Top Yield Derivatives AMM DEX Liquidity & Cross-Chain Seed Funding Insights 2022

Top Yield, Derivatives, AMM, DEX, Liquidity & Cross-Chain Seed Funding Insights 2022 map

Top Yield Derivatives AMM DEX Liquidity Cross Chain Seed Funding Insights 2022 1 scaled

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    Top Yield, Derivatives, AMM, DEX, Liquidity & Cross-Chain Seed Funding Insights 2022 Database
    DateNameWebsiteDrescriptionTwitterCategorySeed Funding Volume in Mio. USD
    09.03.2022Swim ProtocolSwim ProtocolSeamless multi-chain liquidity protocol. Swim provides a simple way to transfer tokens across chains via multi-token liquidity pools and Solana's Wormhole. No more delays, centralized bridges, or wrapped assets.twitterDeFi, AMM, CrossChain4,0
    08.03.2022Deliq FinanceDeliq FinanceA protocol to decentralize liquidity provisioning to AMMs like Trader Joe , Pangolin etc and thus allow frictionless flow of liquidity to the Avalanche and other high speed blockchain ecosystemstwitterDeFi, Liquidity2,1
    08.03.2022Cega CegaThe exotic derivatives protocol. Cega is building the next evolution in defi derivatives.twitterDeFi, Yield, Derivatives4,3
    04.03.2022ApeXApeXApeX, an innovative derivatives protocol, is launching the ApeX game NFTs to provide Web3 users with a supreme derivatives trading experience.twitterDeFi, Derivativesno info
    02.03.2022ADA SwapADA-SwapPowered by Cardano. The next-gen DEX based on Cardano! Swap, bridge & trade between Cardano-based tokens and stablecoins within seconds.twitterDeFi, DEX2,6
    01.03.2022Hashstack FinanceHashstack-FinanceBorrow more with hashstack. Secure under-collateralised loans upto 300% your collateral, for personal finance & trading capital needs.twitterDeFi, Lending & Borrowing1,0
    01.03.2022TheTanuts FinanceTheTanuts-FinanceThetanuts Finance is creating the best-in-class products for users to maximize risk-adjusted yield generation in all market conditions with a well-designed and intuitive user experience.twitterDeFi, Yield18,0
    23.02.2022Pact FinancePact-FinanceThe home of liquidity. Low cost, fast swaps on Algorand’s secure network.twitterDeFi, AMM2,1
    22.02.2022Brahma FinanceBrahma-Finance DeFi Alpha, Diversified. Brahma is a protocol enabling seamless access to risk-managed, cross-chain strategies for sustainable yield.twitterDeFi, Yield4,2
    17.02.2022DexalotDexalotDexalot is a revolutionary decentralized exchange aiming at bringing the traditional centralized exchange look and feel through a decentralized on-chain application.twitterDeFi, DEX7,0
    10.02.2022WingRidersWingRidersFully Cardano native and super fast AMM decentralized exchange platformtwitterDeFi, AMM4,5
    10.02.2022Aperture FinanceAperture FinanceCross-chain Investment Made Easy. With integrated bridge solutions Aperture is your gateway to DeFi 2.0.twitterDeFi, Investment5,3
    08.02.2022MetaStreetMetaStreetWe are MetaStreet DAO, a scaled liquidity provider for NFT collateral. We strive to increase the GDP of emerging NFT economies through abstracted capital participation on NFT collateralization platforms.twitterDeFi, Liquidity14,0
    04.02.2022Primex FinancePrimex FinancePrimex unites regular people, traders, and financial organizations into an ecosystem, giving them an opportunity to trade freely and earn interest that’s backed by trading profits worldwide. Decentralized prime brokerage liquidity protocol for DEX-agnostic cross-margin tradingtwitterDeFi, Liquidity5,7
    04.02.2022Spin Spin Ecosystem Near. DeFi derivatives infrastructure on NEAR Protocol.twitterDeFi, Derivatives3,75
    31.01.2022OPTYFIOPTYFIGenerate Wealth From Decentralized Assets. OptyFi's AI-powered protocol helps you to generate wealth in DeFi by investing in the most profitable risk-adjusted yield strategies across hundreds of liquidity pools, dozens of protocols, and multiple blockchains.twitterDeFi, Yield2,4
    29.01.2022Arthswap Arthswap ArthSwap is a one-stop Defi protocol aiming to become a leading DEX on Astar Network. Its main functions are going to be swapping, staking, liquidity mining, and we will have more functions on the way!twitterDeFi, DEX1,5
    25.01.2022FlintFlintEarn up to 13% on USDT. Withdraw anytime.twitterDeFi, Yield5,1
    20.01.2022Soma FinanceSoma FinanceSoma Finance. First Compliant Multi-Asset DEX & Issuance Platform For Tokenized Equities, Crypto Assets, STOs, and NFTs.twitterDeFi, DEX6,5
    20.01.2022Folks FinanceFolks FinanceThe capital markets protocol for borrowing and lending built on top of the Algorand blockchaintwitterDeFi, Lending + Borrowing3,0
    17.01.2022Fantom MakerFantom MakerIn association with Dao Maker, #1 cross-chain launchpad, Fantom Maker will inherit extensive experience in user acquisition and marketing, making the fundraising and investing processes smooth and seamless.twitterDeFi, Yield, Launchpad1,8
    14.01.2022Friktion Friktion Build a portfolio to perform across market cycles. Solana Ecosystem.twitterDeFi, Yield5,5
    13.01.2022seashellseashellSeashell Save is a new home for your savings. Seashell Save offers the ability to generate high and stable interest on your cash. By simply connecting your bank and depositing funds into Seashell, your money will immediately start generating interest. Seashell is built by a mission-driven group of individuals with deep experience across tech, finance, Web3, cybersecurity and consumer verticals.twitterDeFi, Yield6,0
    07.01.2022Exotic MarketsExotic MarketsSolana ecosystem. Earn yield, Sustainably. Maximise your investments with our simple and sustainable products.twitterDeFi, Yield5,0
    03.01.2022AlgodexAlgodexAlgodex Decentralized Marketplace. Learn how Algodex works and find opportunities to contribute to the project. Stay up-to-date by entering your email below!twitterDeFi, Exchange3,13
    01.01.2022Infinity SwapInfinity SwapThe Platform to Create, Stake and Swap Tokens on the Internet Computer (Dfinity)twitterDeFi, AMM1,5
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