and promote research and development in database management systems and cryptography.linkedintwitter
NCG Ventures
ngcfundusdngcfundNCG Ventures
OK Blockchain CapitalasiaOKEX Capitallinkedintwitter
Olymp CapitalolaympcapitaleruOlymp Capitallinkedintwitter
Oyster VCoyster.vcusdoyster.vcExploring new frontiers in technology.linkedintwitter
Outlier Ventures
outlierventureseruoutlierventuresAccelerating the Open Metaverse since 2014. We invest in creators building "The Open Metaverse," a thesis and playbook outlining the future of freedom and equitable economics within digital environments.linkedintwitter
PanterapanteracapitalusdpanteracapitalFirst U.S. institutional asset manager focused exclusively on blockchain. Since 2013, Pantera has invested in digital assets and blockchain companies, providing investors with the full spectrum of exposure to the space.

ParadigmparadigmusdparadigmParadigm is an investment firm focused on supporting the great crypto companies, protocols and currencies of tomorrow. Our approach is flexible, long term, multi-stage, and global. We often get involved at the earliest stages of formation and support our portfolio with additional capital over time.linkedintwitter
Parafi Capitalparafi.capitalusdParaFi Capital is an alternative investment firm focused on blockchain and decentralized finance markets. We take a unique multidisciplinary approach to identifying untapped opportunities through a research intensive, long-term focused investment framework.linkedintwitter
Placeholder VCplaceholder.vcusdplaceholder.vcPlaceholder is a venture capital firm that invests in open blockchain networks and Web3 services.linkedintwitter
Polychain Capitalpolychain.capitalusdPolychain Capital is the world’s premier digital asset investment fund. Based in San Francisco, we actively manage global blockchain assets to achieve exceptional returns for our investors. We value long-term vision, fierce intelligence, quantitative reasoning, and low-ego open-minded people.linkedintwitter
Prota VenturesprotaventuresusdWe are Venture builders & investors. Forged from decades of business ideation, validation, and execution, our teams of experienced operators invest both time and capital into new ventures.linkedintwitter
Petrock Capital
petrockasiapetrockPetrock Capital - We seek yield in the unseekables. We aim to maximise value creation by investing in breakthrough blockchain technologies that are backed by strong teams and communities.linkedintwitter
Pluto Digital Ventures
plutodigitaleruplutodigitalPluto Digital PLC (Pluto) is a crypto technology and operations company that makes Web 3.0 Decentralised Finance (DeFi) more accessible to all.linkedintwitter
Puzzle Venture
puzzleasiapuzzlePuzzle DeFi Labs - Puzzle Ventures try to help startups in the crypto field, investing in companies which build the new world in the crypto.linkedintwitter
Republic Labs Capital
republiccapitalusdrepubliccapitalRepublic Capital was established in January 2019. We select investments based on business fundamentals with a focus on unit economics and resilient revenue. Our portfolio companies are poised not just to withstand a downturn, but to emerge even stronger. In other words, companies that don’t need endless venture capital to survive.linkedintwitter
Robot Ventures
robvcusdrobvcRobot Ventures is a (pre-)seed investor in fintech / crypto companies with big ambitions and contrarian worldviews. Supporting founders with industry-defining economic design, and unmatched experience.twitter
Rarestone Capital
rarestone capitalerurarestone capitalWe strive to cultivate projects that will disrupt the norm and empower communities to co-create, take risks and think differently.linkedintwitter
Scalar Capitalscalar.capitalusdScalar Capital is an investment management company specializing in cryptoassets.linkedintwitter
Scytale Venturesscytale.ventureseruscytale.venturesScytale Ventures - “Mainstream blockchain integration may be years away, but the potential to revolutionize everything it touches is transformative. There are pilot programs in financial services and retail.”linkedintwitter
Signature VenturessignatureventureserusignatureventuresWe’re first to back the outstanding teams that build the backbone of the decentralized future.linkedintwitter
Signia VenturessigniaventurepartnersusdsigniaventurepartnersWhen we started Signia in 2012, we wanted to build a firm that reflected the type of investors we would have wanted to work with in our entrepreneurial careers. It all began with a simple mission that still holds true today: be the most helpful investor an entrepreneur will ever have.linkedintwitter
Sora VCsoraasiasoraFounded in early 2018, Sora Ventures is Asia’s leading venture capital firm dedicated to digital asset and blockchain investments. The firm adopts an entirely new venture model designed to scale blockchain community and help transition blockchain projects into the business world.linkedintwitter
SpartanspartangroupasiaspartangroupOur team consists of veterans from the finance and venture capital worlds in Asia. We bring a deep network across industries, experience serving entrepreneurs and rigor assessing disparate asset classes over decades to deliver superior results in our advisory and investment businesses.linkedintwitter
SpiceVCspicevcasiaspicevcTokenization is disrupting the financial industry. It is on a rapid growth path to becoming a multi trillion dollar industry. SPiCE provides investors wide exposure to the massive growth of the Blockchain / tokenization ecosystem.linkedintwitter
SW Capitalsw.capitaleruSW Capitallinkedintwitter
sequoiacapusdsequoiacapSequoia Capitallinkedintwitter
Slow Ventures
slowusdslowSlow Ventures is an early-stage focused Venture Capital firm based out of San Francisco and Boston. We are generalists and invest in early stage teams and ideas ranging from Social Networking to Consumer Brands to SaaS, and Crypto.linkedintwitter
Sino Global Capital
sinoglobalcapitalasiasinoglobalcapitalWe provide strategic investment to best-in-class companies that are moving the blockchain and digital assets ecosystems forward and then help them to thrive in the Asia market.linkedintwitter
SevenX Ventures
asiaSevenX Ventureslinkedintwitter
Signum Capital
signum capitalasiasignum capitalFounded in 2017, we are a team of crypto enthusiasts with complementary backgrounds and interdisciplinary perspectives. We believe that the crypto natives are the engine of innovation, and what they build will spillover to the mainstream via cross-pollination with other domains. The Signum team is ready to assist the founders to deploy their ideas, and to facilitate the adoption of their products both inside and outside the crypto community.linkedintwitter
Solidity Ventures
solidityasiasolidityWe invest in DeFi primitives and key infrastructure for layer-1 blockchain platforms.twitter
Tally CapitaltallyusdTally Capitallinkedintwitter
Three Arrows CapitalthreearrowscapasiathreearrowscapThree Arrows Capital Pte. Ltd. is a hedge fund manager established in 2012 and focused on providing superior risk-adjusted returns, founded by Su Zhu and Kyle Davies.linkedin
TVP Fundtvp.fundusdtvp.fundTVP Fund - Venture capital firm from Austin, Texas. Founded in 2016 & building for the future.linkedintwitter
trgcerutrgcTRGC - Digital Assets, Web 3.0 and Blockchain Infrastructure. The ability to place value on an emerging ecosystem of blockchain protocols and application layers presents an exponential investment opportunity that doesn’t come very often. TRGC invests exclusively in liquid digital currencies, assets and tokens, supporting exceptional project teams that are utilising blockchain technology to usher in the internet’s next architectural shift.linkedintwitter
Union Square Ventures
usvusdusvUnion Square Ventures is a thesis-driven venture capital firm. Since 2003, we have invested in over 100 companies that use the power of the internet to re-shape markets.linkedintwitter
Variant VC
variantusdvariantVariant VC is a first-check venture firm investing in crypto networks & founders building The Ownership Economylinkedintwitter
Vandetta Capital
vendettausdvendettaVendetta Capital has brought together a multi-disciplinary team that has immense experience spanning from investing, portfolio management, and capital markets to marketing and blockchain technology. Vendetta invests in, leads, and helps projects to accelerate developing novel solutions to address the core issues of scalability, privacy, and interoperability for decentralized protocols and applications.linkedintwitter
White Star CapitalwhitestarcapitalusdwhitestarcapitalWe help local market leaders become global champions.linkedintwitter
Winklevoss CapitalwinklevosscapitalusdwinklevosscapitalAt Winklevoss Capital, we believe in determined entrepreneurs. Risk-taking is just in their blood. By providing guidance, relationships and capital, we reinforce their pursuit of a frictionless world and a better human experience. Because those who dare to fail greatly, dare to achieve greatly.linkedintwitter
XDL Capital GroupusdThe XDL Group - Private Equity Investors: Experienced. Connected. Committed. Our experience, network and passion combine to make us a value added investor. We devote our experience, knowledge and network to building and unleashing the value of companies in which we invest.linkedintwitter
X21 Digital
usdX21 Digital is a Blockchain Advisory and Investment firm dedicated to helping mainly blockchain startups accelerate their growth and exposure in the industry. We focus on giving the most optimal strategic advice and guidance, to shortcut our clients and partners' path to success.linkedintwitter

*Offers digital custody services for their clients in a regulated environment

**Tech-stack providers for wallet-infrastructure services

Tangany tanganyerugercheckcheckMarket leading solution for your digital assets. Reliable white-label blockchain custody since 2018.
Aegis CustodyaegiscustodyusdusdcheckcrosRegulated Custody. Aegis Custody is a licensed digital assets custodian in Hong Kong.
AirGap (by Papers)airgaperuswicheckcrosSelf custody made simple and secure. Protect your crypto and store your private keys offline. It’s time to set up your safe place for your coins and get rewards.
AmbiVaultambiusdusdcroscheckAmbiVault. Enterprise multi-signature wallet for digital assets storage and management.
erunetcheckcrosWith AMDAX, you invest in the future, with products and services you already know, in an extremely safe environment, and with a committed focus to your assets.
AnchorageanchorageusdusdcheckcrosRaising the bar for digital asset finance. The most advanced digital asset platform, for secure crypto custody, trading, staking, governance, and more.
Arab Bank Switzerland
arabbankeruswicheckcrosArab Bank Switzerland is a bridge between the Arab and Western world. For over 50 years we have championed business leaders and family entrepreneurs. Welcome to a unique institution that encourages your every opportunity.
Arkane (Venly) arkaneerubelcroscheckWallet & NFT products that seamlessly integrate with your blockchain project. Onboard your users with our easy to implement Wallet services. And experience the full potential with our NFT tools and NFT marketplace.
AtatoatatoerufracheckcheckDigital assets custody as a Service.
Atato builds tomorrow’s blockchain operating system to enable the next 100 million digital assets and cryptocurrency users.
BakktbakktusdusdcheckcheckSecurity comes first, always
Bankhaus von der Heydt1754.euerugercheckcrosProtecting our customers’ digital assets is foundational to everything that we do at Bakkt®. The security of your digital assets is our top priority, and we employ sophisticated information security and fraud protection measures to protect them.
Bank Frick Storage bankeruliecheckcrosThe secure and reliable custody of assets has always been our core business. With our focus on blockchain banking, the data security of digital assets such as cryptocurrencies is our top priority.
Bank Julius Bär
juliusbaereruswicheckcrosWe have been helping people achieve their financial goals for over 130 years. As a global asset manager, we understand your needs and look at your assets from a long-term perspective.
BankexusdusdcheckcrosDigital Asset Custodian White Label Custodian for your business
Base ZerobasezerousdusdcroscheckAn integrated hardware and software solution for financial institutions to safeguard cryptocurrency assets.
bbvaeruspacheckcrosBBVA Bank
Bitbox (by Shiftcrypto)shiftcrypto.cheruswicroscheckBitBox02 hardware wallet. Keeping your crypto secure doesn't have to be hard. With the BitBox02 your coins are safe, with you.
Bitcoin Suisse AGbitcoineruswicheckcrosBitcoin Suisse Vault. Bitcoin Suisse provides institutional-grade custody for crypto assets in the time- and penetration-tested Bitcoin Suisse Vault.
BitgobitgousdusdcheckcrosRegulated investors need regulated partners. Built on BitGo’s pioneering multi-signature security, BitGo Custody is purpose-built for institutions demanding the highest-level of security and compliance for their digital assets.
Blockchain Helix
blockchainerugercheckcrosWe are Blockchain HELIX, a German Blockchain technology startup. Innovation, creativity & sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We offer a Digital Identity solution for individuals and corporates, called helix id. Join our mission in creating a trusted & secure Digital Identity ecosystem!
Blocknoxboerse stuttgart.deerugercheckcheckWithin Boerse Stuttgart Group, blocknox GmbH takes care of the custody of cryptocurrencies on an escrow basis.
BNP Paribas Securities Servicessecurities.bnpparibaserufracheckcrosBNP Paribas Securities Services / Custody
BNY MellonbnymellonusdusdcheckcrosGlobal Custody Services. Clients rely on us to be a trusted partner to safeguard and service assets around the world.
Brane Capital
braneusdcanacroscheckIndependent custody for the world’s new asset class. Brane is your trusted, independent partner for digital asset custody, leading the industry in security, ease of use, and expertise.
Cactus CustodymycactusasiasingcroscheckCACTUS CUSTODY. The Enterprise Crypto Management System. The trusted qualified custodian for digital assets
Casakeys.casausdusdcroscheckHelping you secure your Bitcoin. We’re a distributed team building tools to improve your security and privacy.
CirclecircleeruusdcheckcrosEnterprise ready custody & security of digital currency. Built for regulated financial institutions, Circle is a leader in providing secure custody of digital assets specializing in digital dollar stablecoin infrastructure.
Coinbase Custodycustody.coinbaseusdusdcheckcheckCrypto Asset Custody for Institutions
Coinhouse Custody Servicecoinhouse custodyerufracheckcrosA secure cryptoasset custody for institutions. Coinhouse’s sister company, Coinhouse Custody Services, provides solutions to institutional, corporate and family offices investors who wish to benefit from the highest levels of security for the custody of their digital assets.
commerzbankerugercheckcrosCommerzbank Custody
conioeruitacheckcrosDigital Asset Open Platform. With Conio open platform you can save years of work and cut down costs in offering cryptocurrencies to your customers.
CoppercoppererubricheckcrosThe institutional gateway to digital asset investing. Trade without moving assets to exchanges, eliminating the risk of hacked, frozen, or misappropriated assets.
Crypto APIscryptoapiserubulcroscheckThe easiest way to interact with Blockchains. The most trusted B2B SaaS that makes building your Blockchain & Crypto applications faster, easier, and much more secure.
Crypto Finance AG (Deutsche Bank)
cryptofinanceerugercroscheckStorage Infrastructure & Tokenization
Curv (Paypal)
curvusdusdcroscheckThe Institutional Standard for Digital Asset Security
Crypto Storage AGcryptofinance.cherubricroscheckStorage Infrastructure & Tokenization
CustodiexerubricroscheckCUSTODIEX. Real-time cold storage. Welcome to Custodiex, Custodiex is a technology provider that enables the secure, insurance protected, cold storage for digital assets in real-time, and thus forms the backbone for a variety of businesses in the digital asset universe.
CustodigitcustodigiteruswicroscheckCUSTODIGIT. Your gateway to a digital asset offering Custodigit is the easiest and most secure way for regulated financial service providers to offer digital assets to their clients.
Custody Digital Group custodydigitaleruiracroscheckReal-time Global Financial Infrastructure, Products & Services. DRIVING A NEW VISION FOR MANAGING DIGITAL ASSET FINANCE.
CybavocybavoasiasingcheckcheckSecure Digital Asset Operations for Institutions
dacs Digital Assets Custody ServicessecuredacsasiasingcroscheckDACS is designed as a full suite digital asset servicing platform for enterprise businesses, with an ability to scale with our client’s needs, backing a digital economy of tokenised assets and blockchain based infrastructure
Davos CustodydavosasiasingcheckcrosIntroducing DAVOS Custody, a purpose-built Digital Asset Custodian. DAVOS Custody is a trusted agent that performs various duties on behalf of a global client base. We securely hold digital assets in safe custody, execute blockchain & digital ledger transactions under specific instructions and collect periodic distributions & entitlements from holdings.
DelchaindelchainasiabahacheckcrosBridging the gap between regulated financial services and the world of blockchain​
deribitusdpanacheckcrosCryptocurrency Futures & Options Trading
Digivault (by Diginex)digivaultasiahongcheckcrosDigivault - RAISING STANDARDS OF DIGITAL ASSET CUSTODY FOR INSTITUTIONS
asiasingcheckcrosDigiFinex, Global, Cryptocurrency Exchange.
DLT Custody
dlt custodyeruswicheckcrosRegulated Multi-layer Security Infrastructure for digital Assets Institutional grade access to digital asset custody.
EtanaetanausdusdcheckcrosMitigate risk, lower costs, and store your assets. Etana offers protection of your fiat and digital assets. When you custody with Etana, you have peace of mind that your assets are safe and secure. With unrivaled security, Etana allows you to interface with leading exchanges.
ExodususdusdcroscheckExodus Wallet. Send, receive & exchange Bitcoin and 100+ cryptocurrencies with ease on the world's leading Desktop, Mobile and Hardware crypto wallets
Falcon BankfalconpberuswicheckcrosFalcon Private
Fidelity fidelitydigitalassetsusdusdcheckcrosFidelity Digital Assets. Institutional solutions for a new asset class.
Finoa finoaerugercheckcheckYour trusted partner for digital asset management. Our digital asset platform offers easy and secure access to crypto custody and staking services for institutional investors and corporations.
FireblocksfireblockseruusdcroscheckBuild, run and scale a profitable digital asset business. Fireblocks is an all-in-one platform to store, transfer, and issue digital assets across your entire ecosystem.
FusangfusangasiahongcheckcrosCut through the noise and gain clarity to conquer this brand-new digital securities wave.
First Digital Trust1stdigitalasiahongcheckcrosThe next generation trust company. Technology-driven trustee and qualified custodian offering B2B2C open finance solutions.
GK8gk8eruisrcroscheckTHE ULTIMATE PROTECTION FOR DIGITAL ASSETS. An enterprise-grade custody platform that enables financial institutions to offer services over digital assets with 100% protection from cyber attacks.
Gemini CustodygeminiusdusdcheckcrosInstitutional-grade crypto storage. Industry-leading security. Store and manage your digital assets using the most secure, compliant, and user-friendly custody solution on the market.
GlobacapglobacaperubricheckcrosChange the way your business manages capital. The existing lifecycle of business fundraising and capital management was broken. So, we fixed it.
GoldilockgoldilockusdusdcroscheckGoldilock™️ is based on the premise that your data, devices and critical infrastructure should not be physically connected to the internet when you’re not using them, but that they must be available to you from anywhere, immediately when you want to access them, and that availability cannot be controlled over the internet.
HashcovehashcoveerubricroscheckHashcove’s Custody Wallet aims at providing institutional investors, custodians with security, compliance, and custodial solutions for blockchain-based currencies.
Hokan Custody
hokanerubricroscheckHokan is a custodial key management system that protects institutions from inside and outsider attacks. Our private key management technology allows institutions and their clients to securely control the movement and storage of digital assets. Hokan works with existing custodians or enables businesses to become a custody provider, by offering a solution that easily integrates into existing business processes.
Hex TrustasiahongcheckcrosAsia's Leading. Digital Asset Custodian. Institutional adoption of Digital Assets & DeFi requires a fundamental shift in the way banks and financial institutions operate. Hex Trust is the link that connects the traditional financial world to the digital assets ecosystem.
ID Quantique IDQidquantiqueeruswicroscheckID Quantique (IDQ) is the world leader in quantum-safe crypto solutions, designed to protect data for the long-term future. The company provides quantum-safe network encryption, secure quantum key generation and quantum key distribution solutions and services to the financial industry, enterprises and government organisations globally.
InCore Bank AGincore bankeruswicheckcrosTRANSACTION BANKING. Your one-stop business-to-business transaction bank for the best of both the digital and traditional asset world.
itbit by Paxosusdusdcheckcrositbit by Paxos. Crypto asset trading built for institutional investors.
Jadepool by NBL TrustjadepoolasiahongcheckcrosJadepool Custody is a leading product in crypto asset custody. We are dedicated to provide highly secure and efficient crypto asset custody solution to our institutional clients. With Jadepool Custody, they can focus on their own products and not worry about wallet development and collaboration at all.
Kapilendo / Bloxxonkapilendo.deerugercheckcrosDIGITAL ASSETS ARE SHAPING THE NEW FINANCIAL SERVICES INDUSTRY. We empower our business partners for the future of finance.
Kingdom Trust (Choice)
kingdomtrustusdusdcheckcrosTAX EFFICIENT INVESTING. Thank you for visiting Kingdom Trust. Learn more about Choice and our story.
Kingdom TrustkingdomtrustusdusdcheckcrosTAX EFFICIENT INVESTING. Thank you for visiting Kingdom Trust. Learn more about Choice and our story.
Kn0XusdcanacheckcrosBitcoin custody that is insured to the full value of holdings for the risk of theft and loss, including collusion. No need to blindly trust Knox. We made it such that we cannot be evil and only focus on warehousing services.
Koine KoineerubricheckcrosKoine Digital Custody
komainuerubricheckcrosKomainu Digital Custody
Kore Technologies kore technologieseruswicroscheckKORE builds, integrates and hosts trust-critical systems for digital assets. The custom gateway for a new financial ecosystem to bank, pay and invest.
Ledger Vaultvaultplatform.ledgererufracroscheckLedger Vault. The leading digital asset custody technology. Our Ledger Vault platform is the most secure and flexible way for custodians, exchanges, crypto banks and professional investors to store and manage their private keys.
Legacy TrustlegencyasiahongcheckcrosAsia's Forward-thinking Trust Company. Naming a trustee to be responsible for managing your assets and legal affairs is one of the most important decisions you can make.
Maerki-Baumannmaerki baumanneruswicheckcrosMaerki Baumann Digital Assets
MetacometacoeruswicroscheckHarmonize your digital asset operations. METACO is an orchestration platform enabling businesses to secure, trade, issue and manage digital assets.
Nuri (Bitwala)
nurierugercheckcrosNuri is the app to manage, save and grow your money. Invest in cryptocurrencies, create savings plans & earn up to 5% interest per year on bitcoin directly from a German bank account.
nydigusdusdcheckcrosAccelerating the Future of Finance. NYDIG is a leading technology and financial services firm dedicated to Bitcoin. We apply institutional wisdom and ingenuity to help make this exciting network seamlessly and safely accessible to all.
Onchain CustodianoncustodianasiasingcheckcrosThe Absolute Safe. For Digital Asset. An integral custody and open finance service for institutional clients and accredited investors to manage digital assets in a secure, insured and compliant way
Onyze Digital AssetsonyzeeruspacheckcheckSave your Bitcoins, Ethereum and ERC20
PaperspaperseruswicroscheckLets develop a secure future.
PaxosusdusdcheckcheckCustody Services. Protect and secure your assets with a regulated Trust Company and qualified custodian.
paypalusdusdcheckcrosPaypal Digital Assets
PropinepropineasiasingcheckcrosPropine. Enterprises looking to conduct a cost-effective private offering and wanting global access to investors; venture capitalists and fund managers wishing to have improved liquidity of illiquid assets; real estate owners seeking to allow fractional ownership to investors, increasing asset-liquidity while creating investment opportunities.
prosegurcryptoeruspacheckcheckProsegur Crypto is the most secure and advanced crypto asset custody solution for the institutional market
PolysignpolysignusdusdcroscheckBuilding the future of digital assets. PolySign develops state-of-the-art, secure, scalable infrastructure for financial institutions to fully leverage their digital assets.
PrimetrustprimetrustusdusdcheckcrosThe one-stop shop for financial infrastructure APIs and plug and play widgets that allow fintech and digital asset companies to innovate quickly, securely, and reliably.
QodenqodenusdusdcroscheckQoden Custody is a cryptocurrency wallet service provided by Qoden Technologies, the company behind the robust QODEX crypto exchange engine. With more than a decade of experience in the development of state-of-the-art financial technologies, Qoden launched Qoden Custody to provide institution-grade digital asset custody solutions for the burgeoning cryptocurrency industry.
qredoerubricheckcrosRADICAL NEW INFRASTRUCTURE - Blockchain interoperability, lightning-fast settlement and secure decentralized custody.
Riddle & CoderiddleandcodeeruauscroscheckPRODUCT 01 is a solution for securing the ownership and provenance of physical goods of all kinds (as well as all associated metadata) by using blockchain technology in combination with non-removable crypto tags and a NFC-enabled phone.
revoluterubricheckcrosOne app, all things money. Open a free account in minutes right from your phone, and make your money go further.
SEBA Bankseba.swisseruswicheckcrosLeading combination of physical, technical and financial security. SEBA Bank's regulated digital custody services meet the highest global security standards at the most competitive prices.
SatangsatangasiathaicheckcrosImproved life with Our Technologies. We help our clients to increase their access to capital market, customize blockchain for specific use cases, develop space technology and provide satellite solutions.
SDX Digital Swiss Exchange
sderuswicheckcrosWe are building the world's first regulated digital market infrastructure.
SecurosyssecurosyseruswicroscheckSecurosys SA is a technology company headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. We secure data and communications. Our products are developed and manufactured in Switzerland and with vested European partners using a trusted supply chain. There are no backdoors.
sepiorerudencroscheckAdvanced MPC For Superior Key Management & Protection. PREVENTING KEY THEFT AND MISUSE FOR DATA PRIVACY AND DIGITAL ASSET SECURITY
Shard XerubricroscheckMulti-Party Computation technology, ensuring private keys never exist. License MPC libraries for your Hardware Secure Modules and for your Hot & Cold Wallets
Sharehold (by ExSilico)shareholderuiracroscheckAccount Recovery. Solved. The solution for the internet's account recovery problem. When your favourite online services prompt you with a recovery code and ask you to “write it down and keep it safe” - think Sharehold.
Shift Cryptoshiftcrypto.cheruswicroscheckBitBox02 hardware wallet. Keeping your crypto secure doesn't have to be hard. With the BitBox02 your coins are safe, with you.
Solaris Digital AssetssolarisdigitalassetserugercheckcrosGive your customers access to digital assets. Our APIs empower you to offer scalable crypto services your customers will love.
Standard Custody
standardcustodyusdusdcheckcrosYour institutional-grade digital asset custody solution. Standard Custody offers secure custody solutions that stand up to the strictest regulations and unlock the value of digital assets for institutional investors.
State Street
statestreetusdusdcheckcrosState Street Digital Assets
Swisschain Technologies
swisschainerugercroscheckInstitutional-grade digital asset custody and trading platform.
SygnumsygnumeruswicheckcrosFounded on Swiss and Singapore heritage, Sygnum empowers its clients to invest in the digital asset economy with complete trust.
Tangany tanganyerugercheckcheckMarket leading solution for your digital assets. Reliable white-label blockchain custody since 2018.
Taurus GrouptauruseruswicroscheckBuild your digital asset advantage
Ten31 Bankten31erugercheckcrosTen31 Bank - Connecting the dots.
Tetra Trust
tetratrustusdcanacheckcheckWelcome to the Future of Financial Custody. Tetra Trust is the most advanced solution for the safe, accessible storage of digital assets.
TMIA GmbhtmiaeruauscheckcheckA complete custody solution. Offline wallet security with online wallet speed and usability. Fully regulatory licensed.
trustodyerugercheckcrosRegulated Digital Asset Custody.
TrustologytrustologyerubricheckcrosTrustVault is the insured, user-friendly custodial wallet platform for institutional-grade security, automation and management of cryptoassets. At rest or in motion, we make it safer, faster and easier for institutions and individuals to safeguard and administer cryptoassets across blockchains, DeFi and exchanges.
Unchained Capital unchained capitalusdusdcroscheckCollaborative Custody. Security with the Control of Self-Custody & the Benefits of a Managed Financial Service.
UnboundtechunboundsecurityeruusdcroscheckRevolutionized Cryptographic Key Management for the Enterprise. Unify all your cryptographic key management and protection with Unbound CORE – the easy-to-use, seamless to deploy, single pane of glass key orchestration platform.
Upvestupvest.coerugercheckcheckUpvest Digital Assets
Venly (former Arkane)
venlyerubelcroscheckWallet & NFT products that seamlessly integrate with your blockchain project. Onboard your users with our easy to implement Wallet services. And experience the full potential with our NFT tools and NFT marketplace.
vertalousdusdcroscheckThe New Standard for Ownership. Vertalo connects and enables the Digital Asset Ecosystem.
Vontobel BankvontobeleruswicheckcrosVontobel Digital Assets
WOOKONG (by NBL Trust)nbltrustasiasingcroscheckLeading smart storage solution
Xapo erugibcheckcrosBelieve in better for your wealth. Join thousands of clients embracing the quintessential solution for protecting their savings in US dollars and Bitcoin.
xtockasiasou korcroscheckPlease select options below to create your custody account, experience institutional-grade custody services that allow digital assets safely stored in cold storage.
Zodia CustodyzodiaerubricheckcrosCustody for digital Assets
Akuna CapitalakunausdAkuna Capital derives its name from Akuna Bay in Australia, where our CEO Andrew spent many weekends cycling and forming the concepts that would guide Akuna Capital’s future. The name “Akuna” comes from the Aboriginal word meaning “flowing water”; a word that exists in no other language. We also like to draw comparisons to the fact that we provide “liquidity” in the markets and that we are a firm where ideas “flow” freely from every member of the team.linkedintwitter
AltonomyaltonomyasiaDriven by our mission to legitimize the crypto asset class for institutional investors worldwide, Altonomy's global team, diverse experience, proven track record and best-in-class infrastructure make us the ideal partner to help navigate primary and secondary token investing. Investors, in turn, can harvest returns uncorrelated with the broader financial markets.linkedintwitter
AthenaathenainvestorservicesusdAthena Investment Services - We offer a personalized, over-the-counter (OTC) trading service to individuals and institutions for the buying and selling of bitcoin and other crypto assets
B2C2b2c2eruWe provide 24/7 electronic execution in the major cryptocurrencies and fiat currency pairs, and have traded hundreds of billions in notional to-datelinkedintwitter
Bankhaus Scheichbankhaus-scheicheruBankhaus Scheich was founded in 1985 in Frankfurt am Main and is today one of the leading specialists on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FWB) and one of the first regulated institutes in the field of digital assets. The owner-run bank Scheich operates as a market maker in stocks, fixed-income securities and digital assets.linkedin
Bank Frickbank-frickeruWe are a family-run, entrepreneurial bank and work for financial intermediaries - with strong expertise in funds and issues and a focus on blockchain banking.linkedin
BCB GroupbcberuBCB Group is Europe’s leading provider of business accounts and trading services for the digital asset economy, regulated in the UK and Switzerland. We provide accounts and payments processing for the pillars of the industry including Bitstamp, Coinbase, Kraken, Gemini, Galaxy, BitPay, Circle in dozens of fiat and cryptocurrencies.linkedintwitter
Bering WatersberingwatersasiaBering Waters OTC became the leader in the digital assets, blockchain, and cryptocurrency space as the world’s first Over-The-Counter Desk for unreleased tokens and forward contracts for altcoins.linkedintwitter
BitPanda PlusbitpandaeruThe Bitpanda Plus programme is an exclusive service for Bitpanda users who wish to trade with large volumes beyond our default limits. Additionally, Plus users receive exclusive support and are able to shape current and future developments at Bitpanda with their feedback.linkedintwitter
BitBaybitbayeruBitBay is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Central-Eastern Europe and third in Europe which debuted in 2014 in Poland. Platform founder and many years' CEO is Sylwester Suszek - cryptocurrency evangelist and industry conferences speaker. He co-founded two large companies from a financial industry which helped him to create along with partners a reliable, developing exchange.linkedintwitter
Bitcon Depotbitcoin deusdBitcoin Depot Trading Servicetwitter
Binance OTC for USbinanceasiaBinance OTC Trading Servicelinkedintwitter
BitybityeruBity OTC Traiding - Buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly and privately with our global Over-The-Counter Trading desk.linkedintwitter
BitvobitvousdBitvo offers customized service and fee solutions for businesses and institutions looking to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies. For more information or to apply for a Bitvo Institutional Account, please contact
Bitcoin Suissebitcoin suisseeruYour Trusted Partner For Large Crypto Trades. Best execution and deep liquidity through algorithmic smart order routing technology. Time-tested. Tailor-made.linkedintwitter
BitStampbitstamperuThe fiat-crypto exchange of choice for institutional traders. Execute your strategy on a time-proven trading venue with reliable trade execution, deep order books and industry-leading API connectivity.linkedintwitter
Bit2ME OTCbit2meusdBuy, sell and manage cryptocurrencies. The professional solution for institutions, hedge funds and private investors.linkedintwitter
BitaroobitarooausOur OTC desk is a great choice for large tradeslinkedintwitter
BittrexusdBittrex allows for the purchase or sale of BTC, USDT, LTC, ETH, and many other digital assets through the Bittrex OTC desk. Approved customers wire funds to our bank in the United States or deposit cryptocurrency to your Bittrex account and initiate large block OTC trades. When you send funds to Bittrex via wire transfer you are not depositing USD, you are buying digital assets directly from us.linkedintwitter
BlockfillsblockfillsusdBlockfills is a disruptive technology firm dedicated to the provision of bespoke end-to-end solutions to participants in the cryptocurrency market the world over. We solve fragmented liquidity problems through our aggregation and matching algorithms and provide an end-to-end software suite that simplifies all aspects of the trade lifecycle for institutions.linkedintwitter
BlockFIblockfiusdBlockFi is the easiest place to buy, sell and earn cryptocurrency. Sign up and start earning today.linkedintwitter
BequantbequanteruBEQUANT PRO — is a regulated virtual financial assets prime broker offering a full suite of services for institutional and professional traders.linkedintwitter
Bull BitcoinbullbitcoinusdBull Bitcoin Prime is an exclusive trading desk dedicated to Canada's largest Bitcoin investors. In addition to using the automated Bull Bitcoin platform, with Bull Bitcoin Prime you deal with a human that is able to offer exclusive benefits and accompany you from start to finish.linkedintwitter
Coin ColacoincolaasiaCoinCola is the global cryptocurrency trading marketplace and exchange, which provides spot/margin trading, P2P trading and gift card trading services at low fees. Our integrated platform has been designed from the ground up to offer the best cryptocurrency trading experience for users.twitter
Coinbase PrimecoinbaseusdCoinbase Prime is an integrated solution that offers secure custody, a modern trading platform and prime services so that you can manage your crypto assets in one place.linkedintwitter
Coin FieldcoinfielderuInstitutional Account & Over The Counter (OTC) Trading Desk. Open an Institutional Self-Served Account or use our OTC desk services.linkedintwitter
Cross TowercrosstowerusdCrossTower’s trading platform is built from the ground up for institutions and professional traders.linkedintwitter
Caleb and BrowncalebandbrownausCaleb & Brown was founded in 2016 and has grown to become the largest cryptocurrency brokerage firm based in Australia, both by trade volume as well as number of clients. Caleb & Brown offers clients an outstanding personal cryptocurrency brokerage firm and a means of accessing large and liquid pools of cryptocurrency, instantly, at a spot price via a single trusted entity.linkedintwitter
CoinchangecoinchangeusdEarn. Don't just hold. Buy or deposit crypto with one click and start earning, not just saving.linkedintwitter
CoinsharescoinshareseruThe CoinShares Group has specialized in digital assets since 2014 and has a presence in multiple jurisdictions, including Jersey, Stockholm, London, and New York. Our mission is to expand access to the digital asset ecosystem while serving as trusted partners for our clients.linkedintwitter
CoinHakocoinhakoasiaBest crypto exchange to buy cryptocurrency in Singapore. Enjoy quick and secure access to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and many more cryptocurrencies!linkedintwitter
CCOTCotceruThe CCOTC team are experienced traders focusing on institutional clients.twitter
CMT DigitalcmtusdCMT Digital, a division of the CMT Group, is focused on crypto asset trading, blockchain technology investments, and legal/policy engagement in the crypto asset / blockchain technology industry. Beginning in late 2013, under the leadership of Colleen Sullivan, the firm immersed itself in understanding the bitcoin protocol and took an active role in shaping the regulatory landscape for crypto assets.linkedin
CumberlandcumberlandusdCryptoassets are fundamentally changing the way the world thinks about technology, investments and how people interact with one another. At Cumberland DRW LLC, we’ve been at the forefront of cryptoasset trading since 2014, giving innovative investors frictionless access to this new world of possibility.twitter
DAM DigitaldameruYour Crypto Payments Companylinkedintwitter
DV Chain / DV TradingdvchainusdDV Chain provides world-class cryptocurrency trading and technology. From easy-to-use, web-based charting and click trading to white glove, specialized algorithmic orders, institutions around the globe depend on DV Chain’s robust, stable tech stack to power and scale their businesses.linkedintwitter
Enigma SecuritiesenigmaeruGet the liquidity you need, from an organisation you trust. Enigma’s electronic trading offerings are available through our proprietary platform and via direct API access. Leveraging our firm’s experience providing liquidity to traditional financial institutions, we have engineered systems that raise the bar for the crypto industry.linkedintwitter
Kraken OTCkrakenusdOur industry-leading, global OTC desk, run by Wall Street veteran Nelson Minier, will now expand to more than 20 global professionals, deepening our ability to provide the personal, white-glove service that you expect from Kraken.linkedintwitter
FTX OTCasiaFTX OTC Portal - Zero fees. Tight spreads. Fast settlements.linkedintwitter
Falcon XeruThe most technologically advanced digital asset trading platform in the world.linkedin
FBG CapitalfbgusdFBG Capital OTC Desklinkedintwitter
Galaxy DigitalusdGalaxy Digital is one of the largest principal traders in the digital assets space. We specialize in making institutional-sized markets with counterparties in digital assets.linkedintwitter
Galois CapitalgaloisusdGalois Capital OTC Trading Desktwitter
Genesis BlockgenesisblockhkasiaGenesis Block OTC Desk - Large Trades, Private & Personalized Serviceslinkedintwitter
Genesis Global TradinggenesisusdThe all-in-one solution for your digital asset needslinkedintwitter
GSR MarketsgsrasiaCrypto OTC is the trading of crypto assets directly between two parties. This trading takes place off cryptocurrency exchanges to avoid slippage. GSR offers deep liquidity and a personalized service to institutions and high net-worth individuals.linkedintwitter
Gemini OTCgeminiusdGemini Fund Solutions provides fund managers with the full suite of services needed to launch a crypto fund, all under one roof. Until now, the process for launching a crypto fund was fragmented and disjointed, requiring services from disparate providers to address crypto’s unique challenges and nuances.linkedintwitter
Grapefruit TradinggfruusdDeep Liquidity for Crypto Marketslinkedintwitter
HiveExhiveausThe OTC gateway to trading large volumes on the world’s cryptocurrency markets. With deep liquidity and global coverage on all major crypto pairs, our team can connect you to the most competitive pricing on an international scale.linkedintwitter
HodlHodlhodlhodlausGlobal P2P Bitcoin trading platform that doesn’t hold funds Trade globally. Using any payment system. For any currency.twitter
Huobi OTChbgasiaGet easy access to 348 cryptos with 57 local currencies and 60 payment methodslinkedintwitter
HitBTChitbtcasiaEasy, fast access to the deep pool of liquidity. Our personalized OTC (over-the-counter) trading service allows you to execute high-volume trades without going through the public order books. We can help you facilitate your deal directly with the counterparty without affecting the market price of the coin or token.linkedintwitter
HehmeyerhehmeyerusdHehmeyer is a global market maker in digital assets. We stream prices electronically, operate on numerous request-for-quote platforms, and accommodate over-the-counter (OTC) markets with FIX API, REST API, GUI, and other mediums. Formed in July 2021, we are headquartered in Zug, Switzerland with operations in Chicago and Singapore. Digital assets will continue to transform the global financial system, and Hehmeyer is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of this evolution. Hehmeyer is for the future.linkedintwitter
IBC GroupibceruIBC provides OTC Dark Pool (ODP) services for UHNW (ultra-high net-worth) individuals and institutions looking to access cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and others. IBC helps investors move money from traditional fiat currency into cryptocurrency via secure, private transactions facilitated through flexible distribution channels including personal Trezor wallet delivery, the world’s most secure hardware wallet. By working with us, you can transact large sums of money in and out of the cryptocurrency.linkedin
itBititbitusditBit Digital Asset Exchange is a safe, secure and fair trading venue with oversight from the New York Department of Financial Services ("DFS"), best in class blockchain monitoring software and systems designed to prevent market manipulationlinkedintwitter
Independent ReserveindependentreserveausThe easy way to buy and sell digital assetslinkedintwitter
Jump TradingjumptradingusdJump Trading OTC Trading Desklinkedin
Koi TradingkoiusdCrypto OTC Trading - Bridging liquidity pools around the world, Koi Trading offers an efficient, reliable and compliant OTC pathway for institutions to engage with cryptocurrency.linkedintwitter
Kenetic CapitalkeneticasiaVenture Capital investment in Blockchain Technology companieslinkedintwitter
KaiserexeruKaiserex OTC Trading Desk General Information and Processing Flowlinkedintwitter
KoinBroskoinbroseruKoinBros OTC Trading Desklinkedintwitter
LGO MarketslgousdInstitutional Grade Services. We provide a wide range of financial services for digital assets to an international and diversified client base that includes corporations, financial institutions, and individuals.linkedintwitter
Maerki Baumannmaerki-baumann-co-ageruMaerki Baumann OTC Trading Desklinkedin
Mt PelerinmtpelerineruCrypto brokerage and OTC trading. Our team of crypto veterans provides tailor-made execution services to traders, investors and financial institutions for their trading operations in cryptocurrencies.linkedintwitter
National Bitcoin ATMnationalbitcoinatmusdOTC Trading Desk 24 hour settlement on any crypto trade $25k and up.linkedin
NYDIGnydigusdNYDIG leverages its team with decades of experience in asset management, trading, and technology to deliver a world class platform for Bitcoin. Our complete end-to-end solution satisfies the highest regulatory, audit, and governance standards and can remove the uncertainties associated with investing in this emerging asset class.linkedintwitter
NexoeruNexo Launches OTC Trading, Borrowing and Lending Desklinkedintwitter
OVEXafriOVEX - High Volume OTC Desklinkedintwitter
OSLoslasiaOSL OTC Trading Desklinkedintwitter
ParadigmparadigmusdWe're on a mission to bring traders together, automate workflows and simplify on-boarding!linkedintwitter
RoundBlock CapitalroundblockusdInstitutional Leader in Bitcoin Derivatives. Brokerage Solutions- Clearing, Execution, Advisory.linkedintwitter
SFOXusdThe Best Place to Get an Edge in Crypto. SFOX is the leading independent crypto prime dealer, unifying global liquidity and best price execution from a single account.linkedintwitter
SatStreetsatstreetusdPrivate Client Trading Desk. Our professional team of traders will help you secure the best price and guide you through the process.linkedintwitter
Secure Digital MarketssecuredigitalmarketsusdThe Institutional Choice for Cryptocurrency Spot Tradinglinkedintwitter
SkewskeweruSkew Trading Desk.linkedintwitter
Smart ValorsmartvaloreruFully personlized over the counter trading serviceslinkedintwitter
SigOne CapitalsigoneusdSigOne Trading Serviceslinkedintwitter
Shift MarketsshiftusdPOWER YOUR BUSINESS WITH OUR WHITE-LABEL CRYPTO SOLUTIONS. Shift provides solutions for exchanges, tokenization of assets, brokerages, and payment processing.linkedintwitter
TagomitagomiusdOTC Trading Servicelinkedintwitter
TildetildeasiaTilde OTC Tradinglinkedin
ValeoXusdValeoX OTC Trading Desklinkedintwitter
VirgoCXusdWe make crypto trading safe, easy, and affordable.linkedintwitter
Caultoro Gold OTCvaultoroeruThe crypto exchange where people trade gold & silver with bitcoin and other crypto's. SINCE 2015.linkedintwitter
WyrewyreusdInstitutional markets coverage at your fingertips. Making markets since 2013, Wyre OTC provides best in class execution and liquidity for institutional clients.linkedintwitter
XapoeruBuild your tomorrow. Believe in better for your wealth. Join thousands of clients embracing the quintessential solution for protecting their savings in US dollars and Bitcoin.linkedintwitter
XBTOusdOTC and Block Trading- The fragmented and volatile cryptofinance markets require liquidity solutions. XBTO is an experienced and motivated counterparty in over-the-counter (OTC) transactions and block trading. We have the expertise, technology, and resources to settle trades quickly and efficienlinkedintwitter
XBTO InternationaleruOTC and Block Trading- The fragmented and volatile cryptofinance markets require liquidity solutions. XBTO is an experienced and motivated counterparty in over-the-counter (OTC) transactions and block trading. We have the expertise, technology, and resources to settle trades quickly and efficienlinkedintwitter
ZBXeruHow does the ZBX OTC Desk work? Over the counter (OTC) trades take place outside the ZBX exchange order book. Buyers and sellers can buy and sell Bitcoin or other mainstream cryptocurrencies in larger quantities that would not be possible on the exchange order book.linkedintwitter
Anyblock Analytics01 NodeeruEmpower your business with our blockchain API. On top of our reliable JSON-RPC API, our Anyblock Index is a searchable real-time blockchain data platform of 20+ Ethereum- and Bitcoin-based blockchains.
All Markets01 NodeeruThat’s why we are building All Markets: easy-to use, reliable all-in-one tool for Traders. Our head office is based in the City of London, UK and we work a distributed, collaborative team, embracing remote first.
All Nodes01 NodeusdMasternodes, Full Nodes, Staking Services. Allnodes is a non-custodial platform for all of your Hosting and Staking needs. You can host Masternodes and Full Nodes as well as Stake coins in a few clicks, monitor the rewards and status of your digital asset and so much more!
Alchemy01 NodeeruBlockchain development made easy. One magic line of code supercharges your development with the world’s most powerful blockchain developer platform, relied upon by 70% of the world's top Ethereum apps.
Amberdata01 NodeusdCryptocurrency Data for actionable insights to power your dApp. The most comprehensive institutional grade on-chain data, market data, metrics, and signals.
Anyblock Analytics01 NodeeruEmpower your business with our blockchain API. On top of our reliable JSON-RPC API, our Anyblock Index is a searchable real-time blockchain data platform of 20+ Ethereum- and Bitcoin-based blockchains.
AWS01 NodeusdAmazon Managed Blockchain Einfaches Erstellen und Verwalten skalierbarer Blockchain-Netzwerke
Ankr01 NodeusdMulti-chain foundation for the crypto economy. Ankr is the only platform that combines node infrastructure, staking, and DeFi to make developing and earning easy. Your next step in crypto starts here.
Baas Tech01 NodeeruSkillZ runs validators to create profitability for investors and communities.
Bitfly01 NodeeruSecurely deploy, manage and monitor your blockchain validators. We make Web3 investments easy for investors .
Bisontrails01 NodeusdEnterprise infrastructure to power the crypto ecosystem. We provide a suite of easy-to-use infrastructure products and services on multiple blockchains. Our mission is to advance the crypto ecosystem with secure and reliable infrastructure.
Bitquery01 NodeusdBitquery is the Blockchain Data Company APIs, Dashboard Analytics, Explorers, Widgets.
BlockCypher01 NodeusdBLOCKCHAIN WEB SERVICES. BlockCypher is the infrastructure fabric for blockchain applications
Blockchainr01 NodeeruBlockchain explorer, analytics and web services Explore data stored on 17 blockchains.
Blockdeamon01 NodeusdStake, Scale, and Deploy Nodes: Institutional Grade Blockchain Infrastructure
Blocklytics01 NodeeruEmpower your team with data
Blockset01 NodeeruThe industry standard for digital asset infrastructure. Blockset offers the industry-leading digital asset toolkit built with scalability and security in mind.
Block Vigil01 NodeusdBuild and launch your blockchain app like a pro. Designed for entrepreneurial software developers, BlockVigil is the ultimate developer tool to build and scale blockchain apps with just a few lines of code.
Blockwatch 01 NodeusdBlockchain analytics. We are a blockchain analytics provider helping blockchain ecosystems grow to their full potential by delivering actionable insights.
Bloc Watch01 NodeusdBloc Watch
Bloq01 NodeusdBuild it with Bloc. Managed infrastructure for building on blockchain networks.
Bware Labs01 NodeeruDecentralized Infrastructure for Everyone. Bware Labs provides an interface between Blockchain APIs consumers and node providers with integrated payment options and verified reliability, all embedded within our platform and protocol service.
Chainalysis01 NodeusdBuilding trust in blockchains. We create transparency for a global economy built on blockchains, enabling banks, business, and governments to have a common understanding of how people use cryptocurrency.
Chain Stack 01 NodeasiaReliable EthereumPolygonBSCTezosFabricCordaQuorumBitcoin infrastructure. From startups to large enterprises, thousands of businesses of all sizes use Chainstack’s software and APIs to build, run, and scale blockchain applications.
Ciphertrace01 NodeusdCipherTrace joins the Mastercard family! Mastercard to acquire CipherTrace to deliver even mor security, transparency, and trust to digital assets.
Cloudflare01 NodeusdDistributed Web Gateway and Resolver Terms of Use
CMORG01 NodeusdYour new bank account is a blockchain wallet!
Consensys Codefi01 NodeusdThe Most Trusted Ethereum Blockchain Solutions. ConsenSys is the software engineering leader of the blockchain space. Our full-stack Ethereum products help developers build next-generation networks and enable enterprises to launch more powerful financial infrastructure.
Coinfirm 01 NodeeruAnalytics and Compliance Powering the Mass Adoption of Blockchain
Covalent01 NodeusdOne unified API. One billion possibilities. Covalent provides a unified API bringing visibility to billions of blockchain data points.
Crypkit01 NodeeruYour platform for crypto asset tracking. Designed for crypto power users. Track your balances across exchanges, blockchains and DeFi services. All in one place.
Cryptoapis01 NodeeruThe easiest way to interact with Blockchains. The most trusted B2B SaaS that makes building your Blockchain & Crypto applications faster, easier, and much more secure.
Dapp Node01 NodeeruInfrastructure for the decentralized world. The easiest way to run your own nodes, now
Datarella01 NodeeruDatarella Digital Assets Infrastructure and Nodes
Dune Analytics01 NodeusdExplore, create and share crypto analytics. Thousands of dashboards for hundreds of projects. Follow key metrics for DeFi, NFTs and more. Query human-readable data with SQL
Elementus01 NodeusdThe Universal Blockchain Query Engine
Elliptic01 NodeeruBringing Compliance to Cryptoassets. Blockchain analytics, training, and certification for crypto businesses, financial institutions, and regulators. Manage financial crime risk, achieve regulatory compliance, and grow with confidence.
Eth build01 NodeusdAn Educational Sandbox For Web3... And Much More.
Etherscan01 NodeusdThe Ethereum Blockchain Explorer
Flipside Crypto01 NodeusdCommunity Enabled Crypto Analytics. Create and share datainsights on the crypto projects you care most about.
Geth Ethereum01 NodeeruOfficial Go implementation of the Ethereum protocol
Glassnode01 NodeeruTime crypto market tops and bottoms.
Google BigQuery 01 NodeusdEthereum in BigQuery: a Public Dataset for smart contract analytics
Hookpad01 NodeusdReady to consume data from the blockchain
Infura01 NodeusdThe World’s Most Powerful Blockchain Development Suite. Our suite of high availability APIs and Developer Tools provide quick, reliable access to the Ethereum and IPFS networks so you can focus on building and scaling next generation software.
Kaleido01 NodeusdEnterprise Blockchain for Modern Business Networks
Nansen 01 NodeasiaIdentify opportunities before everyone else Nansen analyzes and labels 100M+ Ethereum wallets and their activity. So you can separate the signal from the noise.
NYDIG01 NodeusdAccelerating the Future of Finance. NYDIG is a leading technology and financial services firm dedicated to Bitcoin. We apply institutional wisdom and ingenuity to help make this exciting network seamlessly and safely accessible to all.
Open Zeppelin01 NodeusdThe standard for secure blockchain applications. OpenZeppelin provides security products to build, automate, and operate decentralized applications. We also protect leading organizations by performing security audits on their systems and products.
Pocket Network01 NodeusdWeb3 Infrastructure The Right Way. Decentralized. Instead of deploying to a single service provider, paying absurd fees for random outages and leaked data, tap into Pocket’s trustless API protocol and route your requests to 1000’s of independent full nodes. Available for all major blockchain networks.
Quiknode01 NodeusdTop chains. Fastest speed. Enterprise infrastructure for 9 blockchains. We make it simple to power your blockchain applications and scale up as you grow. From elastic APIs & dedicated nodes, to powerful tools & analytics, all at your command through a simple control panel.
Radar Relay01 NodeusdNow building our next financial system
Rivet Cloud01 NodeusdTHE BEST BLOCKCHAIN GATEWAY ON. Cloud-based Ethereum APIs that truly just work.
Rotki01 NodeeruThe portfolio manager that protects your privacy rotki is an open source portfolio tracker, accounting and analytics tool that protects your privacy.
Santiment01 NodeeruOn-chain, social & fundamental insights on 2000+ cryptocurrencies
Settlemint01 NodeeruThe Potential of Blockchain Technology in the Public Sector. Discover how blockchain can serve as a tool to enhance trust and transparency
Skillz01 NodeeruSkillZ runs validators to create profitability for investors and communities. Securely deploy, manage and monitor your blockchain validators. We make Web3 investments easy for investors .
Staking Rewardsstaking rewardseruStaking Rewards is the leading data provider for staking and crypto-growth tools.
Token Analyst01 NodeeruBlockchain Market Intelligence. Enterprise-grade data and tools to understand and access blockchains.
Truffle Suite01 NodeusdQuickly fire up a personal Ethereum blockchain which you can use to run tests, execute commands, and inspect state while controlling how the chain operates.
Tradeblock01 NodeusdEnterprise Tools for Blockchain Assets
Zmok01 NodeeruCost effective Ethereum nodes as standard WEB3 API
Highlighted Digital Custodian

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Market-leading solution for your digital assets.

Reliable white-label blockchain custody suite since 2018.

  • White-Label Custody
  • Warm – and Cold-Wallet Suite
  • Wallet-as-a-Service
  • Made in Germany
  • Supervised by BaFin
  • API & cloud-first strategy
  • Crypto and Tokenization Custodian
  • Insured Custody Suite
  • Custody of Top 30 Blockchains
  • Staking for Top 30 Tokens, also Solana and Polkadot
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